by Scott Humor

Approximately 225 pages

Any war game is a matrix of psy-ops, designed to look like a crisis leading to a chaos leading to an armed conflict, resulting in a failed state.

A war game can be destroyed by revealing psy-ops that took place, active psy-ops and those that might take place. Knowledge of basic formulas and patterns, and also individuals in some cases, helps to recognize the next war game in its Inception.

This books is my attempt to reverse engineering an arm conflict in Ukraine to come up with a master key for every crisis, conflict and war since the 1900s. I base my conclusions on my own research, and other people’s collected open source data.

Let’s say that you live in Europe. By reading the TRADOC plans for military operations in Europe “due to collapse of European societies by 2028″and my article “Pentagon makes a 20-year plan”, all you have to do is to read my illustrated manual to the War Game in Ukraine, to know exactly what to expect next and what to look for.

The book is richly illustrated and easy to read. In fact, it has so many images that I plan to publish it as an e-book, only.


Legal Disclosure

Part I

Game Algorithms and Environment


Objectives of the War Game in Ukraine

Information and Propaganda

War Gaming Advertisement Timeline

Game Level I

Game Level II

False flag special operations

WGiU Scenarios and Timeline

Gamers and Crisis Actors

Game Player who played the “Russian Army”

How a War Game finds its Players

VR and AR Games inside the WGiU

Viruses and anti-viruses

The Red Team Players

The Blue Team Players

PART II         

Wargaming and Augmented Reality

Staged “Events”

“Mopping Up”

WGiU Production Crew: War Correspondents and Cameramen

Technical aspects of the Game

More on Algorithms of Operations and Environment

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