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MARCH 8, 2020

New Coronavirus cases found in Vietnamese city where USS Roosevelt is docked. 

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(KGTV) -- New cases of the coronavirus are being discovered in Vietnam, in the same port as where 6,500 sailors and Marines on the USS Theodore Roosevelt are docked.
The USS Theodore Roosevelt left Coronado on Jan. 17, 2020, for a seven-month deployment to the Indo-Pacific. Now, seven weeks later, she is docked in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Former U.S. Army Sgt. Patrick Furman lives in Hanoi. He still keeps up with military affairs in Vietnam.
"This is only the second time that a carrier visited Vietnam post the war," Furman said.
He said this special visit on March 5, 2020, celebrating 25 years of normalization, is being overshadowed by fears of the coronavirus.
The country went 22 days with no new infections, but on Friday, Vietnamese health officials discovered nine new cases, all from foreign tourists.
"Literally, the country was ready to announce that they had conquered this virus. That it had been eradicated. And then within 24 hours, all of this happens," Furman said.
Vietnamese media reported that two British tourists who tested positive for coronavirus were intercepted and quarantined in Da Nang. It's the same city that now hosts the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
"The British, being tourists, most likely went to all the same places that sailors and Marines on liberty would probably want to go," Furman said.
According to the USS Theodore Roosevelt Public Affairs, Sailors were scheduled to participate in cultural and professional exchanges, community service projects, sports competitions, and receptions during their port visit.
It is unclear if any of the 6,500 sailors and Marines came into contact with the infected individuals in Da Nang.
10News reached out to the US State Department to ask if any of the service members fell ill or if they had to cancel any of their visitation schedules because of the virus. As of Sunday afternoon, we have not heard back.

MARCH 11, 2020

Even Coronavirus Couldn’t Stop the 2nd US Carrier Visit to Vietnam

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Navy Sends Medical Teams to Test for Coronavirus Aboard 7th Fleet Ships

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The Navy has sent medical teams with advanced testing equipment to three 7th Fleet ships to screen for coronavirus disease COVID-19.
Teams are now embarked aboard the San Diego-based aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, amphibious assault ship USS America, and USS Blue Ridge, the 7th Fleet flagship, to batch test sailors who present with influenza-like symptoms.
Batch testing provides early warning that coronavirus is present on a ship but does not individually diagnose sailors. If a batch were to test positive for COVID-19, the medical teams would take additional measures, such as isolating the sailors whose samples were in the batch or medically evacuating them.
The Navy stressed that to date, no cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed aboard any vessel in the 7th Fleet .
“The team here in 7th Fleet has taken COVID-19 seriously from the beginning and has many public health measures already in place,” said Capt. Christine Sears, 7th Fleet surgeon.
The teams comprise a variety of specialized Navy Medicine personnel and may include a microbiologist, medical laboratory technician, preventive medicine officer, and preventive medicine technician.
The 7th Fleet is the Navy’s largest forward-deployed force, with up to 70 ships and submarines and 140 aircraft manned by 20,000 sailors.



3 Navy sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive for coronavirus in middle of Philippine Sea

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THE FIRST three U.S. Navy sailors have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.
The sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Phillipine Sea mark the first time the virus has spread to an American warship.

FOX News said that: "The 3 sailors are currently in quarantine and will be flown off the aircraft carrier later today. There are 5,000 sailors aboard."
The news follows an announcement made today that an U.S. Navy sailor, based at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, tested positive for the virus.
In a Facebook statement on Tuesday, the Naval Station said: "A Sailor stationed aboard Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (NSGB) has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently undergoing evaluation and treatment.
"The Sailor is currently isolated and restricted in movement in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines. Contact tracing performed by public health officials is also underway."


“We’re fucked!” 

Pandemonium In The Pacific: US Carrier Diverts To Guam As COVID-19 Cases Spike Among Crew


An absolute disaster is fast unfolding aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Western Pacific causing emergency contingency plans to be put in place. 

By Wednesday eight sailors aboard the carrier tested positive for COVID-19, but clearly the outbreak aboard the ship is nowhere near being contained as on Thursday the US Navy said that number has jumped to 23 sailors confirmed for the virus.

Pentagon officials further admitted the ability to conduct widespread testing aboard the ship is limited in a situation so dangerous that the carrier has been diverted from it's original course, though Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly sought to stress “the ship is operationally capable and can do it’s mission if required” — no doubt a message ultimately meant for America's rivals and enemies in the region.


The outbreak has sent ship crew and US troops in Guam scrambling, reports The Daily Beast, as it appears a nightmare outbreak among military service-members is unfolding:

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps service members in Guam were ordered on Wednesday to break their own quarantine to set up makeshift shelters for U.S. troops coming off a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, where an outbreak of the novel coronavirus is rapidly spreading within the hulls of the ship.

Some of the U.S. troops at Naval Base Guam, located on the western side of the U.S. territory at Apra Harbor, were assembled into 100-man working parties to begin transforming some of the base’s facilities into temporary quarantine shelters for some of the 5,000 service members arriving from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, a naval vessel where COVID-19 is spreading. 

The nature of the emergency is unprecedented, causing one unidentified US service member to tell The Daily Beast“We’re fucked” — given obvious concerns that base personnel will be potentially exposed to coronavirus via the disembarking USS Roosevelt crew.

Guam map.jpg

The Pentagon did not try to downplay the situation. Acting Secretary Modly said it's urgent enough to conduct tests on 100% of the crew, presumably in Guam.

“We found several more cases aboard the ship, we are in the process now of testing 100 percent of the crew of that ship to ensure that we are able to contain whatever spread that might have occurred there... but I also want to emphasize that the ship is operationally capable and can do it’s mission if required,” Modly said at the Pentagon on Thursday. 

On average, about 7,000 American troops are more are stationed among Guam's multiple US bases (three major bases plus smaller HQs). The Roosevelt had recently been on deployment in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean region as part of the Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran.

"But in Guam on Wednesday, both Navy and Marine Corps service members set up roughly 140 military beds in a basketball gymnasium," the Daily Beast report continues. "To squeeze more troops into the gym, Navy medical professionals recommended measuring the six-foot distance per guidance from the CDC from the center of the bed rather than from the outer edges, meaning, that the beds are actually 3-feet apart."

All of this means that some ten to twelve-thousand plus US personnel will be squeezed onto Guam's bases at a moment the Navy is dealing with an alarming development of 133 cases total of COVID-19 branch-wide this week.

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