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Research results and excerpts from my upcoming book TRUMP-2020

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday November 26 suggested that Ukraine should be investigated over allegations that it interfered in the 2016 election.

Russian newly created state Duma Commission to Investigate the Facts of Foreign Interference in the Internal Affairs of Russia should investigate Ukraine’s interfering with the presidential election in 2012, and participation in the riots of 2011 and 2012.

I am beginning to publish here some research materials from my new book titled Trump – 2020. I will be dumping here my findings that are too big for the book to create reference points.

 WHO played the roles of the ‘Russians’ in ‘Russian trolls’ hoax?

 Episode 1

Ukraine behind the Anonymous hacker groups

In February 2012, the Guardian’s Miriam Elder, then a reporter in Moscow, currently a national security editor for BuzzFeed News, revealed the identity of the so called “anonymous hacker group” Op_Russia or OpRussia. 

7 years ago, in her article titled Polishing Putin: hacked emails suggest dirty tricks by Russian youth group,” she wrote about “private emails allegedly hacked by a group calling itself the Russian arm of Anonymous.

Miriam Elder provided a link to the OpRussia twitter account that is still online.!/Op_Russia

The Op_Russia English/Russian account was created in March 2011. Their main activities were to jack the official web sites of different governments, to post logins and other private information,  to incite people to riot and to coordinate rioting groups in Moscow.

In addition the account expressed support for proxy US groups fighting in Libya against Libyan government. The team was behind hacking of the web sites of governments of Russia, Argentina, and Kazakhstan, and even an official site in the US. They didn’t hack the government of Ukraine.

In March 2014, the CNN article claimed that the OpRussia cyber warfare group was created in Ukraine.

On March 25, 2014 after the democratically elected president Yanukovich was toppled by the US and EU organized coup, the CNN posted an opinion article authored by Jeffrey Carr and titled “Rival hackers fighting proxy war over Crimea.”

The article begins with this – “Mar 25, 2014 – OpRussia, a hacker group formed under the Anonymous umbrella, posted a warning to Russian President Putin that his aggression against Ukraine…”

According to this CNN article, the “hacker group OpRussia” was organized by a group of “Ukrainian security engineers”.


Shortly after police cracked down on "Euromaidan" street protesters, who were calling for closer integration with the EU, in Kiev in November last year, Ukrainian security engineers began discussing the necessity of forming an all-volunteer cyberdefense force. 
By March 1, 2014, cyberattacks on both sides kicked into high gear.
“OpRussia, a hacker group formed under the Anonymous umbrella, posted a warning to Russian President Putin that his aggression against Ukraine would not stand on March 1, 2014.” the page never existed existed according to the =>*/

“Since then, members of OpRussia have been attacking Russian business and government websites on a daily basis, including the website for the Russian Air Force, the website of the Kamchatka region, Russia’s narcotics control service, and even a Russian escort service.” reported the CNN.

The following are the tweets that proving that The Op_Russia twitter account coordinated the public peace disturbance provocations in March 2011 and May 2012.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 29 Mar 2011RT #Mar31, at 18-00 pm we are going on Triumph Square and go to the Manege after. Become spread the Triumph Square . #Russia #opposition
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 29 Mar 2011
#Anon masks worn only once to begin the March of Dissent.Gather in the nearby cafe and out for 18-00 in the area. #Mar31 #OpRussia #faq
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 29 Mar 2011addition to supporting the freedom of assembly tomorrow we will show the support of Libya #freedom fighters. #Mar31 #libya #OpRussia
 Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 29 Mar 2011
We are not afraid. We are Legion We'll go out tomorrow.
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 29 Mar 2011
Unknown #anonymous broken fence in the morning on Moscow Triumph Square. Ghetto gang fence prevents people meet #
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 30 Mar 2011
Citizens with Triumph Square will be under guard post at Pushkin Square rally- said the #Moscow police chief. #Mar31 #OpRussia #WTF #ACAB

Over the course of 5 years in activity, the English language of the tweets went from normal American English like in ‘Ghetto gang’ expression which Russians never use, to some very broken English. Russian language use repeats this pattern, from very bad broken Russian to some bizarre Russian slang specific to the criminals. .

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 30 Mar 2011police did not allow and detain members for an #Mar31 action We'll still go out - we're right, the law on our side #Mar31 #OpRussia #freedom
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 30 Mar 2011
Mar31 action plan - Moscow - In the two years of struggle for freedom of assembly law-enforcement agencies,...

The Op_Russia twitter account distributed so called “March 31 Action Plan in Moscow” via affiliated tumlr account =>

I have not been able to locate this Action Plan Moscow on the net.

How unreliable and deceiving are claims of the corporate media giants, the US intelligence agencies, and the US State Department that they were able to trace the “DNC server hackers” to Russian IP addresses?

The following claim of the Op-Russia groups that they use TOR, ip2 and VPN to conduct their deceptive activities is a proof that “security engineers” located in Ukraine could easily use ANY IP addresses.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 30 Mar 2011
#Anon use #TOR and ip2 or VPN through them twitter, livejournal e.t.c work fine. Nobody can stop us #Mar31 #faq #OpRussia
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 8 Apr 2011
March on the Kremlin at #Mar31 Despite everything, we still did what they wanted us. #OpRussia #WIN
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 8 Apr 2011
#Mar31 March of Dissent in St.Petersburg #anonymous #OpRussia #WIN #Russia

The Op_Russia group of “security engineers” from Ukraine claimed its aim to topple president Putin.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 8 Apr 2011Our slogan - Mubarak -> Gaddafi -> Putin #Russia #freedom #faq #opposition

The Op_Russia group from Ukraine targeted the schools and colleges networks in Russia, looking for those with no firewall and tweeting their logins to the radical elements all over the world.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 19 Apr 2011
Large school #Russia.n #censorship firewall #freedom #wtf

 The is now retired site of the ministry of education that in 2011 hosted instruction for firewall installation.

NetPolice AltLinux (version of NetPolice for the AltLinux operating system;instructions for installing the filter are availableat:

A year later, the Op_Russia reported that they defaced the education site

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 15 Jun 2012
Education site defaced by #Anonymous #OpEDU #Russia #news

The Ukrainian “security engineers” were attacking Russian minister of education and schools websites and admitting that. These all take place 2 years before the 2014 putsch in Kiev and 4 years before the presidential election in the US in 2016.

The Ukrainian”security engineers” were attacking and hacking Russian government procurement site

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 17 May 2012
#Anonymous pwned ru gov purchase site #OpDefiance #OpMVD #Russia #news

 They posted the login information for the Russian government procurement site

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 17 May 2012
Welcome! #OpDefiance #OpMVD #Russia #Anonymous #WIN #lol
 Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 16 May 2012 Welcome! #OpDefiance #OpMVD #d4t #Anonymous #Russia #WIN

 This is not some kind of “revenge for freedom” as the CNN bizzarly claimed, but a deliberate sabotage of the government and its services.

They attack other governments also…

The Ukrainian “security engineers” took part in the attacks against Argentina government web sites and hacked the

Anonymous‏ @Ibero_Anon 15 May 2012
Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 15 May 2012
Moscow police Special Purpose Mobile Unit supporters site pwned by #Anonymous … #OpDefiance #OpMVD #Russia #DDoS #WIN

The Ukrainian Op_Russia group broke into the server of the Russia’s Police.

It shows how the Ukranian hackers could generate traffic from the server to the US designated servers, like for example, to the DNC server to imitate hacker activity as if done by the Moscow Police, or GRU, as they did in 2016 according to the Steele reports and the Mueller Investigation.

The same day the Ukrainian Op_Russia group received a “thank you” from anther similar Anon account for hacking the government of Argentina.

Anonymous‏ @Ibero_Anon 15 May 2012 HACKED! - Visit .xsd y .LOG Special thanks to our /b/ros @Op_Russia #Taringa #OpTaringa #Anonymous

The Ukrainian “security engineers” targeted the Russian government severs the Russian Interior Ministry, the Russian parliament –

They admit of hacking those servers, which is the act of war coming from Ukraine in 2012!

They admission of committing a crime of hacking the Russian government sites also tells us that they could itentionaly leave so called “bread crumbs” the fake traffic from Russia’s government servers to the claimed target like the DNC server.

 Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 13 May 2012
Need more lazzers.,,, #OpDefiance #OpMVD #Anonymous #Recruit #DDoS
Anonymous Russia‏ @LegionRussia 13 May 2012
Присоединяйтесь к атаке,,, #OpDefiance

This tweet in Russian says “join us to attack, and so on.

Other Ukrainian Op_Russia DDOS attacks against Russian government sites took place on May 9, 2012. May 9 is the Victory day in the World War II.’

The Ukrainian “security engineers” chose May 9 commemoration celebration to attack Russian president site.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 9 May 2012 - TANGO DOWN … #OpDefiance #Anonymous #d4th #DDoS #WIN

As a reminder, all these cyberwar activities took place BEFORE the claimed Crimea returned to Russia, and putsch in Ukraine and 2016 Election of Donald Trump.

Another attack of Ukrainian team against Russia tool place on May 6, 2012.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 6 May 2012 … #OpDefiance #Anonymous #WIN #lol

On Sunday the web sites of Russian government and president became unavailable due to the DDoS =>

In May 2012, the Ukrainian “security engineers” continued their interference in Russia’s affairs by posting what they called the “Anonymous Riot Guide.”

For some reasons, this Riot guide was writtem  in English and Arabic.

Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 6 May 2012
#Anonymous riot guide … #Moscow #d4th #revolution 
ProtestorsGuidetoOrganizeDemonstrationsAmidstRepression (Handbook)
In English and Arabic with 2011 copyright.

 The Ukrainian team of “security engineers” were very active in so called “March of Millions” in Moscow May 6, 2012.

 Op_Russia‏ @Op_Russia 6 May 2012
Anti special service STP-fucker Use it now. #OpDefiance #Anonymous #qa #howto

 The Ukrainian team also attacked Kazakhstan government at the same time.

 многоэтажка‏ @tape_anyap 6 May 2012
RT " tango down " в Казахстан таки пришли аноны. Спасибо Вам! @Op_Russia @anonym_rus @LegionRussia

The Ukrainian hackers interfered in Russia’s presidential election in 2012, according to the Hacker News web site. Anonymous Hackers Targeting Russian government websites for Putin Inauguration

The hackers then posted instructions for everyone in the world who would like to participate in attacks.

I will be posting more of TRUMP and TROLLS and INSTEAD-OF-RUSSIANS materials under the image with a cat riding a Unicorn.

Let’s get them, guys, and let’s get Trump re-elected!

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