Australia is burning for a long time. Not only Australians don’t have a professional fire force to battle fires, and similar natural disasters, but they depend on unpaid volunteers, regular folks with minimum to no training. The result, they are all trapped on a burning island of their own creation. Totally self-inflicted.

Many animals are suffering there, and they are innocent and suffer needlessly for living side by side with morons, who imagine that public hysteria, fear and hatred won’t have consequences. Wrong thinking.

Give some water to those kangaroos and koalas. Join Cat Motya, because he’s alone now in trying to give water to all those animals. They have reached the end, over there.

Imagine how SOMEONE, someone’s hands pour water for koalas, and kangaroos can drink with them. Fill up a creek or two for animals to drink. Pour some rain on them.


We have been talking here on twitter about love and marriage and it seems straightforward, if you are married – stay married, if you are a bachelor, don’t get married. Those who are young and don’t have children, they should get married to have children, but those who have children and were married and got divorce, there is no reason for them to do it again and again. Another person, no matter how wonderful, is not going to fulfill you and make you whole. If it’s hard to survive economically being single, as for many women, then go and get married, but see this as an economic partnership, not some sort of spiritual quest, because it’s not, never was, and never will be.

A love of a person is not what we are conditioned to think of it. If you love someone, just go on and love him or her, like you love nature, mountains, or seas. But no, it’s never enough to love someone quietly, you want to own this person, and it’s not love. It’s something else. Wanting to own someone is something else, not love.

I want to tread carefully here and just to tell you that when you love her, you love her hair, her smell, her eyes, her smile, her voice; the way she moves just drives you nuts. It’s someone, or something, that knows real you, very deeply knows you, collects things that drives you nuts sexually and turns them on in this person, you are obsessed about. None of what you see in her is even there. Most certainly other people don’t notice anything and don’t react. So, it’s all you and about you.

How many men went nuts, were ruined, or driven to death, just because they have a few triggers collected by their minds over the years, and they think about those triggers (hair, smell, eyes, smile) obsessively, and by thinking and visualizing those details men bring those fleeting none-realities into reality superimposing them onto another person.

We create with our thoughts, that’s God’s Gift and His Promise to us. The trick is that our brains are not our friends. We are living with the enemies. Your brain doesn’t care if you are at home with your family, or in jail. It will keep churning up more and more, images, fears, thoughts, feelings, until you, exhausted and squeezed like a lemon, kick the bucket. We are not our brains. We are our souls, or the bodies of our consciousness, and our souls are dispassionate, serene, and joyful. They don’t participate in our sexual prowess, they stay aside. Our bodies are like space-suits put on us to exist in a harsh atmosphere of this fallen world. Adam didn’t become a body, it was given to him. Why are those space-suits controlling us and our thoughts?

Many Christians live in a state of voluntary abstinence and achieve entire new level of spiritual clarity. I myself have been living in this state for years, first involuntary after being terribly injured, then as rational choice because my spouse had cancer, and then as a spiritual choice, because I abhorred the noise of flesh overpowering a quiet voice of my soul.

The same can be said about those attracted to their own gender. As Christians, they should rejoice that they have something to overcome. The more they overcome the bigger gifts they receive. They should be thankful for this. They should be joyful.

But, love is not just about tricks our brains play with us, it’s also about a drive to own another human being. It’s not love, as we’re used to think, it’s something completely different.


If you absolutely determine to have someone in your life, create this ideal person for yourself.

If you have been giving water to the burned Australian animals, as I asked you at the beginning, in the same way you can quench your own thirst for a companionship.

This video will be your road map. The soundtrack to it is a child’s song that goes something like “A tiny country, one tiny country. I has been looking for it on a map. How can I get there? Who can tell me? It’s beautiful there with flowers and trees. The Bird Phoenix lives there. There, in this tiny country, a beautiful boy on a golden horse is waiting for me.”

Watch what Sherlock Holmes does. How he creates a companion for himself. How he thinks, researchers, takes notes, and make drawings.

Make a list of qualities you want in a person you create. Think about circumstances you want to meet. Imagine any detail you want, but a face. Leave a face shrouded in fog of mystery.


On the most ancient known icons, Christ in His childhood was depicted as an adult man. Know-nothing ‘experts’ say that this is because centuries ago the church artists didn’t ‘understand’ a concept of a child and thought of children as scaled down adults.

That’s a nonsense. The church artists received instructions to paint icons from above. They knew to draw Christ in His childhood as an adult. Initially people created children for themselves, and they created them as adults. Adan and Eve did this, their sons without any women around, created children for themselves, and created them as adults.

tivhvin icon


This is also a sign of love. It also has something to do with arriving vertically, and departing horizontally. Symbolic.

sign of love

Per Cat Motya

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