By Scott Humor

The End of Liberal Media in Russia


In the first week of June, the federally-funded Russia Today (RT), the Gazprom-funded radio Echo of Moscow, Khodorkovsky-Soros-funded online blog Meduza, and other foreign governments and entities funded liberal media conducted a consolidated psyop operation against the biggest economic event of the year.

Here is a short record of how they did it, how they came out as one united front, and why this is the end of liberal media in Russia.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)  took place on June 6-8, 2019, and was a huge success for Russia and its economy and its rightful place in the world. However, watching and reading the Russian language liberal media and RT, you would never guess that.

On the first of this enormously important events, June 6, Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, Lubov Sobol, unknown liberal opposition candidate running for a seat in Moscow government, and the editorial team of the Echo of Moscow, a liberal opposition radio and online opinion platform, staged a theatrical performance not unlike what their predecessors used to stage on a fish market Privoz in Odessa hundred years ago.

Back then, Armenians, Talmudists, Greeks, Georgians, and other peoples living in close proximity of each other used trickery and con-artistry to steal each other’s meager possessions. Today, people involved in theatrics are multi-millionaires, owners of media and PR companies in Russia and abroad, but their methods remain the same. Their desire to create chaos and confusion and to imprint their greasy or bloody hand prints all over Russia’s image is still the same.

Immediately after the grand opening of SPIEF’19, Margarita Simonyan went to the building in center Moscow hosting the Echo of Moscow company. In coordination, at the door she was met by Lubov Sobol, in company with a daughter and a wife of Alexei Navalny, a US State department approved “opposition” figure. Lubov Sobol pretended to ask Sinomyan questions about the mayor of Moscow, and Simonyan, grotesquely, pretended to run away from her inside the building. Inside, Simonyan claimed that she was attacked by Sobol and that her pregnancy was threatened. Venedictov, a part owner of the Echo of Moscow, pretended to shelter Simonyan from Sobol and called the ambulance.

This performance was reported in real time by the RT and was magnified to enormous magnitude the all-Russia by all other media outlets including the national news.

On July 6, instead of reporting on the opening of the Economic Forum, where Simonyn should be working, she was in Moscow staging a fake target for the evening news.

See the first report: Margarita Simonya hospitalized after an incident with  Lubov Sobol (June 6)

Маргарита Симоньян госпитализирована после инцидента с Любовью Соболь

Millions of viewers, who should be watching news and reports from the Economic Forum, and given information from the point of view of national interests on how important it was for the economy and for improvement of their lives, were forced to think about Simonyan’s pregnancy whether they wanted it or not. (Simonyan birthed several children while running the biggest Russia’s information agency). The news reports on her health were broadcasted by all major federal TV channels and kind Russian people were worried if “poor” Margarita was going to “keep her baby,” or to suffer a miscarriage. They didn’t realize that they were taken for a ride in cold blood.

On the next day, July 7, the performance continued. The RT posted an update with Margarita Simonyan telling about her health allegedly from a hospital.  Here, black on white distributed to millions of viewers, Simonyan stated that she was in a hospital “under the IV” and she was feared to loose her pregnancy after being attacked by Lubov Sobol.

Маргарита Симоньян рассказала о своём самочувствии

Simultaneously, Simonyan got engaged into another provocation staged to overshadow the economic forum. Reading this article, you see that the timing of this was very convenient and that the RT places an alleged drug dealer Golunov on the same level as Assange.

Note the comments from the so called “State TV/Kremlin mouthpiece – RT”

“….Margarita Simonyan, the chief editor of RT, and also Rossiya Segonya, tweeted on Friday: “The government must answer all the public’s questions about this arrest. For the simple reason that the public has very, very, very many of them.

She followed up on Saturday afternoon, by asking for Golunov to be released to his home, rather than kept in pre-trial detention, “considering his health and the general (circumstances),” while doubling-down on her insistence that the public be shown “evidence” of any wrong-doing. …”

So, during the major international even, when all the eyes are on Russia, Margarita Simonyan is doing her part to undermine the credibility of the government of Russia, while the police made a routine arrest of a lowlife.

Granted that Simonyan had been conducting all these activities from the medical facility, she failed to appear at the Economic Forum and canceled all her scheduled engagements.

What makes this all being a theatrical performance is that an attack on a pregnant woman leading to complications is a criminal offense in Russia, and by June 7th Lubov Sobol should be arrested by the Police. Even if  Simonyan and her partner didn’t file a criminal complaint, the hospital should do this for them.

But, nothing had happened. Hospital failed to file a criminal complaint. That should be a reason for investigation from the law enforcement, but for some reason it wasn’t, considering the nationwide magnitude of reports about the alleged assault. Even the name of the hospital remained secret, which is unusual in this kind of high profile cases.

But, since this was a  theatrical performance, Sobol didn’t get arrested, the hospital didn’t report a crime, police didn’t come and took a deposition from a fake “victim” and just two hours after reporting herself being under the IV in fear of losing her pregnancy, Simonyan was seen gallivanting across Moscow as if NOTHING HAD HAPPENED.

But not before another RT celebrity, a grand-daughter of the former foreign minister known to giving away huge Russian territories, Sophie Shevardnadze who was placed to host the SPEIF, reported on this for all the international guests, representative of the biggest businesses, companies and  international media. They even made president Putin express his opinion of their acting performance.

The organizers of this psyop timed their announcement to deliver it during the plenary session at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.  Shevardnadze said that the RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, was unable to attend the event due to an unpleasant incident. The moderator of the plenary session, Sophiko Shevardnadze, said that she had discussed the geopolitical issues with her boss – RT chief editor before the forum. Referring to Putin, she mentioned that “Margarita Simonyan can’t be here, she was in the hospital for reasons known to you.” To which president, who sees their game, responded: “She is pregnant, and you say ‘for reasons known to you’. What do I have to do with all this?”

And, thank God, everyone just laughed.

С.Шеварднадзе: Я вам обещаю, что мы закончили.

У меня буквально последний вопрос к моему Президенту и к Председателю Си, это геополитический вопрос, потому что я всё‑таки журналист‑международник, мне не простят мои коллеги. Я его обсуждала до форума с моей начальницей Маргаритой Симоньян, которая сегодня не может здесь быть, потому что она попала в больницу по известным Вам причинам. Владимир Владимирович, это вопрос северокорейского острова.

В.Путин: Она беременна, а она говорит: по известным Вам причинам. Я здесь при чём? (Смех.)

Shevardnadze’s remark was completely unnecessary and self-serving.

No one of those reporting asked a simple question, why the attacker wasn’t arrested. No one on the SPIEF asked a simple question why the attacker wasn’t arrested. But the deed was done, people minds were occupied by images of Simonyan and her endangered fetus, rather than economy and the event.

Later same day, the RT posted the following: The adequacy is absent: how Russia reacted to the incident with Margarita Simonyan and Sobol in the headquarters of the Echo of Moscow.

«Адекватность отсутствует»: как в России отреагировали на инцидент с Симоньян и Соболь в редакции «Эха Москвы»

At the SPIEF, those people who never heard of Lubov Sobol and the Echo of Moscow, immediately became aware of them. People in Russia who don’t like Margarita Simonyan, sided with Sobol and those who hate the liberals sided with Simonyan on social media at the time when everyone should be just enjoying their common economic and international success. The liberal and federal media teams working together made sure that people wouldn’t have a moment to feel proud about themselves and their country.

On June 7, no arrest was made in the case of attack on Simonyan, but her partner, an Armenian businessman Tigran Keosayan made a claim posted  by the RT that he will get a lawyer. Why would he get a lawyer instead of filing a complaint with the Police? Obviously, all these people exist outside of any legal framework, and laws are not written for them. It’s not just laws of society weren’t written for these people, but also laws of nature.

After Simonyan posted on twitter a copy of her diagnoses: “That’s the diagnosis I just got discharged. A few drops and strict medical control — many thanks to the doctors. I apologize to everyone I was supposed to meet in St. Petersburg” comments started pouring in.

Simonyan didn’t mention what hospital she went to, so it’s impossible to verify anything, however people noticed some discrepancies.

The diagnosis says “Late pregnancy 17 weeks.” A baby at pregnancy week 17 is the size of a pomegranate. A 17-week fetus is about 5.1 inches long and weighs about 5.9 ounces. At 17 weeks pregnant, a woman is three months and about three weeks pregnant.

So, a real doctor should not write that 17 weeks is a late pregnancy. “…the threat of a late miscarriage, OAS (burdened with an obstetric and gynecological history. — RT)” in connection with psycho-emotional stress.”

According to the twitter users, with this diagnoses women routinely placed for observation for weeks, and often till birth. Margarita Simonyan was discharged from the hospital the next day. On twitter Simonyan wrote that she “forgave Sobol, and also daughter and wife of Alexei Navalny and their mistake.”

The official reason for Simonyan to be at the Eco of Moscow headquarters on July 6th was expressed by Roman Babayan, a journalist from Armenia, who tweeted that Simonyan was invited to a program on the Echo of Moscow to discuss the situation with Assange. She had to be there because Julian Assange is the RT reporter.


No one asked why they would schedule this program on the first day of SPIEF when Simonyan should be working during the event.

The RT posted four or five articles on the Economic forum in English, concentrating on “who said what” rather than actual reporting, interview of the participants, and serious economic analysis.

In Russian language sector, the RT reporting on the Economic Forum was more adequate.

However, in English RT posted only half a dozen articles on marginal themes. Just about as many as the RT posted on the Simonyan, Sobol and Navalny’s family theatrics.

In Russian segment of news, they all achieved their objectives, but they didn’t stop there.

What the federal funded media, and private and foreign governments funded media has achieved in the days after the SPIEF’19 is absolutely unprecedented disclosure of their common concerted efforts and their common concerted goals of destabilization of the rule of law and the society as a whole.

The best summary of the events unfolding after the Economic Forum with intend to soil the event and to paint Russia in black colors was given by Ramzan Kadyrov. He wrote on his Telegram account.

Ramzan Kadyrov

“SPIEF 2019! Nineteen thousand people, 145 countries, 650 agreements for 3.1 trillion rubles. Record! The largest delegations are from the USA and China. President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has overcome difficulties in the economy due to sanctions and falling prices for hydrocarbons. And suddenly out of the blue!!! In Moscow on suspicion of attempted illegal sale of drugs detained freelance correspondent of Riga online edition Ivan Golunov.

I am not trying to judge his innocence or guilt. It will be decided by the investigation and the court. But this wave of demand to take the case “under personal control…” All famous and not so famous official and none-official personalities are getting in line promising to “personally monitor the situation.” How can you demand a calm and unbiased investigation in this condition? What the law enforcement should do? Should they investigate or should they report to some outside “controllers”?

The choir of domestic “controllers” is supported from Washington, London and other capitals. What is a target of this gala-concert with demands? Its aim is to darken the results of the SPIEF’19 and to bring its excellent results to zero in the eyes of the Russian society and to represent Russia as a country-outcast abroad.

All over the world the liberal Media cried out as one voice about Golunov, darkening the SPEF. An excellent move… The first fiddles are played by our own domestic channels and news sources. All they do is writing about this. They are not concern about the future of our country and its people. To raise their rating they would do anything, even going and trying to get themselves arrested. There is a line at the police departments. They are running towards the patrol units asking to be arrested. Our Media seriously lacks patriotism. Some representatives of the media acting as if they have already sold out our country, our nation, our state and now they are only waiting for a ship to take them to their overseas masters.

Here is an interesting fact: in Russia over 550 incidents being reported daily in connection to the illicit drugs. Naturally, on the day when Golunov was arrested, tens if not hundreds of other people were arrested across the country. Why the “demanders” are silent about those people?  Why wouldn’t we let them all go and render them all automatically innocent?

No one cares, because their names wouldn’t give a raise of media profile. That’s why we see this scenario run PR campaign acting as if he is the only suspect in drugs trafficking.

We have the problem with drug use and alcoholism. We have to admit it if we all want to solve it! Alcohol and psychotropic substances are available everywhere. I am saying this with the heartache. Even here, in Caucasus, we can’t remove from open sale such substances as lirika and tropicamide. Its good that we finally started to pay attention to this problem. The more we allow our youth to be affected by drugs, the farther young people distance themselves from religion, tradition, patriotism, the more they become like their European peers where people marry dogs, cats and dead bodies, and live in the same sex unions.

They want all these to take place in Russia. But people of Russia won’t allow this to sicken our society. We always were proud of our traditions, our way of life, our respect for the elderly.

The case of Ivan Golunov will be decided by the investigation and court, if the pressure allows.”

telegram kadyrov

What else can be said about the media ongoing psyop against the Economic Forum and Russia economic interests?

The media, liberal and federal, is acting as one, concerted, united anti-national front. And this is a front against the country’s national interest and  against interests of its citizens.

If you have any doubts about the RT and other Khodorkovsky-Soros propaganda outlets, they all should be gone by now.

The freelance journo from Khodor’s Meduza was arrested wearing the RT t-shirt with a slogan “the editor demands blood.”

galunov rt

“How come?” you might ask? It’s like Hitler wearing Stalin’s uniform. “They are supposed to be on the opposite side of the political spectrum.” Let me remind you that in the last 12 months the RT gainfully employed two or three known Soros’ Open Russia organization operatives, and who knows how many went under the radar.

Another issue here is a mole inside the Moscow Police or the Ministry of Interior, who informed the media about a pending arrest, same person or persons manipulated press releases by using images from another case, causing the Police to retract its statement, creating by this an impression as if they done something wrong. This is something that the Moscow Police department’ self-security has to investigate.

In addition to shared design on the covers of different media outlets, in addition to their concerted statements, all their actions point at one center of coordination over all those virtually competing entities.  And this includes the RT.

We just witnessed a birth of one united media entity broadcasting in Russian and coordinated from outside of the country. The best we can do is to totally ignore them. Don’t give them your time. Don’t visit their websites. Turn off your TV sets, don’t watch their programs. Stop watching all RT produced videos. Don’t distribute the links to their articles.

They serve the interest of a tiny marginalized minority. They don’t serve or reflect the interest of the majority.

We arrived to the place when we cannot trust any of the federal funded media in Russia with possible exception of TASS that still acts as a professional news-maker.

patrion image