Statements that the Orthodox Church does not accept gays or rejects them, or curses them, or other such nonsense, is a nonsense and nothing else. In most cases it’s certainly about the simple parishioners or just believers who go to the Church once a year. Gays are just as sinful as everyone else, the fact that a person is gay is not grounds for excommunication. The Church’s anathema is for betrayal, like in the case of the so called “Patriarch” who took over the canonic church properties and parishioners and organized the none-canonical group called “the Church of Ukraine,” and so it should be, because schism is a terrible sin. But, gays, unfaithful husbands, cheating wives, liars, gluttons, thieves, swindlers and others CAN and should be in the Church because Jesus came not for the sake of the righteous, but for the sake of sinners.

It’s just when the crowd with LGBT flags storming the Church with the demands to legalize their marriages – this is a demand to legalize sin – and therefore they are told to take a hike.

From Cat Motya

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