Australia is being pounded by rain, first time in three years.

rain brings relief to Australia’s scorched south-east

On fire one day, under water the next

Koalas have been so stunned by fire they can’t believe they are getting water

Koala in Australia gets a needed drink of water

Jan 18, 2020

We all together created water and rain in Australia after our Cat Motya asked us to chip in and to help out to all those koalas and kangaroos because the end was coming to them all.

Matvey has the power of millions of his readers, some were giving water to koalas and creating water, as I described in my post On Love, and some directed endless rains from their own regions of Russia to Australia to extinguish wild fires and to give water to animals. They were doing two things at once, they saved their own towns and villages from flood, and directed rains to Australia to bring them a relief from drought and fires.  

The world is changing. It’s changing profoundly and in every possible way, as it was promised with Christ coming to one man who wants to save the world and deserves that the world being saved for him. 

Like with the Australian rains that we created, everyone can create something for themselves, and together people can change weather, bring rains, or sunshine, create more animals, plenty of food, or more children for a nation. The Children of God have the Gift to be co-creators with Him. It’s He who creates, of cause, but we have the Gift, so use it.

An old ugly hell toad, talentless and moronic to the rotten core, appointed by the cult to be “a journalist” in Russia, asked a new Prime Minister what would he say to God when he meets Him.

The cult wants to know what the Orthodox Christians say to God, because they are in desolation and completely cut from the Divine.

The new Prime Minister says “I will thank Him for my life.”

He should say, “I love You.”

How many times we were told by those who hate us that Russia’s constitution, written by our enemies and forced on us by the communist party rulers, cannot be changed? That it was something written in stone. That this colonial constitution has been burned into our skin from birth to death. They said that we Russians were sentenced to these rules from birth to death. And, now it’s being changed very simply to reflect priorities of Russia and Russian nation.

In this our new world, the colonial constitution is just a piece of paper that we are changing to fit our priorities and to reflect our new world.

Meeting on Thursday with the working group tasked with drafting amendments to the Russian constitution, President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that more amendmentscould be put forward

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Andrey Klishas pointed out that sometimes supranational institutions, for instance the European Court of Human Rights, interpret conventions in a way that whole new provisions emerge that Russia has never put its signature to.

Putin responded, emphasizing that some always have a desire springing out to manipulate Russia from outside.” “We have long been faced with it, I personally see it myself,” the president lamented. “Sometimes the European Court, and we always comply with all its decision, unfortunately delivers blatantly unlawful decisions, which is unacceptable. However, even in this case we abide by [these decisions], however strange it may seem,” the leader continued.

“But when certain interpretations imposed from overseas arise – it is excessive, it is too much,” Putin added. He concluded, saying that this issue needs to be addressed carefully and underscored that the idea to enshrine primacy of the Russian constitution particularly comes from this.


How do the fallen world and its matrix work?

We create horror and sorrow by being terrified and thinking about horror and sorrow, and imagining it.

For some time now, everyone on earth was seeing images of Australia as hell, as we were fed and forced by the media, and we collectively were turning Australian earth into hell


Australia was on the way to be burned into ashes, by the Children of Satan using our Gift. 

Can Motya wrote to us, “Guys, and ladies, or rather, people and cats, start thinking about rain in Australia now, before it’s too late.”

Together, we thought about the hands of God pouring water on Australia. We thought about cups filled with fresh water given to koalas, containers of water poured for kangaroos to drink. Some of us sent rains from Russia to Australia. We thought about rivers of fresh water floating across Australian landscape. Everything we thought about became reality immediately. He did this for us.

Now, we see this

Today, the children of Satan went into a counter-attack after being briefly stunned by rains. Their plans are to turn earth into hell, but we keep ruining their plans.

They started saying ( via their platform they use to talk down to us) that all these rains won’t be ‘enough.’ They started their main task forcing people to worry and doubt, and making rains to stop. The moment you lose faith in your Gift and doubt that rain is not ‘enough,’ it won’t be enough. They try to make people think that the Divine is capable to run out of water for us. Same water that we together just created.

When you hear them speak to you, tell yourself that it’s their father speaks through them, tell yourself that it’s your negative thoughts are not yours. It’s Matrix speaking, not you. Those are not your thoughts of doubt. Those are not your images of their hell. Everything will reflect back to them, into their Matrix.

I just want to add that we create with images, not with words.

“Anyone with thoughts, either good or bad, inside his heart is, from the Patristic point of view, a psychopath. It is irrelevant whether these thoughts are ethical, even highly ethical, unethical or of any other type whatsoever.

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