by Scott Humor  

Ten days past since I wrote about the Unicorn liberated, and the Red Dragon’s people did what they have been doing for centuries – faking the reality.

The stage was set on a bridge from London’s kingdom to a neighboring kingdom – the City of London. On this bridge the Matrix placed the Red Dragon Empire’s mercenary serving as the “Muslim extremist.”  

Everyone and their cat knows that the ‘jihadis’ are not some inexplicable force of nature but servicemen of a private army. Contrary to popular believe, mercenaries of the Empire are above the law and never get punished for their climes even if convicted, and roam the streets of the R.D.E. free, public outcry be damned. 

The mercenary was dispatched to the bridge to play a role in a staged attack on pedestrians played by other actors. The actor playing the victim number one, as it turned out, was involved in the same mercenary recruitment center as the actor playing the ‘Muslim extremist.’  

We have watched this spectacle many times before.

The Matrix is falling apart, dissembled by the forces it cannot withstand, its parts dissociating from each other, its covers flailing like toilet paper on trees the day after Halloween.  

The Matrix has lost its ability to come up with new scenarios, and is grinding down its captive audience’s trust by recycling old scenarios we have memorized by heart, by now.

The Matrix is reeling violently after the Unicorn escaped his five centuries in captivity. The families running the empire for the Red Dragon. those monstrous creatures who drowned THIS world in human blood, could think of nothing but staging an appearance of a fake unicorn, the INSTEAD_OF_unicorn, trying to imitate empire building powers of the real Unicorn.  

Another Matrix actor, despite of the security of the City of London, walked into a museum and took of the museum wall (!) a narwhal tooth displayed there, and was allowed by the security to walk outside of this museum (!) to walk on the bridge, filmed from many points while doing so, to pretend fencing with the knife armed actor. 


“But why stop there?” the Matrix pushed even harder against its subjects sanity.

James Ford, the 42-year-old man who helped stop the latest London knife terrorist, is being rejected as a "hero," because he is a convicted murderer who was on day release, U.K.'s Daily Mail reported.
"He is not a hero," Angela Cox, 65 – the aunt of the Amanda Champion, who was 21 when she was murdered by Ford in 2003 – told the Mail.

"He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn't know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not."
London bridge fake murderer

He is not a hero,” Angela Cox, 65 – the aunt of the Amanda Champion, who was 21 when she was murdered by Ford in 2003 – told the Mail.

“He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn’t know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not.”

But the aunt is wrong, isn’t she? Child rapists and murderers ARE the heroes of the Red Dragon Empire.

Only the Russian Orthodox Christian Empire had a Unicorn as its guardian, because the Unicorn is the symbol of Christ, the symbol of the Light, and the symbol of the empire building. The Unicorn doesn’t serve the Dragon’s kingdom. The tsar Ivan IV knew of this and held the Unicorn in highest regard as the symbol of Holy Rus.

The Western kingdoms hated Russia.

Their jewelers faked the empire building power for their rulers’ sceptres and swords with the narwhal tooth embedded in their handles to deceive their subjects about having the power of Unicorn which they never had. For example, the Imperial Treasury of Kaiserliche Schatzkammer of the Habsburgs.

The Imperial Treasury vienna

The war against Orthodox Christians became West’s only reason for being, even if it meant to kill scores of their own, even if it meant to destroy this world.

As I wrote in the Unicorn Liberated, the Red Dragon’s subjects gained Russian tsar’s trust by pretending to be knowledgeable doctors. They poison Ivan IV and stole Russian state sceptre with the real Unicorn horn in it. The Red Dragon by its dark magic kept the Unicorn captive and chained for 5 centuries creating with his powers their own empire, the bloodiest of them all.

To prevent Russians from getting their Unicorn back, entire fake history was created smearing the great tsar’s name. The fake Romanovs did this, and the Talmudic Bosheviks did this, and the pro-West Ukrainian nationalists Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and the Liberal Looters in the 90s did this, — all while the R.D.E. attacks on the Christian Empire were coming non-stop. The R.D.E. likes to separate its wars and claim they were completely different wars, but we Russians know that it was One Thousand Year War against us.

A powerful mystery of being grateful

Russians have remained grateful to the great tsar Ivan IV and erected monuments to him and held him in their thankful prayers for their great country that he had created. Their gratefulness manifested the tsar into this world, and liberated the Christian Empire’s Unicorn from Red Dragon captivity.

Ivan the Terrible monument opening ceremony




All the Matrix can do now is a bizarre spectacle of the INSTEAD_OF_UNICORN with the narwhal tooth!!

london bridge fake

There are some Children of God living on the British island. What are you waiting for? Join the Orthodox Christian Church, be NOT of THIS world, not of the MATRIX world.

The R.D.E. is shrinking


Queen Elizabeth May ‘Abdicate’ For Prince Charles After Prince Andrew’s Epstein Scandal

After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s jet scandal, Prince Andrew’s interview discussing Jeffrey Epstein appeared to put another unfavorable spotlight on the royal family. The latest scandal sparked rumors suggesting Queen Elizabeth could abdicate the throne.

Following decades of increased life expectancy rates, Americans have been dying earlier for three consecutive years since 2014, turning the elusive quest for the ‘American Dream’ into a real-life nightmare for many..
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 Freeland's new position as Deputy Prime Minister puts her in a position to possibly take control of Canada as 2nd in command of a highly fragmented nation which is now hearing renewed calls for separation in Alberta, and Quebec.

The Pope urged people toresist the blinding lights of consumerism.”

Estonian border fortifications on the border with Russia blown away by the wind
December 2, 2019
A strong wind swept through Estonia in October, knocking down trees on the experimental three-kilometer section of the line on the border with Russia, part of the fence collapsed, and went out of order. Collapse of infrastructure made patrol lines impassable. 


Our Cat Motya met the Unicorn on his way back home to Moscow.

cat and unicorn


patrion image