by Scott Humor

Bodyguard, a TV show produced by Netflix in cooperation with the BBC in 2018, became number one watched show on Netflix in 2019.


A story of a young Scottish lad, a Police Sergeant, a former military officer and a veteran of the Imperial wars on the Middle East, currently serving as an Executive Personal Protection officer. He is injured mentally and physically by the war. He is torn between hatred of politicians who caused the wars, and his loyalty. He is loyal to the fault to his country and his service, a sentiment not shared by anyone around him. His appointment as a Home Secretary’s bodyguard is a trap, to kill her and to frame him for her murder. His wife kicks him out of their house, unwilling to live next to someone who is unable to put the war behind him and who is always at war, created out of his memories. His superiors are women: a corrupt traitor on the police force, a phony politician, a corner-cutting head of anti-terror force. Other officers on the force around him are ethnic minorities, African-British, Indian-British, Chinese-British. They have no sense of comradery with him and turn against him on a dime. The only other white officer serving with him rats him out the first moment he gets a chance. The fact that all they do is to investigate the terror attacks but never preventing those attacks, like Russian special forces do, speaks volumes about their professional unsuitability all despite having cool names for their jobs like the SO13 Anti-terrorist Branch, or CO19 Force Firearms Unit, or S015 Counter Terrorism Command, or even CTSFO Counter Terrorist Special Firearms Officers.

It’s a new British society where a blue-eyed soldier of the Empire is unwelcome, barely tolerated on the force, betrayed and nearly executed by people he serves for and with.

If they finish him up, they would all turn against each other, but as long as he is there, they gang up against him.

His name, of cause, is David. They are the collective Goliath.

He is saved from an execution by his wife. A nurse, a mother of his children, blue eyed, just like him.

Intended by its creators or not, but this show brings up a profound sense of disconnect between young white men and a society they were born into.

They have no control over this new separate from them society. They have no control over their lives. Their opinions don’t count. The society is run by old men and women, who fear, hate, use and despise young men. It’s a society that divorces young white men from itself and replaced them with other young people, who are less loyal, less honest, less capable, less sharp, less professional, but more manageable and controllable. As David is divorced from his parents’ society, people replacing him are all divorced from their own societies, and pinned against each other and against young white men, which makes all of them lesser.

David has no control in any aspect of his life. That’s why he is out of control in every way, but his own sense of duty. His sense of duty is his higher calling. For that they call him “extremely dangerous,” and everyone around him, but his wife, wants him dead.

The US deals with young white men in a different way. They are fed food that reduces their testosterone level, they are kept psychologically in an induced perpetual mental stress, which also reduces the testosterone level. They are indoctrinated into believing that their masculinity is toxic, and that men are ‘evil.’ The summary effects are profound. White men look less like men, they live less, they marry less, they have less children, they drink more, they do more drugs, and they die younger,

What are men?

Anastasius Sinaita, or Anastasius of Sinai, in his work on Man’s creation after God’s image and likeness:

our soul is [created] in the image of one God, and the combination of soul and body in us is [created] in the likeness of the Incarnation of the Logos.

God brought Adam into being without a cause and without a birth, and made the son of the second from Adam man to be born; but Eve was created without a cause and without a birth, but by perception and by proceed. He brought her into being in an inexplicable way from the essence of the causeless Adam. Are not these three persons the ancestors of all mankind, or [three] consensual hypostases, slowly created, as it seems to Methodius, in a certain image of the Holy and consubstantial Trinity: the causeless and unborn Adam is the image and image of the causeless God and The Father-Almighty and the Cause of everything, the born son of Adam designates the son born [from the Father] and the Word of God, and the proceeding Eve designates the proceeding of the Holy Spirit. That is why God did not breathe the “breath of life” into Eve (Gen. 2, 7), because she is the image of the Holy Spirit – the breath and the life, and because it was necessary for her through the Holy Spirit to take in God – the truly existing Breath and Life of all.

Consequently, we should know (and be surprised at this) that the unborn Adam (and proceeded Eve) does not have among people like [them], there are no unborn and causeless other [people], since only Adam and Eve are true images of the unborn Father and the Holy Spirit.

Scholia: “exegetes, interpreting this, do not remain ignorant of the fact that Adam and Eve are perceived [as images] of Christ and the Church.”

And the son born of [Adam and Eve] has all people like him as brothers, also born sons, since he is in the image and in the immediate likeness of Christ, the begotten Son, who was a Man “firstborn among many brethren” (ROM. 8, 29), [born] not of the [male] seed.

What are the chances that men would find out who they truly are? What can they do? 

If men knew who they were, they would be absolutely free and everyone of them would be a king of his own domain. Men would be creating their own kingdoms, or entire worlds, they would be creating their own wives, their own children. They would become Men.

It cannot be allowed.  

Why does the Matrix attack David by the collective Goliath?

At the beginning, David saved passengers on a commuter train from an imminent death. The Matrix hates it. It needs its daily fix of human sacrifice. Sometime, during the war, we don’t know when and how, he crossed from being a man into becoming a Man. He got an ability to bend Evil to his will. He doesn’t attack it, he renders it powerless by his ability, as a Man, to bend to his will.

The Matrix attacks David with everything it got. To attack him, the Matrix created a fake cause. A fake cause, no matter how plausible it looks, is something that doesn’t exist.

In order to win, the Children of God shouldn’t attack Evil, unless it attacks them first without a Cause. It’s the Law. To make sure that we won’t attack Evil first, the Preexistent speaks to His disciples about ‘the other cheek.’

He spoke to very simple people, who were taught from childhood the laws imposed on their tribe. They lived side by side with those who crossed from the other world created by the Satan to kill the Children of God. When they appeared among people, they were full of fear and rage, terrified of everything, eager to kill everyone they met.

They were the Apple or the Sin in its ultimate sense.

The only saving grace was that they weren’t people, they weren’t created by God, they didn’t have God inside, so they couldn’t create. All they knew was fear, hatred and blood-lust.

Moses, summoned by the God, forced them by means of executions, starvation, and fear of multiple supernatural events to obey the laws that they hated and broke in every possible way. To curb their thirst for human blood, they were told that if they kill needlessly they will be killed back, if they took someone’s eye or tooth out, they too shall lose an eye and a tooth. They were so incredibly dumb that all they could understand was this exchange of bodily parts and cattle for crimes.

There was nothing spiritual in their upbringing. They grew up following the most primitive of laws imposed on them. Christ said that their ancestors were allowed to get divorced so they wouldn’t kill their old spouses. They worshiped God with burned animal carcasses. But some of them did so sincerely believing that restraining themselves from knocking out neighbor’s tooth will bring them closer to God. It did, per their faith.

If Evil attacks an innocent man by falsely accusing him and he suffers, a just Cause is created for him, and he gets the Divine forces to fight on his side, regardless if he knows about their presence or not. It’s his choice to keep fighting, or to surrender. The Divine power cannot make him. He decides for himself. David once decides to stop fighting, and the next time he keeps fighting, no matter what. Either way, he has already won. If an innocent man fighting back the forces of Evil is killed by the Matrix, he will inherit the Kingdom of God. If he fights and wins, his Soul swells to become more powerful in the most inexplicable ways.

As for his wife, she is there to make sure he stays alive. She saves his life twice, both acting matter-of-factly. She drags him back home after he tries to shoot himself. She shields him with her body to stop his execution, and walks next to him, strapped into an explosive-belt, like it’s a walk in a park. She is like the Holy Spirit, an advocate for David in front of his tormentors, an usher to direct him to the ways to cure himself, and a wife to take him back after all his battles.

The rest is irrelevant. Next season most likely the Home Secretary will come back alive, and David will be pulled apart between his two women and will be accused in more crimes, since he can never be controlled by the Matrix.

The first season the show managed to create a modern myth, as Mikhail Bakhtin called it. David’s last name is Budd, from the ancient Brythonic Celts of Wales, the name Budd, is from the Old English personal name Budda, which is derived from the word budda, which means beetle. The root meaning of budda is to swell.

In American Urban Dictionary“Budd” is a positive usage of the more well known version of the word, “Bud” or buddy is a close friend. But “bud” is typically used in a negative context; ex: “You wanna take this outside, bud?” The actor, who plays David, is called Richard Madden. His character is fearless and loyal like Richard the Lionheart, and absolutely mad.

It’s spectacular.

the bodyguard


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