In my first post about the Apple, I wrote that there are several layers of meaning here. So, we discovered what the first layer is, now let’s see about the second layer.

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So… with the body given to him, Adam received a burden of false Self... false I – which is the APPLE.

In Russian, as in Old Church Slavonic, which is a mystical language and has therefore many more layers of meaning in its letters and words, ‘apple’ and ‘I’ starts with the same letter ‘ya’ – Яблоко and Я.  

Since Adam himself did not become a body, but received a body, the process of his identification with the body began, which is the main trap against Man and one of the main consequences of the “sin.” Sin is a flaw and nothing else. Flaw inflicted on himself, self-inflicted — the fall happened in consequence of eating the forbidden fruit, that is, the Apple. Apple, of course, is used conditionally and symbolically, this is done in order to reveal the formula only to one who does long and tedious digging and working on researching this. Well, know that it takes one ruble to enter the Matrix and one million to exit it, and you will understand everything.

Brain was given to coordinate functioning of a body, and nothing more, and it works for the body, but a man confuses his brain activities for his own thinking, and a false personality – that his brain creates – confuses with himself.

What is the purpose of the brain? As an example, it’s simple and clear: you leave home and go to work every day, or go shopping, etc. … you just decided yesterday that you would go to a certain place, go out and … you don’t need to think about every step in the spirit of “here now, after ten steps, you need to turn left, then after fifty-two steps to the right, now you need to take steps wider, because there are puddles, and now here I will stop and will measure each step accurately, for dirt and pits” … and so on.

That is, you understand – you have set the route and your body goes there by itself, it’s controlled by your brain, it calculates everything and issues a program of the path, adjusts the width of steps, controls body turns, stops, and so on and so forth. The same thing happens repeatedly during the day – you drink tea and you do not need to make an effort and give commands to put a cup, sip a little, then raise a cup, etc. All this is done by the body under the brain’s control, automatically.

This is the purpose of human brain – to control the body according to your instructions … but it turns out a little differently, and in the Matrix, it’s the brain and not the person who gives instructions to the body, it also controls the person, because the brain manages to convince the person that he (or she) is the body, and that whatever the brain inspires – are the desires of a man himself.

The false personality, that is, the false Self, obscures the true man, the one who was created in the image and likeness of God.

The brain resists any attempts by a person to find himself, because to find himself means first of all to understand that the brain and the thinking that projects the brain are not you and not yours.

As soon as these thoughts begin to visit a person, the brain goes on the offensive, since it has an infinite amount of control tools

Fears will come, your thoughts will tell you that are you going crazy… we won’t even list everything here, the entire Matrix will present itself, and not just once or twice. They will present you tons of ‘scientific articles,’ as an example, your brain will direct this person to look at billions of people like him and will ask rhetorically,”Do you really think that you are smarter than all of them? Do you really think that six (or seven?) Billion are fools and you are smarter than them? Maybe you should enroll yourself into some mental hospital?”… etc …

All this is a consequence of the Apple – we have adopted our bodies, and each one of us identifies oneself with it completely, and with that we blocked the way for a man into the Kingdom of Heaven, which is “The Kingdom of God Is Within You,” and is not given after death at all, but the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force and it’s taken by force during lifetime, not after it.

Just like that

Thorns and Brambles

Thornes & Brambles

Abney Park

Black rivers hard as stone, lined with corpses of our own
Through the bloodied trees, carving through our canopies

Through the forest, cutting through the forest floor
(Scars of man, furrows through our lands)
All the cities toils, defeats our forest lore
(Broken nails, filthy, filthy hands)

Spiderwebs of steel and stone
Subdivide our given home
Remembrance of ancestral sage
Thorns and brambles of a different age

We will not be thrown away
We will not be torn
We will never fall astray
We’ve seen your kind before

Black rivers hard as stone, with corpses of our own
Through the bloodied trees, carving through our canopies

Through the quiet, cutting through the forest floor
(Scars of…

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lion and dragon

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