Our Church will be the most powerful and have presence everywhere, because the Orthodox Church guides people at the start of their path to God, and after that it’s up to each and everyone to decide what further to do. People are on very different spiritual levels and some of them go to church regularly their entire lives and only at the end of their lives understand something. It’s still better than a complete darkness, or even satanism. Millions of our people attend the Church services and let them do this for centuries to come, because we have seen what happens when churches were ruined and priests executed – twenty million people died murdered in 1917-1925, as a result.

The truth is that those who don’t want to feed their own priests would feed someone else’s rabbis, it’s inevitable regardless of people’s awareness of the situation. This is one of the universal laws. Remember the Templiers? The Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem? This is the best example, when they decided to pack of their own Soldiers of Christ, and take their properties and wealth and everything they had. And what was the result? Right…. Since that day the entire Christian world is working, supporting and feeding armies of the Talmudic bankers instead of their own Knights, who established the Christian banking giving loans at 10% while the members of the Talmudic cult demanded 40% and higher for their loans and demanded the control over the money issuing capacity of the states and sovereigns.

The Knights of the Temple with their own money built the roads, towns and fortresses and fed the hungry. For that, for all good they had done they paid the ultimate price, first being falsely excused and then – killed. They had received a full program from A to Z for their kindness and faith. And what was the results? The entire Christian world has been paying to the Talmudic bankers for centuries. Those who sold them out were punished very fast, and everyone else, every one of us and all of us together, we are all paying for this crime without even realizing it. This is one of a few tricks in the existence of men that little to none understands. There is no any third way, you are ether with Christ or you are against Him.

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

If your entire life you live in debt and ask why, why you scatter while someone else gains, this is your answer.

Per Cat Motja, interpreted by Scott

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