The Esalen Institute — —a tax-exempt nonprofit, founded in 1962. Located between California Route 1 and the Pacific, a three-hour drive south of San Francisco

Esalen’s co-founders, Dick Price and Michael Murphy, Stanford grads. The institute largely has functioned as a retreat center for the wealthy. Esalen is just outside Silicon Valley, so the executives who visit it have come from the likes of Intel and Xerox PARC—and, more recently, from Apple and Google and Twitter. Esalen’s board of trustees has included an early Facebook employee, a Google alumnus, and a former Airbnb executive. In 2017, the institute’s C.E.O. was Ben Tauber, a thirty-four-year-old former project manager at Google. “There’s a dawning consciousness emerging in Silicon Valley as people recognize that their conventional success isn’t necessarily making the world a better place,” he told the Times

The Esalen Institute was the place where the KGB officers were recruited for their future involvement in the plot to destroy the USSR and it was via The Esalen Institute that also served as a cover for Yeltsin visiting to meet with the Bush Sr. and the CIA, the Wall Street and to coordinate his power grab with the American support.

The Esalen is the anti-Christian ‘Religion of No-Religion’ spirituality based organization practicing drug-induced mysticism, control over people’s brains, Gestalt workshops, and other such satanism.

The following is an excerpt from the New Yorker magazine article Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Conscience. Where Big Tech goes to ask deep questions, by Andrew Marantz published in the August 26, 2019 Issue

“There’s some precedent for this. In 1980, Mike Murphy and his wife, Dulce, established the Esalen Soviet-American Exchange Program. They facilitated meetings between American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, and between agents of the C.I.A. and the K.G.B. Most of these meetings were conducted in secret; many involved nature walks and cross-cultural soaks in the hot springs. (A Newsweek headline, in 1983, referred to “Esalen’s Hot-Tub Diplomacy.”)

In 1989, Boris Yeltsin, who had recently resigned from the Politburo, visited the United States on a nine-day trip sponsored by Esalen. He met with President George H. W. Bush, toured the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and stopped at a run-of-the-mill supermarket on the outskirts of Houston, where the abundant display of pudding pops affected him so strongly—“Even the Politburo doesn’t have this choice! Not even Mr. Gorbachev!”—that he vowed to dismantle Bolshevism once and for all.

“Esalen played its own part in the collapse of Soviet Communism,” Jeffrey Kripal, a professor at Rice University, wrote in his 2007 book, “Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion.””

Section: The History Files

People and organizations that contributed to the destruction of our great country and caused the biggest geopolitical catastrophe in the history of Russia. 

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