By firing 16 ballistic missiles at the US military bases in Iraq, Iran demonstrated that the US has no capability to defend its own military. The US doesn’t have technology or equipment for the most basic AMD systems for its own troops. The global con is over. The US cannot protect its mainland, and its own troops not just in the Near East, or the Middle East, but in Europe, Japan, the South Korea and everywhere else.

The Western media, as far as I can tell, doesn’t talk about this groundbreaking reality. The American media and politicians, as if by command divided themselves into two main camps: 1st group demands the attack on Iran; while the 2nd group with the same rigor and conviction pretends to stop a ‘warmongering’ Trump from attacking Iran. They do this to control both narratives, and let an inquiry about the US real capabilities to go unnoticed.

No one is trying to answer the only question that matters: Why the US military in the middle of the region that they ravaged with wars have no capabilities to defend themselves from the missile attacks? We are not even talking here about potential attacks of Russia, a giant, towering over the collective world nations in terms of it’s military capability.

A NOTAM was issued by Iran an hour prior to the attack, and that gave the Americans ample time to turn tail and flee, which they had done, instead of standing their ground and fighting, like, say, Russian troops do in Syria defending their bases against missiles and drones. Daily. Like, Syrians, attacked by the US, did with the Soviet and Russian made anti-missile systems. Do your recall, how out of about 70 missiles, a dozen leaked through their defense systems and how every Zionist on this planet screamed and mocked Russian AMD systems? Do you remember?

The world government collectively are complaisant in agreeing to create a giant blown-up balloon monster, a global CON MAN working hand in hand with the global organized crime involving governments and military and intelligence of the world nations in deceiving their own population into believing the myth of the American military superiority. All of them are a part of this global con.

The US space exploration programs is a balloon. The US military capability is a con. Iranians know that. Russians and Chinese know that. That’s why Iranians with such ease attacked the US military installations with three generation old missile tech that weren’t Russian Kalibrs fired from the Caspian Sea. They know that the US claimed military superiority is a fraud and they proved this in front of the world.

It is Balloon!


The world immediately pretended that nothing has happened.

Some started pushing another con that even if the US doesn’t have any defense capabilities, Israel has them in buckets. Israel’s show of force consists entirely with staged episodes of mercenary groups financed by Israel per agreement with the Israel’s defense forces staging ‘events’ for the PR and public consumption. They have no defense against Iran. This warmongering, bloodthirsty extremist cult is a duck seating on a chunk of territory they stole from the natives murdering them with impunity by millions while claiming to be ‘protected’ by the US, which is and has been a con for decades

That’s why there is nothing but silence when, in comments, people ask a simple question:

How is that even possible? A US base in Iraq that couldn’t shoot down incoming missiles? Does anyone believe that any US base cannot defend itself from missiles? WTF happened?

No wonder why Trump surrendered. Where were those awesome Patriot missiles? 

A couple of ‘balloon’ explanations are floating around. The Pentagon representatives reported all of the following at the same time:

  • First, that the US never regarded SAM capability a necessity in the Middle East.
  • Second, that the US military is so powerful they don’t even have to use it.
  • Third, that they got 4 missiles out of 16. That they had the SAM working (which is not there, as other say) but it’s effective only 25%. Even this is a lie.
  • Forth, The US let Iran to hit it’s bases after evacuating all it’s personnel. The ‘most powerful country on earth’ won’t let some weak opponent to humiliate herself in front of the world. Taking down oncoming missiles is a routine event for Syria, for example. But , it’s not something that the US is capable of doing.

Now, some of them, with the most chutzpah, say that the world should keep quite about this event and to keep pretending the US is the most powerful in the universe FOR THE WORLD PEACE.

Regardless of how the “experts” twist this event psychologically, the real decisions are being taken not by them, but by those military forces who are now in charge of life and death of all Americans.

Russians know this for decades now. We learned so much since Gorbachev and made-up Pershing missiles. Where are now those fearsome Pershings that the group of communist party bosses intimidated the USSR population into believing that all of us would be killed by those Pershings, if we wont’s surrender and won’t rip our nation apart into 15 territories, won’t submit to the colonial governments, and won’t give to the “victors’ our immense national wealth that generations of us worked for centuries to generate?


Where is our stolen wealth?

The US is nothing compare to the military might of Persia.

Zionists on the both sides of the moon are grieving that Trump refuses to kill himself and the US against Persia. The bloodthirsty morons can’t understand that the Pentagon knows that this would be the end. The Pentagon wants to survive, because they know that it’s one thing to attack defenseless tribesmen, and completely another – to fight against the true warriors.

In 2016. Russia completed delivery of the S-300 air defense missile system to Iran last month, concluding an $800 million deal signed between the two states in 2007, state-run Russian press agency RIA Novosti reported. The S-300 mobile surface-to-air missile system can counter multiple aircraft at a range of 195 kilometers and ballistic missiles at a range of up to 50 kilometers. 

Iraq negotiating with Russia to buy S-300 missile system: Top Iraqi lawmaker

 The Iranian military disrupted the work of American UAVs after the strike

MOSCOW, January 9 – RIA Novosti. Shortly after the missile strike on the American base in Iraq, Iran’s military using electronic warfare methods disrupted the work of American drones, said the commander of the military space forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizadeh.

“We conducted an electronic warfare operation about 15 minutes after the strike on the Ein al-Assad base, and took control over the American drones,” Hajzadeh said.

He added that crippling of equipment and systems by Iran caused a “serious psychological blow” to the Americans.

“Despite the fact that they had lots of aircraft and military equipment around the Ein al-Assad base, they were not able to defend themselves against our missiles,” Hajzadeh added.

Do you see what’s happening. Not only the Pentagon has no defense against Iranian EW, the Pentagon has no EW capable to stop the Iranian missiles.

In 2016, The Pentagon announced soon-to-be published Electronic Warfare strategy:

“In equipping our forces, we plan to develop advanced electronic attack, advanced electronic warfare support, harden our kill-chains with electronic protection and invest in electromagnetic battle management to manage the numerous assets in the battlespace,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Roger Cabiness told Defense Systems.

“Hardening the kill-chain,” for example, can involve the use of EW tactics to prevent an armed U.S. drone from being “hacked,” “jammed” or taken over by an enemy.”

The concept behind this effort is to use less-expensive electromagnetic weapons to destroy, intercept or jam approaching enemy missiles, drones, rockets or aircraft. Using an electronic weapon is much less expensive than firing an interceptor missile to destroy an enemy cruise missile. These interceptor missiles, and other ship-defense technologies, can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

All the Pentagon has are the “concepts.”

So, those who say that it was some sort of ‘agreement,’ read again carefully the first statement of Iranians where they offered to the US a choice: if the US responds, the Iranians would strike everywhere including Israel; but if the US doesn’t respond, they will consider to be even. The Americans went for the second option, because they know that otherwise the Iranians would destroy them.

Do you want to know what happens next?

The US allies started slowly crawling away from this embarrassment. France closed its skies for the Pentagon. They are now flying around her. Erdogan personally gives them his directives what they can and cannot do with their military bases. The meaning of hosting the US bases has completely evaporated.

The US will withdraw all its troops from everywhere in the world back behind its own borders. Everyone who was ever damaged and hurt by the US will come running with demands of a retribution. And the US will be paying to its victims with everything its got, including wealth generated by its top criminals and hidden offshore. Because they have no place on earth to run and hide.

It’s the Russian Armed Forces who decide if the American population lives or dies.

Get used to them getting a say, or get hurt.

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