Today the media has already forgotten about the tankers.

And here come the most amazing things.

The Kokuka Courageous tanker is near its original destination port of Fujairah. How it got there without a crew? God only knows.

kokuka Courageous

So, turns out the crew was back on board.

The Bernhard Schulte chemical tanker Kokuka Courageous, attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, is being towed towards Khor Fakkan, UAE, with its crew back on board.

The crew was back on board on 14 June 2019! Fancy that. They obviously weren’t concerned with more “attacks” or they checked every nook and cranny on the tanker.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement said that the port authorities yet to complete their standard security checks and formalities,” the ship manager said. “The vessel’s crew remain on board having returned after initially abandoning ship following the attack.”

Obviously they are not concerned and are not looking for more “mines.”

The ship-to-ship transfer of its cargo of methanol is yet to be scheduled. The vessel’s crew remain on board having returned after initially abandoning ship following the attack.

Tanker the Front Altair is being pushed by three tugboats somewhere.

front altair

Insurers for both vessels appointed the Royal Boskalis Westminster subsidiary SMIT Salvage as salvors for the ships and their cargoes.

A fire was miraculously extinguished. My guess is on its own.

There is no indication or records anywhere to show that the official fire fighting services were involved in extinguishing that fire. Not Americans, not Iranians, not anyone’s else. Simply a miracle.

No one noticed that government of Ukraine blamed Russia in attacks on the tankers.

All peace and tranquility and no one cares any more.

Till the next tanker is attacked by the same “mysterious forces.”


Front Altair, would also appear reached the area near Fujairah, UAE according to data from MarineTraffic.

Screenshot 2019-06-17front altair

This “attack” is not the last one, since the “mysterious forces” have been jousting for a war against Iran for decades. Considering, we should start collecting factoids about the part of shipping which is in a total irrelevance to the media – about salvage op.

A note from our marine expert.

Not only God knows. 😉 The crew of Kokuka went back onboard to assist with towage of the ship on same day. Wasn’t much damage after all.

The fire on the Front Altair was extinguished in fairly short order, see pic of firefighting tug, awesome work on indirect boundary cooling of dangerous cargo. I suspect that there were people who reboarded her soon because someone activated the deck wash system during the op.


Plenty of images of firefighting tug at work, but not in West MSM oddly. Not a miracle hey…
The miracle is the cargo not exploding.

Always check with maritime sites, Frontline did release a couple of statements
I suspect we will see another false flag op shortly, but in time just enough for the general public to forget about Kokuka and Front Altair, just like they have forgotten about a May 12 attack on oil tankers in the Gulf. 
From Russian point of view these false flag ops are the greatest thing since sliced bread, by bringing more money to the oil companies and into the National Wealth Fund, plus growing European reliance on Russia’s oil in addition to natural gas.


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