Recently, an acquaintance told me that it’s unthinkable that the American Empire, so rich and powerful, would collapse any time soon.  ”How could it be? How is this even possible?”  he asked a rhetorical question raising arms towards the sun. “We are too rich and powerful to collapse.”

Well, maybe he raised his arms to scratch his noise.

I can’t say exactly how it’s going to happen. The Divine particles decided to take THIS world apart, and every day we learn about some new inventive ways they do this.

Unless this inflamed anus of the black hole is what THEY are waiting for, their Moshiach didn’t show up. Again. He is no fool, he knows what his fellow cultists historically did to their own prophets, to say nothing about the Living God.

Can you hear the wailing of a cult waiting for 700 years for a dude to show up and kill 2/3 of all people on earth, turning survivors into slaves?

So, the stinkers imply that awesome beauty of the creation of the world created by Logos looked like that:


This is clearly the beginning of THEIR world.

They claim that their Sophia found the very first particles and named them HeH+

Hebrew- היה – WAS.

You see how easy it is. All it takes to make the beginning for an entire universe is to come up with some fuzzy pic, claim that you found the Primordial matter of the universe and name it a Hebrew word spelled in Latin. Do it all in one week, and inform everyone using one of your agencies like NASA,  which in Hebrew means to deceive, beguile and seduce.

This is in a nutshell, the only way they are capable to create anything at all, in addition to stealing our creations.

They also claim that the end of their world looks like that:


Meanwhile, our world will be transfigured in a way similar to His.

Преображение Господне

Every one of us, is the center of our own creation. We are in image of Him. How awesome this is to create our own worlds, anything at all in them, as in Heaven so on earth.

People who look at nasa’s drawing and go on with their lives, feeling somewhat uneasy about this black hole somewhere with the universe falling into this hole while simultaneously trying to escape it.

What NASA won’t tell them, that we had this black hole, this spot of death appearing here on earth.

“The Abyss had opened like a Spot of Death on the face of the planet, a rapidly expending dark sport that was all-consuming. A horror and stench were coming out of it, and still most of the planet didn’t understand what it meant. No one heard voices of those who understood and voices of those who perished inside it. No one was there to stop it, and no one was there to help. One day the Death had Triumphed. There was nothing on earth, but Death. This was the day when the Russian fighter jets started arriving and landing at the epicenter of hell on earth, forcing Death to collapse and retreat.

August 2018, the physicists discovered that the dark energy’s steady increase in the universe was not only halted but reversed.”

The dark energy started shrinking.

We all signed up to regard THEIR universe as the only reality. We forgot or never knew about our own ability to create and to be the center of our own universe.

Our suffering, despair, lack, a profound sense of emptiness and failure, our unanswered prayers come from being trapped in the reality that they created for themselves against us, locked us up in their Matrix, and called us their Pet Goat II. The stinkers that serve them can say that there are multiple parallel co-existing universes without explaining what it means, who and  how creating them. But if I say the same quoting the Apostles, I am called names.

Dark energy doesn’t direct people. It’s people, using their God’s Gift, create, serve, feed, grow, and harvest dark energy. Those who think that dark energy gives them power and wealth simply don’t understand how it works. With less people feeding it, unstable dark energy disappears. It also disappears when people learn about their ability to co-create with God.


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