After our response to the Western attacks, their territories would delightedly look like mesmerizing, dystopian artwork from @simonstalenhag like ASH_13. Tales from the Loop. Well… at least those territories that won’t be covered with 6 meters of radioactive glass with them stuck in it like bugs inside Amber. With time passing, we will be organizing educational trips to study them preserved to posterity, as cultural artifacts.

The weirdest thing, though… They are so deranged and drained of any spirituality, that this will be the happiest state of affairs for them.

Their church dispossessed majority are people of hell. They closed the doors to haven and they are all, collectively, decided that hell is better for them.

I once met a noonday demon in the Negev desert, Meir Kahane was his name, and he boasted to me that he was their “god.” He was lying, of course, but I didn’t argue.

He was ugly and stinky, and he grabbed me with his little hands and glued himself to me begging me to take a bet: to get near the wall separating our heaven from their hell. The loser will serve the winner for eternity. I said ‘no, not interested” and tried to unpeel him of my back. He started crying and said that they will kill him, if he fails to make a deal with me. I didn’t care. He was wet with tears and snot, but he told me something I didn’t know about the wall. I wanted to check it out and agreed.

The demon rushed across the black desert, running and screaming every time his bare feet were touching the black sand. The black sand is much hotter than any other sand. I watched him gradually becoming smaller and smaller and turning into a dot. I am not a boy any more to run around. I traveled to the wall like I normally do through reflections and correspondences. Upon my arrival, I looked for him and saw him still running across the black desert huffing and puffing and screaming in pain.

noonday demon

The wall was created of glass and went up and up as far as I could see. The black desert continued behind the wall, and an accidental tourist could walk through the wall and kept walking without noticing a bit.

I came across the opened gates and stepped in and into a beautiful garden. I walked around, then swam in a clear cool river. I had tea and pastry in the white palace kitchen, and went back to find the poor bastard still pounding sand.

When he finally arrived he was a shadow of his former self, but still weirdly happy.  he informed me that he preferred to serve me rather than to be killed by them. I didn’t want the stinker around and sent him to measure the length of the wall separating their hell from our heaven.

He went west following his nature, and I had absolutely forgotten all about him.

Turns out the obedient noonday demon has reached the West and is crossing it as I type this.

Strange to think that all this time, he’s been wandering in daylight… the noonday demon in this paradise of his own devising.

The Psalm 91:6 reads “mi-ketev yashud tsohorayim” – from destruction that despoils at midday.

The Septuagint says you need not fear the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.

The Latin Septuagint speaks of a personification in the daemonium meridianum (“Non timebis . . . ab incursu et daemonio meridiano”).

The Noonday Demon is specifically responsible for acedia, which is described as “daemon qui etiam meridianus vocatur”, attacking most frequently between the hours of ten and two. It causes boredom, exhaustion, listlessness, and sadness.

Evagrius Ponticus wrote that the demons of the spiritual passions resist and battle to death.

Demons of bodily passions, rather recede. Some demons, like the rising or setting sun, touch only one part of the soul; the noonday demon usually covers an entire soul and suffocates the mind.


“The trailer for MANDY is gorgeously wiggedy-wack and I’ m here for it! Ping any contact with anybody except oi the most superficial kind. Everybody and everything leaves them cold. They are effectively frozen, feel no Joy but also no sorrow or pain. They feel nothing. The world is gray, the sky Is not blue; they have no appetite for life and often would rather be dead than alive.” Times of decadence or upheaval have marked the appearance of the word “boredom” in some Western languages. It came into English around 1766, expanding to become a stock concept of the romantic age, with Byron complaining by 1823 that society had become “one polished The Boredom Of Highways, The Assembly Lines i horde, formed of two mighty tribes, the bores and the bored.” It entered German as “langeweile” ( at about the, same time. “Ennui” surfaced in French writing just a little earlier. In 13th – century Japan, a similar era of political and philosophic upheaval, the word “taikutsu” was first noted. The Roman Empire was well into decay by 383 A.D. when the Latin word acedia Is first recorded, referring to a condition of terrible torpor and sense of worthlessness of spiritual work that afflicted monks meditating in the deserts of North Africa. It was also called daemon meridianus, or the – noonday demon, because it seemed to hit the monks around midday. The English bastardized the word to “accidie,” a condition which “for – sloith and forsluggith,” Chaucer said in the Parson’s Tale. Critical attention was also supplied by Thomas Aquinas in the “Summa Theological,” calling acedia a “Tristildia de bono spiritual, “or a sadness in the face of spiritual good, a phrase that Evelyn Waugh renders as “refusal of Joy.” Hegel, according to Werner Grak, said that boredom was a great affliction of the end for the Roman Empire.”

We will liberate them all from boredom.

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