I posted The Enemy Of The State, a chapter from a documentary biography book I am writing on December 22. Soon after same day, a Ben-Gurion Airport bound bus crashed.

posted the chapter dec 22 bus

posted the chapter dec 22 bus 1

The crashed bus driver name was Alexander (Alex). which is also the name of a main character’s husband, who plays a tragic and comical role in this whole story. The driver’s last name is Liebman derived from Lieb meaning “dear/beloved” in German, also a sarcastic reference to my character Alex’s role, who became Shabak’s asset to frame his own wife. 

The bus driver has no recollection of the event, and no explanation to what had happened, naturally.

“Ben-Gurion Airport bus crash driver: I don’t remember what happened

“I was not tired, I was not on the phone – it was in my pocket,”Egged bus driver Alexander Liebman said in a brief and inconclusive statement during his testimony on Monday.”


posted chapter dec 22 bus crash

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