Yesterday, I saw on twitter this. This is a frequent argument that they themselves don’t understand at all. I will try to explain briefly. To start with, about 60% of the “Old Testament” should be discarded. About some basic and initial things it says truth, and it has nothing to do with the rest. It contains great mysteries that very few ever understood.


Translation of someone’s twitter post

“I’m tired of Christians. Adam and Eve had two sons and not even one daughter. Cain killed Abel. Where would offspring come from? This is just the beginning of Biblical lies. But morons continue believing in this idiotism.”

The Genesis was intentionally written this way, to make people think, but those who notice that there were only two children and both were male, they think about the Genesis story in their own very limited way.

That’s why this ancient mystery has been revealed to a very few; no need to count those with a general Talmudic mindset, since they are not capable of understanding anything at all with their dried out brains.

To start with, I must say that all ancient texts including pre-Christian, ancient Egyptian and Roman, and all others, were written in such way that only a few people could understand them, those people whose mind and spirit have been developed to some necessary level. Since, no one ever writes about these things, I will.

Let’s start from far away…

I am posting here this picture, and going to have some coffee. Meanwhile, you look at this picture and see an explanation of why Cain and Abel could have children.  You might think that it doesn’t explain anything, but it actually does.


Previously, the cat wrote to you about this in several places, truth be told, very few ever put two and two together.

So… A Man was created in image and likeness of the Creator. Literally. How the Creator looks like? What is His image?  He has any image or no image at all… in other words He looks like He wants. What can the Creator do? The Creator creates whatever he wants.

Now this…. It was agreeable for the Creator to create Adam, and it came to be… do you understand what the cat is saying?  In the same exact manner a Man, but not a man (I wrote prior about the difference between them), could create anything including children. Just like the Creator Himself, – Adam wanted it and it came to be.

Now, let’s go back to Michelangelo’s drawing. Very schematically, so people would understand, he depicted the Creator and Adam in known to us forms, in forms of men. Now this… he placed the Creator actually inside the cloth in the form of a human brain. This symbolizes just what the Creator is  – the Supreme Mind. Inside the cloth, along with Him , that is, in Him are the angels and who else? Right… The Deva or the Virgin . There’s a virgin right inside Him. He, the Creator who created within His mind a Virgin for Himself, He also created Adam.

The Creator’s finger and his hand extended towards Adam symbolize His Will, or intend, it can also be translated as “Let it be Adam.”


What else?  Cain and Abel created children for themselves, like Adam did. It all ended with Cain… I don’t have to explain why.

Cain became a Man killer, because a man killer – Satan entered him and Cain didn’t object and didn’t fight back.

This was the end to the ability to create like the Creator.

What else can I say here? To discuss some ancient texts from our animal state is senseless. To count who had to fornicate with whom in order for someone to be born and to write about this is senseless and unbearable.

Creation of a Man assumed the likeness to the Creator, that’s why Men didn’t need women to make themselves a bunch of children. Everyone had a Virgin inside, and could create a Wife for himself, to reflect her into his reality and to give her body. Only he could see his wife, and there was no need for anyone else, because he had his own world.

Why do I write “men” plural? Meaning, humans. Because Adam was allegorically one who had to be announced. All the others exist perfectly, for the Father has many abodes, and his creation is infinite and limitless, our barn is not an entire creation, and who knows who might show up one day and start making noises.

Don’t get too much into the Old Testament, most in it is made up and added who knows whom and who knows when. The only key text is about the creation, and it contains many layers in itself, it cannot be understood literary.

But, but… There is one beautiful circumstance. – I love Him.

I love Him so much as I never able to love anyone in this world, or some other worlds.


From Cat Motya

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