by Scott Humor

I had SARS some years ago. Came down with an atypical viral pneumonia for 6 weeks after getting my tooth filled by a dentist who just returned from SARS stricken Vietnam. I have not had flu since then. Maybe, I had developed a lifelong immunity to all corona viruses?

I had SARS back then. It could be in 2003 or 2002. Somehow, I don’t remember. I just graduated and got a teaching job. One day, an old filling fell out of my tooth. Annoying, but not a big deal. When I showed up at my dentist appointment, my regular dentist called in sick, and I was offered to see his partner. His partner was a Vietnamese. An American dentist with Vietnamese background was just an American dentist, right? I agreed to the treatment. That was the last time I was politically correct.

After the dentist put his fingers into my mouth, he informed me that he just came back from Vietnam where he took care of his sick father. He was very happy to be there for his father at the time of the SARS epidemic in Vietnam. I felt trapped and deceived. He should tell me beforehand that he just came from the country closed for an epidemic, I thought.

In the span of 1 hour I got a new tooth filling, got in my car, drove home, walked inside, fell on my bed, covered myself with three blankets and curled up in fetal position, being unable to warm myself up. My temperature went unbelievably high like I dropped thermometer into boiling water. My bedding got soaked with cold sweat pouring all over me. The speed of the infection was almost instantaneous. I couldn’t understand how I could get so sick in just an hour.

I stayed in bed for three days, curled up without moving and hoping this would all go away like a bad dream after I take another nap. It didn’t.

Finally, I got up and drove myself to my physician’s office. He told me I had an acute bronchitis and dismissed my story about Vietnam originated SARS infection as a nonsense.

For the following week I took antibiotics he prescribed, but felt progressively worse.

A week later I drove to his office, again. I had a very high fever and terrible cough bringing up what looked like chunks of my lungs. They were bright green in color.

He said I had a bacterial pneumonia and gave me a different type of antibiotics. He didn’t prescribe me any anti-fungal meds. I took antibiotics for another week. My insides felt burned. I couldn’t eat. I was losing weight at alarming speed and looked like a skeleton.

At the end of the second week, I couldn’t breathe any more, my lungs were filled with fungi and fluids that I was coughing up all the time.

I went back to my doctor. He took x-rays of my lungs and confirmed that I had an atypical viral antibiotic resistant pneumonia and that my lungs were filled with bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmae and fungi. He told me not to return to his office and to immediately go to a hospital.

I followed 50% of his advice. I never returned back to his office, and I didn’t go to the hospital. At the time, I had my mother from Moscow staying with me. She didn’t drive and spoke very little English, so I couldn’t just abandon her at home alone. I gave her instructions of how to call 911 only in case I would lose consciousness and stayed in bed for another 4 weeks, while gradually feeling better and better. When after a week the slimy chunks I was coughing up turned yellow, I took it as a good sign.

I actually started feeling better soon after I stopped taking antibiotics.

What I did.

I took over-the-counter vitamins.

I ate chicken soup with garlic and scallions every day.

I took 1/2 cup of hot red wine with honey and spices (nutmeg and cinnamon). My mom would warm up wine with ingredients bringing it to a boil, but not boiling it. Then she would give me a few spoonfuls of wine every hour.

I gargled my throat with warm saltwater (water mixed with salt and iodine or baking soda) all the time, spitting it into a bucket that my mom would remove and clean out every hour.

BTW, I heard from my friends living in the Midwest that their company recommended them with the first flu-like symptoms to keep irrigating nose with nasal saline spray and to take Sudafed to stop an infection running down the throat into the lungs. Something similar was recommended by Dr. Alexander Chuchalin.

Used tissues I was placing into plastic bags, tying them up every time and discarding them outside every day.

I stayed alone in my bedroom.

I changed my pajamas every hour, because it was unbearable to stay in bed in icy sweaty soaked through clothing. It was quite a feat considering that changing clothes felt extremely painful, along with moving, breathing, opening and closing eyes and so on.

Two biggest problems, in addition to extremely painful lungs and ribs, were being icy cold and drenched in sweat. My mom changed my bedding a couple of times a day, placing extra large beach towels around me. She also did all the laundry every day to have it dry and clean for the next day.

I used my own cup, utensils and towels. 

Now, the most important thing that saved my life.

For days, when I had difficulties breathing, I breathed through a clean cotton fabric soaked in vodka. I don’t remember what we used, it could be cheesecloth or even a cut-of from an old t-shirt. I would just put it on my face and breathe through it even when I was sleeping, which was most of the time.

Alcohol vapors were disinfecting the respiratory tract and calming down infection in my lungs, while lowering fluid level, allowing me to breathe.

I know that a believe that vodka cures everything is deeply rooted in Russian psyche mostly because vodka initially was invented as a medicine to be taken with herbs, not for recreational drinking.

Reading how people die due to lack of ventilators, and some even die while on ventilators, I wonder if they would survive breathing vodka vapors earlier into their infection.

I am not saying that they would.

If my physician prescribed me antibiotics with an antifungal like Nistatin, I would feel better. In my case, antibiotics allowed for fungi to spread and in short time I was coughing up mushrooms like I had a plantation of them in my lungs.

I suffered so much and without no reason at all that thinking and writing about this even now make me see red with rage. Just because one completely careless and irresponsible dentist came from his dangerous trip, and in order to make money to pay for it infected his partner and went on infecting his patients, and an old physician too simple and too stupid to care to learn what’s going on in the world around him.

Based on my personal experience dealing with the US doctors, most of them are morons acting as drug vendors. The rest are malicious morons. You are lucky if you get a moron who just wants to distribute drugs, because if you get a malicious moron who hates you for religious or political reasons, you’re screwed, and you have no one to save you, but yourself.  American doctors act like they have a license to kill, and they are not responsible if you die. Or, that’s was I was told by some of them. If my doctor knew anything in addition to simply distributing drugs, he would prescribe me antibiotics and anti-fungal. If he actually were a real doctor, he would listen to my story of how I was infected and referred me to be tested for SARS. But, since he was a moron with phony American medical education, I survived, singularly, thanks to my mom being with me and knowing some old Russian remedies.

It was my personal experience and I am not advocating anything, just telling as it was.

After I posted this, I read that a Russian musician had a coronavirus induced pneumonia two years ago.

“According to the musician, this happened two years ago. Of course, this was not a new one Covid-19, the pandemic of which is currently occurring in the world, but a different kind of coronavirus. However, the musician said that he suffered from this disease and experienced terrible pain.

“I have had pneumonia five times in my life. One of them was coronavirus I got in Azerbaijan. I can say that this was a terrible thing, ” the musician said.

He noted that he felt as if he had broken all his ribs. According to him, for a long time he was in a near-death state and afterwords, the lower part of one of his lungs dried-up.

The trumpeter also said that coronavirus pneumonia develops instantly, and its treatment requires great patience.”

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