During the emergency meeting of the Federation Council considering possible foreign interference in the elections to the Moscow Duma that ended a few hours ago, the member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the President of the Board of the union of private security companies “Peacemaker Community” Mikhail Anichkin named those who threaten Russia’s academic community.

See video of the emergency meeting starting at 20:58

“Because of such unregistered “politician” in parentheses as Yegor Zhukov, a serious pressure is being applied to the referent persons in his case. For example, in the scientific community they use interest of our scientists to further continue with the international practices of being invited to give lectures and being published. In other words, there are constant threats of sanctions against them if they won’t come out in support of certain individuals. We witness a routine forward driven work that we must to give an adequate response. Considering that in the past behind this work were diplomats, politicians and such, now this work is being performed by the humanitarian and other organizations. Such organization as Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. I just learned that this is a company that is being conducting the pressure on our referent citizens [in academic community. Scott].

Russia’s academic community members are threatened if they won’t support Yegor Zhukov.

Who is Yegor Zhukov?

A detained Higher School of Economics HSE student Yegor Zhukov is a trained subversion expert and riots organizer who learned to organize and direct mobs at the NED American courses in Montenegro, Soros’ Open Russia courses in Riga, and during the velvet revolution in Yerevan, for the past four years.

The arrested rioter was trained on the Maidan in Armenia

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