Current members of the government of Ukraine were involved in the hacker attack on the Democratic National Committee server.

Ex – Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Mosiychuk said that on December 6 the SBU in Kharkov arrested several people involved in hacking the DNC servers before the last presidential election. he wrote this on December 6 in his Telegram-channel

“In Kharkiv, the SBU detained several persons involved in hacking the servers of the Democratic party of the United States in the last presidential election. Their detention was carried out at the prompt request of the US National Security Agency».

Traces of hacker attacks were reportedly found at the end of April, 2016. As a result of the investigation, it turned out that the hacker groups Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear managed to hack the DNC servers.

For years, these hackers were believed to be linked to the Russian government and involved in political and economic espionage. The current investigation conducted by the SBU together with the NSA reveals that the hackers behind both groups Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear were based in Ukraine and linked to Poroshenko’s government.

Same day December 6, the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov met with the US diplomats to discuss the Normandy format, the meeting was also attended by a representative of the US NSA. After the meeting with diplomats, Bakanov met with a representative of the NSA alone. According to the sources familiar with the situation, it became known that the secret meeting that took place was about the fact that one of the current members of the government of Ukraine participated in activities to interfere in the last presidential election in the United States.

Later that evening, the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov met with President Vladimir Zelensky: Bakanov waited for Zelensky after his interview during the broadcast at Savik Shuster TV Show and left the studio with him. Probably, the urgency was about the information received from the NSA employee. The logic of what is happening gives reason to believe that the information transmitted by Bakanov and the subject of the conversation had an exceptional degree of importance.

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