Last month I translated for the article How the Western Media invented the “mysterious murderers from GRU”

Here are some new video materials featuring Russia’s Special Forces University, one of those named as a numbered military unit by the peripatetic liars from the New York Times and the disgraced SBU connected Bellingcat.

The” Russian special forces University ” in Gudermes.

The Russian University of special forces is the first and only private Russian company designed to provide training and development of operational groups. The University was established on August 1, 2013 as an “international special forces training center” under the patronage of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. In August 2017, the center was renamed the Russian spetsnaz University. The University is developing thanks to private investments on the territory of more than 450 hectares in the city of Gudermes. It includes a multifunctional complex of more than 95 buildings and structures.


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