The Forbidden fruit. Everybody’s heard about it, read about it and seemed to know everything about what happened. But in fact, however strange it sounds, no one seems to know what exactly it is, why specifically after coming in a contact with it and after partaking it, after ‘tasting this fruit man was expelled from Paradise.’

Priests, free preachers and other ascetics admonish people for thousands of years, saying ‘Adam and Eve did wrong and original sin is on us’ and so on, but still no one explains the essence of it, what exactly transpired due to the fact that Eve ate an Apple and gave it to Adam and they both ate and at the end we have what we have.

The Apple is the Fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil. End of story. … So what? What exactly took place when this fruit was devoured and why did it happen?… can this be changed? That this “fall” can be reversed by us living people is nowhere to be heard or read, but everyone insists that ‘we’ll die all and everyone,’ and after that He will come, then the Last Judgment will take place and only then on the top of everything else the decision will be made who to shove to hell or heaven, and all these happens due to the fact of devouring the ill-fated Fruit?

It is unknown, they say, the righteous will go to Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven, and sinners – to Hell … but what’s with the Apple? It’s not clear why such sufferings and how the righteous and saints manage to neutralize the consequences of Apple devouring? We don’t understand any of these things, to say nothing about the words of Preexistent when He says that he came not for the righteous, but for sinners and why would they go to Hell if He came for them? .. Ah, okay… The Apple is shrouded into the deep mystery, doom and gloom everywhere, no one tells us what the snag with this ill-fated fruit.

As you understand , we will now remove this ambiguity and turn it into a very simple and concrete clarity. In simple words, clear and brief …

In Paradise no one knew Evil and Good … for, if you do not know Evil, you don’t understand Good, you live exactly in the Light and do not suspect anything – neither Good nor Evil.

And here’s a trick – bit off the Apple and it suddenly begins – if before, meeting a lion or a crocodile didn’t cause your mind to think that they can gobble you up, then after biting the Apple, you start glancing at their fangs and claws and figuring out that they will rip you apart … further you know, for when you are seeing a lion or a crocodile in the Zoo you always think that if a cage to be removed, they would attack and devour you, without doubts … I’m sure you’re still missing the point here. I will write till you get to the point of truth… till many will guess themselves, before I even finish explaining.

So, Adam, as you personally, while meeting a crocodile, began to fear the evil coming from this crocodile, and began to think that he will be devoured by this animal, although before eating the Fruit he had no such thoughts and feelings.

Further, God created man in his Image and Likeness … that is, with the ability to create with his THOUGHTS .

Probably many have already caught the essence of it.

When you’re created to create with your thoughts, and you have no notion about Evil and fear which flows from evil, you don’t know about hatred, dangers etc. etc. you don’t create and don’t produce all these for yourself and for all what surrounds you, since you create what surrounds you, because that’s the way you were created by God.

And here is, Adam (let’s talk about Adam, although this is conditional, he wasn’t the first, but we are not talking about it right now, but about the essence of the Fall.) … A day before, Adam didn’t fear a lion, or elephants, buffalo, avalanches, floods, earthquakes, fires and cold … and today after devouring the Apple he started suspect everything around him is deciding to kill and destroy him. And, contingently, lions, buffalo and other crocodiles started behaving respectively according to Adam’s thoughts – they started hunting for Adam. Adam’s THOUGHTS are the Life of Adam, the power of creation. Let Adam himself to be afraid of rockfalls and in this instant a bunch of rocks fells down on his pumpkin. He thought about his fear of drowning and here comes pouring rain. He thinks about freezing, and winter grabs and freezes everything. And, since Adam started suspecting that everything around him exists solely to bring his demise and death, everything turned out to be so, he began to suspect something bad would happen and it happens, and so on… All of these just because he has learned that bad things can happen. Again, before he “learned” about bad things, evil wasn’t in existence, since no one was there to create it. There was nothing to fear, and no one was eaten by lions, because lions for a man are what he sees them.

Well .. as soon as Adam ate the Apple, he got the body … the body is the burden on thinking. .. Adam and Eve “realized they were naked.”… they simply saw themselves in the body, together with the body they received the brain, the brain learned about Evil and went into overdrive, pilling up horrors-passions-emotions… you know brains, you have got one yourself ..

After receiving the bodies, they “fell” or sunken to the lower worlds packed with fear, cold, death, pain, etc. Under the weight of their bodies they fell into the lower worlds, that’s why it’s called the Fall.

How exactly does their Fall affects us? Here it is, specifically, for everyone I wrote – drive from your brain negative thoughts and fears, misgivings and anything, for they all are alien to the men and appeared as an outcome from devouring the Apple.

Not only it’s commonly ‘believed’ that nothing can be done about this, but it’s even out of the question to try, and no one ever talks about this.

Meanwhile, you personally for several years here with a cat learned to escape from the Apple’s influence, and quite successfully. How exactly? Well, very simply, the cat tells you that nothing bad will happen, even if it looks like something bad and terrible is about to happen … the cat confidently was saying that precisely this situation is perfect, and precisely this will lead to the best for us, you believed me, because the cat had all the facts and arguments and that’s why and how it all went…

This is something that you have personally seen, but maybe didn’t realize , well, the cat is able to do this, because the cat is the cat, and you might remember now and understand how I said certain things, what and why… The further away from the influence of the Apple – the higher and closer we are to the Divine Kingdom… you see how simple it really is, but at the same time difficult, because of the habits and power of your brain, which it gained over decades of bullying you is something else…

As for your personal work over departure from the Apple’ influence, then I can say the following: if any situation which seems to suck you confidently declare to be the best, so it will be the best. If something seems very bad, at the end it will turn for you in greatest good luck. The only condition is unconditional faith in it to be such.

You see the essence of things – lions and crocodiles and stones and water and fire were around Adam before eating the Apple, but the lions did not think to dine on him, the stones weren’t falling on him, fire didn’t burn, and the water did not cover … for Adam had no idea that “it was possible” And so as thoughts created the lions, the moment he thought that lion can devour him – lion began hunting him to devour, for lion does as Adam thinks.

There can be no flood where no one knows that a flood can happen, for they know no fear and no evil .

In essence, I wrote for you about this in many different posts and many different times, but here I just described to you the main secret of the Bible, about the original sin and the origin of evil. Each man on earth can do for his own good everything to weed out the Apple’s influence, while making his own life better and better, because he will be “walking up the ladder” towards the Divine.

Why no one ever told you about this is a rhetorical question.

Per our favorite Cat Motya

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