The narration of a provocation starts here.

A suspected drug dealer,  Ivan Golunov, has played a main character in a setup to frame the Drug enforcement officers, the Moscow Police, and to have a leverage demanding softer law on drug possession.   He and the rest of the liberal mafia picked June 6th,  as a day for psyop being the first day of the SPIEF to have a broad international audience and to smear the nation as a whole and our law enforcement.

And by doing so, pro-drug supra-national liberals willfully and willingly torpedoed Russian national security. They were lauded and supported by Margarita Simonyan and even by the daughter of President’s spokesperson, Peskov who came for a protest meeting. She protests against the government her father works for.

peskovs daughter came to pro Golunov meeting

This is just to show that the government officials and employees of the federal companies misuse their official positions to push for legalization of drugs in Russia that had absolutely devastating ten years in the 90s when drugs were everywhere and the nation saw extra 10 million deaths. The pro-drug lobbies clearly want a repeat of this devastating experiment.

There is no word if Simonyan and Peskov’s daughter are using drugs or they just want other people to suffer.

I wrote a book on the war in Ukraine in 2014 being this sort actual open air performance, staged and performed by real theater directors and actors.

You can get a FREE copy of my book here. In it you will find the basic scenarios, and even illustrations of the main scenes of this well publicized and televised performance.

The PSYOP used as a scenario a novel written by Glukhovsky in 2016, the title of the novel is “Text.” It’s about a young writer whose name is — … Yes-Yes – Ilya Goryunov , who gets “framed” for drug possessions and goes to jail, after he gets out he stalks the cop who put him in jail and ruins his life. Right now they are finishing up making a movie.   Director: Klim Shipenko. Shipenko was a classmate with Ivan Golunov in high school.

Born in 12.6.1979 (40) in Moscow, Dmitry Glukhovsky before his fame used to worked for Margarita Simonyan.

How Margarita Simonyan relates to a law that liberals are pushing for to make possession of drugs legal?

In as much as two days she mentioned this law several time using her twitter. At the very least, she is not against it.

The movie is being produced by Eduard Illoyan (Armenia), Vitaly Shlyappo (Belorus), Denis JALINSKI and Aleksey Trotsyuk.

Both, a novel and a movie talk about legalization of drugs, which is a method to destroy Russia

Here is a trailer


What else?

After the arrest and immediate release of a suspected drug dealer, the liberal pro-drugs mafia went on the streets of Moscow in the RT t-shirts with a loaded statement (taken front the BBC) “The Editor wants blood.”

Here is Simonyn re-tweeting a picture and asking if there is a conspiracy to wear the RT t-shirts.

The answer is simple, pro-drugs liberals show that the RT and Margarita Simonyan personally is with them.

bloody tshirt rt simonyan

Some pro-drug liberals were seen wearing t-shirts with slogan “Freedom to Golubov.” The owner of a shop that printed those t-shirts claims that they received order back in May.

gorunov tshirt

On June 11th… $70M Worth of Cocaine Seized at Saint Petersburg port.

Russian customs officials have seized 400 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a shipping container transporting canned fish from Ecuador, the Federal Customs Service (FTS) said in a statement Tuesday.

The contraband was seized in coordination with federal anti-drug officials and local police on Monday, the FTS said. When the shipping container was opened, officers reportedly found polymer bags stuffed with white powder, which chemical tests showed to be cocaine.

400 kilograms of the drug from Ecuadort was found by employees of the North-Western operational and Baltic customs in tuna containers traveling to the suburbs of Moscow.

The briquettes of cocaine placed in fish cans were addressed to a legal entity “CAPTAIN NEMO LLC” registered on one of warehouses on Silicate street in Mytishchi. But that didn’t happen. An expensive packages were intercepted by the Harbor customs post.

Drugs traveled to St. Petersburg on a container ship Hansa Asia. The sender is listed a  company Marbelize from Ecuador, engaged in the production of canned tuna.

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