Investigative Committee of Russia presents a new project “Ukraine: chronicle of the Years on Fire” 

For five year, Donbass has been a target of military operations. For five years, civilian targets and civilians have been subjected to indiscriminate shelling from heavy weapons. For five years, people who did not take up arms, did not join the army and militia are dying. By all laws – written and unwritten – it is a crime. A crime against conscience and a crime against humanity. It’s a violation of generally recognized norms of international law. The investigative Committee of Russia records all cases of attempt on life of civilians of Donbass, attacks targeting houses, schools, hospitals, and shops. The investigators establish all individuals involved in these crimes: those who gave commands to shoot to kill with the artillery guns, and those who gave them orders in Kiev, in the offices of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and in the headquarters of the Ukraine’s National Guard.

When the conflict in Donbass will die, there must be a trial of those who unleashed this war on their own people. Those guilty must be named. They must be brought to justice. On the official channel, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will present the results of the investigation, show the suspects and accused in the death of civilians of Donbass. No one will escape responsibility.

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