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Putin’s secret of looking young 1

My Patreon blog is different from my routine geopolitical research and fact checking.

Here I discuss applied Theology for people who are co-creators with God (or the Universe), how to improve live, health, appearance, to create worlds, or to get the jobs we want, how to move into the house of your dreams, and how to break out of the Matrix. How to do all of these without chants, traps and confusion. I will write among other things how to look younger, how to achieve immortality, how to recover after traumas, and how to avoid traumas. I discuss here how God and the Universe work, and why, and what we have to know to benefit from His Gift.

Much all is based on years of my research as a theologian.

I will also use our favorite and much loved Cat Motja’s materials with his permission. It seems that we started on this subject each our own way years ago: I went into theology and books, and he took a more practical path. He writes about what to do, and I know how it works.

I won’t discuss geo-politics here.

This is very different from what I do as an investigative journalist, and for many reasons I don’t want this to be read by people who have absolutely no interest in such matters. I seek to communicate with like-minded people.

Scott Humor, a Director of Research and Development for a political and military analytic publisher
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 Putin’s secret of looking young 1

President Putin’s appearance during Pasha for the service at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow in April 2019, stirred up lots of conflicting emotions. While friends were happy to see him looking so young and fit despite his busy work schedule, enemies tried in vain to guess what Putin actually does to remain looking so young. 

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Dear friends, there is no such animal as “free and independent media.” At the very least, we, independent journalists, are paying from our own pockets to keep it up.

I am fully self-reliant, to help me to keep doing my research and writing, while learning how to look really good at any age, consider becoming my Patreon patrons. You can use a gift card, and your dog’s name to sign up, but this would help me greatly.


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