Today is Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

 Let’s recall what we wrote previously.

Vladimir Putin’s birthday

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A few words from the mystical Cat Matvey:

At some point, people will grasp that Putin shaped the future of this world in 21 century.

Everything good for people that exists today and will eventually come into existence during this century is achieved by him.

Without him, many nation states would be gone off the world maps, with millions of people in exile from their territories, killed, robbed…

Without him there would be no Syria, Turkey would had been already divided into several parts, parts of Turkey, Iraq and Syria would be nominally taken over by the Kurds, but in reality it would be NATO military occupied oil producing territory. From this territory, NATO would coordinated a lengthy war among the Turkish population which would be reduced by half.

I am not talking about Russia, I cannot even utter what hell the country would be turned into, with its population gone, and a few new “states” being set up.

Moldova and Ukraine would be broken into many territories, disassembled like stolen cars for spare parts, the population enslaved and gifted to the Europeans. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia – all would be divided into small Islamic fiefdoms and thrown back into the Middle Ages.

The Chinese would be forced to “give” the Uyghurs large territories.

Many, many horrifying events would take place if Putin wasn’t here.

The future of the 21 century for the entire world has been determined by one man – Vladimir Putin.

By necessity, they will study his biography in various intelligence schools in the future and …it will do them no good, as it’s obvious by now. Because, the most important, what gave him the power, force, and opportunity to save the humanity from dire global tragedy, is within him and they cannot see this, because they are given no eyes to see it.

Russia was ill and suffered terribly, and God dispatched to her His Own Warrior, so he quietly, calmly and undetectably changed everything and gave us hope for a new Life.

Forces of Darkness and Light Battled in Heaven because of him, since the Darkness tried to prevent him to be placed on earth. The Battle was brief in Heaven, but for us here on earth it lasted many long years, because what’s Timeless for them is Time for us.

“King forever and ever” or “the King of Kings” in our world, Putin has proved by his life that it’s him and there is no equal to him, like there is no equal to the Russian Spirit.

The King is born! The birthday of the King of Kings!

King of Kings

Vladimir Putin was anointed as a king in Athos on the throne of Byzantine.


His role being the pravoslavny king of the world, the King of Kings, an adviser and an arbiter of the last resort in international disputes.

He is performing his duty already, hence the stream of national leaders coming to Moscow with their woes to resolve.

The King is born. Long live the King of Kings.

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