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Russia deployed eleven military transport planes to Serbia with military medics and equipment to fight the coronavirus. At the same time, Russia experiencing the shortage of PPEs or the personal protective equipment, and many people ask – is it right to help others now? Let’s analyze this issue together using the example of China, and at the same time see what’s good is happening in our country during the week.

 The Wild West

After helping China, Italy and the United States, Russia has responded to Serbia’s call and sent 11 military transport planes with medics and equipment. Previously, China sent its doctors to Belgrade, while the European Union did not provide any assistance to Serbia, as well as to other countries.


Moreover, a real battle for masks has unfolded in the EU. Thus, France confiscated 4 million masks ordered by Italy in Switzerland. But soon she paid the price when the US, no less cynically, outbid millions of masks in China, which were intended for France, in addition the US in Thailand intercepted masks intended for Germany. Other “civilized” countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania, have already shown themselves in similar acts of piracy. 

And so, against the backdrop of all this madness, Russia is showing an unheard-of generosity – itself being in need of means of protection, sends them to other countries. Which brings up angry comments from some of its own citizens. We will leave the analysis of the moral component of this position for the end of this report, and in the meantime we will analyze whether there is any practical use in it. But first, a brief summary of the week’s positive news, proving that life in the country has not stopped.

Time of News

A new industrial complex has been launched in Kuzbass on the industrial site of the Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya-1 mine.

The Red October, Volgograd metallurgical plant has mastered the production of new long hot rolled steel products.

metal production

Production of electrical devices has been opened in the Moscow region.


Omsk Scientific-Research Institute of Instrument Engineering (JSC ONIIP) has developed a new generation of effective ship communication antennas using Russian software from ASKON.


A greenhouse complex for growing strawberries has been launched in Stavropol. 

In the Orenburg region, started working a 30 megawatt solar power plant. Another similar one operating in Adygea.

sun batteries

In Kursk was organized the antiseptics production.


In the Stavropol region, – a new production of equipment for packaging antiseptics.


Rostec presented the first domestic portable ultrasound scanner and devices that allow to split a ventilator to help four patients at once. Their mass production will start in a few days and will be brought to 200 thousand sets per month in May, which will significantly expand the ability to help patients.

kret ventilatorkret ventilator3

Rosatom has started 3D printing of valves for artificial ventilation devices.

3d print

Concern KRET has introduced an innovative anti-microbial masks-respirators that protect against viruses and all types of microorganisms. Build by the same KRET that…




The same KRET

Yes, this is the same KRET that produces ventilators at its Ural Instrument Engineering Plant (UPZ). And these are the very devices that we delivered to the United States this week as part of a humanitarian aid campaign. However, we all remember that KRET exists under the US imposed sanctions from 2014. How did the Americans dare to violate their own sanctions? This issue will be discussed especially hotly when the pandemic goes down and the world decides how to live. In the meantime, we can consider our delivery a brilliant special operation, the benefits of which we have yet to realize.

help new york policehelp new york police2

But our benefits from timely deliveries of PPEs to China are already much more pronounced. Russia at the height of the tragedy in Wuhan sent tens of millions of medical masks and other products there. By the way, no one in Russia objected to this at the time. Deliveries stopped only on March 2, when a ban was imposed on the export of such products from the country, with the exception of charity. Fortunately, by this time the situation in China was improving. However, they remembered our help and has already started to repay the debt with interest…

It All Comes Back

After recovering from the epidemic, China began to supply us with masks and other protective equipment – the first plane arrived this week, the boxes are labeled: “The Virus will be defeated, the victory will be ours!” The Alibaba charity foundation also sent its cargo from China to us. Another shipment was sent by the Chinese to Yakutia, which previously helped the province of Heilongjiang.

help china russia

But that’s not all. Only experts have noticed that recently, for the first time in history, China has opened its beef market to Russia’s producers. The first shipment will go out next week. To understand the seriousness of this gesture, you need to know that we have been negotiating beef supply with China for seven long years. China is the world’s largest consumer of meat, and many countries, including the United States, are fighting for the right to sell to it. Now our farmers will be able to earn more and displace the Americans. And given the fact that China will need a lot of food in the near recovery period, against the backdrop of an increasing global deficit, we will not be surprised if other new opportunities open up for us soon.

At the same time, China has increased its purchases of Russian oil on a record during this difficult time. Of course, taking advantage of the low price, but it had an effect – prices on the world market crept up, and Saudi Arabia urgently requested an emergency meeting of oil producers to come up with some new rules. Perhaps, in the future, we will understand that this move by China was the final blow in the price war.

So far, our assistance to other countries has a quite pragmatic basis in addition to humanitarian. In Italy, we have not only demonstrated the shortcomings of the EU and anti-Russian sanctions, but also gained important experience. And in Serbia … let’s assume that we are now just paying back a debt to Serbia. At least for the fact that it is the only country in Europe that has not joined the sanctions against us.

By the way, about mutual assistance.

Author’s remark

Every day, from all comers of our vast country, we are getting fascinating stories about mutual help and assistance. In Moscow, a small coffee shop owners feed for free local pensioners, who are not allowed to go out. In Yamal, a private bakery delivers free bread to families with many children. In Astrakhan, taxi drivers service doctors on duty for free. All over the country, people sew masks and give them to hospitals for free. Owners of 3D printers have united in a community and print parts for ventilators. In Ivanovo children’s Technopark Quantorium has organized production of protective screens for medical staff. 

I am sure that all these people never ask why Russia is helping someone else. Just because the desire to help is in their blood. This is also a kind of virus. A virus of kindness. Let’s all get it. And the sooner this happens, the faster the disease virus will recede. This has already happened in our history. When people were malnourished, but gave the last for the front and for the victory. Now, we are all in the rear echelon and on the front line at the same time. We have yet to achieve our victory. But that day will come. The virus will be defeated, and the victory will be ours!

from Russia’s MoD from Serbia. Arrival of the first aircraft. No interpreter between Russians and Serbs is crucial.

Russian doctors and nurses, along their Italian colleagues, are getting ready to receive patients at the field hospital in Bergamo.

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