by Cat Motja

translated by Scott Humor

Since January, Israel has been bubbling in happy anticipation facilitated by an old Talmudic scholar rabbi Kanievsky, who said that “The Moshiach will already be here before the elections.”

In 2018, Kanievsky declared that “Moshiach has been born” and that he is already here…and end times are imminent.

Rabbi Kanievsky said: “It seems to me that the sages intended to teach us that even when the Temple is destroyed, in any case the Redemption exists. And the Moshiach actually exists and lives among us. He passes from one body to another in each generation.”

I tend to agree with this rabbi. “Moshiach” is any member of the medieval Polish cult of Rabbinical Talmudism that takes the cult to the next level in terms of political, cultural and economic power over the rest of humanity. Lev Davidovich Bronstein a.k.a. Trotsky was the “Moshiach ben David,” and he led the invasion of Russia by the Talmudic extremists with the military and political support of all existing at the time empires in 1917. They committed genocide of 18 million Russians, destroyed 1000 year old Christian culture, and looted immense wealth from Russia to the West for himself and their cult. This catastrophic for Christians event propelled the cult into political and financial stratosphere. Next “Moshiach” was Hitler, who was, according to some compelling evidence, a halakhic member of the cult, who led Germans and other European nations against Russians who just started to recover after nearly 20 year Talmudic slavery. Hitler managed to destroy one third of Germans and one fourth of Russians, and millions other Christians and Chinese. and without the World War II the state of Israel wouldn’t exist. This something that only the Talmudic “Moshiach” is capable of accomplishing. In case you ever wondered why was Hitler so generously funded by the British and American Talmudic banking families.

Next Talmudic “Moshiach” is Jonathan Pollard, or at least some consider him to be the one. Gorbachev and Yeltsin were two “Moshiachs” that coordinated the destruction of Russia into small chunks and handover of Russia’s population as slaves to specially selected new owners. The destruction of the last remaining great Christian nation on earth is something that only Talmudic “Moshiach” is capable to accomplish, being an Antichrist by definition.

Now, they are hankering for a new “Moshiach” that would murder several billion people. From 2 to 5 billion to be exact. As you can read all about their wish here, and here : “Either the war between Edom and Persia begin NOW, during Sukkot, with an attack on North Korea or vice verse since N. Korea’s number one ally right now is Persia, or Trump foolishly delays the war. If he waits just two years, 2 to 2.5 billion people will likely die (1/3 of the world’s population).” 

So today they decided to appoint Trump to be their “Moshiach” and the savior.

For the past twenty years, however, there was no one able to accomplish for Israel anything close to the deeds of the 20th centuries moshiachs. Barak Obama was supposed to become one, but he failed. Hillary Clinton was chosen to play a role of a female “Moshiach,” but, inexplicably, she failed also. For some mysterious reasons, everything that cult undertakes now is failing. Those reasons are absolutely obvious to the Orthodox Christians, but cultists remain in darkness.

Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Their inability to make their own reality, the failure of everything they try to accomplish after all their 20th century “triumphs” drives them nuts. It pains them so much, they scream about the “end of times” none-stop now. And they are right. It is the end of their times.

I am please to offer to your attention my translation of a Sunday sermon written by my old pal Matvey Hvostov explaining why the cultists will never see another “Moshiach,” Some of my readers already know this author as Cat Motja.


You ask me why would I bother to write about mice? Why would I waste my time and write about something that doesn’t concern me, something that would make me regret for wasting my time? I will answer you that as a Cat this is my duty to inform them. They are quietly leaving us. This process is only gaining up momentum in speed and scoop. Some of them are leaving us forever, while the majority are moving to aquariums. This mass migration of rodents to less hospitable places is only going to grow bigger and wider, and that’s why right now. on the very brink of its expansion, I want to tell them why this is happening, and why Miceshiach will never show up.  

We all know that the mice is incurable, but in this particular case, the Cat just wants to have a clear conscience, to be able to say later that I warned you, and I told you everything and any negative for you consequences are purely your own fault. So, I am writing this for my own good, because we all know that the Cat is awesome, kind and intelligent,

Here is a scientific report for you. Why the Miceshiach won’t be coming. This report is being published as an explanatory note for mice before they are placed in aquariums for good.

I can sense how some of the mice here are rolling up their beady eyes about the Cat annoying them about Christ again, but I can’t do anything about this because Christ is in a gist of things.  

Here we go….

Before the Eternal Preexistent Son came. the prophets made many announcements about Him. But…. but…. but… You, mice, have to understand here, that a prophet’s job is to make an announcement, – this doesn’t mean that those whom an announcement is addressed is very good, or very important. In most cases it’s the complete opposite. because, those people who are in good memory and not completely evil don’t need to be reminded 300 times not to murder the One Who comes to save them. It’s obvious that those who are in their right mind and good memory won’t even think of murdering Him Who never did them any harm. It’s obvious, I think.

And again, tell, mice, me as a Cat, didn’t ancient mice murdered those prophets? Yes, they did. But, this is not important. So, what is important? Just follow my logic and nothing else.

He, the LORD, the everlasting God, the Creator and the beginning of everything – created everything and established the Law. The Law works regardless of wishes of mice, flies, or earthworms. It’s earthworm’s personal problem if he doesn’t understand the principles of the Law and the Universe. [In Russian a word for Universe is Universal Building or Abode. S.H.] It’s the Abode of the World. “In my Father’s house there are many abodes” What IS a House, mice? A House is a Body. OK, let’s not go there yet, not to confuse you, weak-minded mice. Let’s try something simple.

You know better than anyone else:

1. a ritual means something,

2. “not all people are actually people.”

This one time I use rules from your book, mice, since you consider all those who are not you to be not human. For this my scientific report I use your dogmas, to make you feel at home.

So God created people in His own Image.What does this mean, mice? I’m convinced that despite of chewing your cheese for thousand years, you still don’t understand these words. and the Cat could keep this secret from you, but the Cat is kind, and rituals mean something, even so you won’t understand it in this case.

So, what does this mean “in His Own Image and Likeness”?

This means that a Man is Existing and that a Man Creates everything himself for himself. EVERYTHING. Just listen to the sound of this word. Even more, the Man is everything. the beginning and the end of his own creation in the likeness of his Father, because people are created in the Image and Likeness of the Father. Exactly so.

Make a mental note of this, mice, and let’s move further.

What is a Body, or a House of a human being? How do they look like? The answer is that they look either like a man wants them, or they look like nothing. Since, a man or any human being is a Spirit creating his own House according to his own wishes.

What does this mean, exactly?

I will explain this for you very slowly using just my two paws.

Mind is the center of the House, but an entire House is what was created.

Do you verstehen, mice?

I sense that you nicht verstehen, so I will go over the subject letter by letter.

When the Eternal Preexistent Son came, He knew those He was coming to, and he knew what were to take place. He hold in front of your fellow cultists the Key to Everything. But… but… but… They didn’t understand Him. You might ask the Cat, why didn’t they understand Him? Maybe, like, He didn’t explain well enough? I have an answer for you, He Himself asked Himself this rhetorical question, and He answered this question Himself.

Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

Ye are of your father the devil. You are not from God.

I am trying to explain to you, mice, using His own words, that you don’t understand His Word because you are not from the Father, since those who love the Tree can’t hate Its Fruit, and those who are from the Father understand Father’s Word, but since you don’t understand Father’s Word, I am sorry to state the obvious, but your father is the Satan.

You should come to peace with this and comprehend this.

Let’s keep pedaling slowly but steady since you, mice, won’t understand this any other way

Trying to find an appropriate metaphor. Try to imaging for yourself, mice, that a wizard gives you a magical box, By opening this box you can get anything you wish, – gold, money, houses, trees, oceans, seas and so on…. and he gives the box to you and He is about to read you an instruction on how to open this box, to describe a ritual for you, but instead of listening you started screaming and spiting at him. “This dude gave us some kind of box instead of money, this is fucked up. Let’s kill him!”

This is what took place, mice, in very simple terms.

The Gift from God was rejected,

They demanded money and gold, But money, gold, oceans and camels, everything you wanted down to the last desert thorn you could create for yourself. God cannot give you a worm instead of His Gift, since a worm is an image of your own creation. How to understand this? A human being is able to create a worm, but he also is able to create a Home without worms, it’s his personal choice. Money and worms in this context are the same.

You are asking for a worm, and you mock Him Who gives you a magic box containing everything.

I write all these for you, because even today you make fun and mock this, and even in the darkness of your mind, you dare to teach people about this, and, in turn, they without having understanding of what took place, spread this primitive point of view like a virus. There are very few people who understand the essence of what Happened Back Then, and the rest of people, not just mice, but people also reject Him and the Father in Him, and become just physical bodies… not a Body and a House, but bodies that simply die and disappear when there is no God inside.

Behold, your house is left to you desolate.

The House is the Body, but not a body. If the House is empty, there is no Body, but only a body that dies and rots and a human being ends with this body. Do you understand what the Cat is trying to tell you?

The ritual was followed; a Visitor – confirmation of the status quo – mutual rejection – abandonment them by the Father (and you also, by association, because you willfully put on identities of those and thus the ritual includes you also.)

At this point we have to make some clarification. Man’s Body and nation’s Body is man’s House and nation’s House. Every nation is something one, and the Judgment is made separately over every nation just like over every human being. But… but… but… This Judgment is not what it is commonly imagined. For example, the nation of Israel was Judged and the verdict you know. “Behold, your house is left to you desolate.” This is both, in relation to an entire nation, and in relation to individual people.

The next issue is a meaning of a house in desolation. [In some translations, an empty house.] This is directly connected to Him saying, God Left this house and it’s empty, it’s without God, and this is a ritual, and this ritual was a must – and apart from this particular house, no one else’s house was left by God. All other nations and individuals are in the House of their Father. Everything living dwells in the House of their Father, or in the house of their father.

Your bodies, mice, in whose house they were born and grew up? Right. In the houses of your fathers and mothers. You weren’t born in your fathers’ next-door neighbor’s house. But… but… but… Sometimes things happen that a baby is born, and a male parent takes care of this baby, but he keeps having doubts that this baby resembles a neighbor, and while this baby keeps growing he acts weirdly, not as a son, but as someone else’s kid. This parent starts suspecting that something is amiss here. He asks his wife, she can’t explain anything. Then he takes the kid and looks at it closely and sees that the kid is a foundling. From this point on, this man has a choice – either to come to peace with this and take care of the kid as if of his own son, or to declare the kid to be not his son and to kick him out of his house. This is exactly what happened on the universal level. I paint a primitive picture for you, mice, because this is the only way you would understand. Our Heavenly Father understood that your fellow cultists, ancient and modern, found themselves a different father, and that they don’t look like Him, they are not in His image, and so on…. And that’s why the ritual had to be performed – a Visitor – an acknowledgment – a mutual rejection – them being left without the Father ( you included, since you willfully put upon yourselves and call yourselves by THEIR names.)

Moving further… if a Man sins and his Body turns into a body, his children will become people, while the People will remain People, but… but… but… those children, every one of them have every chance to become People if they do one thing – if they accept the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – which are the One. because everything comes from the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and the Father is in the Son, and the Son is in the Father. You cannot hate the Fruit if you acknowledge the Tree, and if you curse the Fruit – the Tree is not yours and you won’t eat of this Tree.

Those who were abandoned by the Father and exiled from His House, abide not in His Body, but in the body of Satan… There is no alternative here, this is something very important to understand. Those dwelling in Satan’s body cannot partake the Father’s Gift, unless they reject the Satan. This is the Law.

Not all beings that look like people are people in essence. People are those who dwell inside the Father’s House, and who have His kingdom inside themselves. That’s why people have all the possibilities to become People. It’s only the mater of Time which is limitless. But those who rejected the Father are not people, despite having similar bodies, since inside they are the offspring of Satan. As I said above, a human being is what is inside, and not two legs and two arms and all other appendages. Do you understand this kerfuffle, mice? That’s why don’t fool yourself by your external resemblance. Inside you’re the children of Satan, and you won’t receive the Eternity, and the God’s Gift is not for you.

People having inside a particle of the Father, won’t perish, if they won’t reject Him. But you, driven by your dark essence, do everything possible to make more and more people to reject Him. And many people being confused reject Him, and by this you are making your guilt bigger and your doom worse into Eternity.

Can a mouse become a human being? Yes, it can. For that to happen, a mouse has to accept the Eternally Preexistent Son, to repent twice – for willfully becoming the mouse – this has meaning as “asking for forgiveness,” and the second time to repent in a sense of “changing your mind,” meaning to become a human being so the divine particle of the Father could enter you, again.

No one knows, mice, how tired I am of you… I won’t write for you anything anymore, unless I really have to, but, knowing your beastly essence, I want to add something here.

When the sneakiest and most knowledgeable mice in your midst tell you that your kabbalists can teach you how to create your own little worlds and so on, I will answer you that you are imbeciles along with your kabbalists, even so they are a bit better than you. This is an imitation and a con-artistry. Why? I am going to explain you the main point that you, bare-tailed beasts, have to realize: a kabbalist makes up his fake “world” with the help of his father the Devil, and…. and his BODY DIES TOGETHER WITH WORMS and OTHER CAMELS…. The Cat tells you that a Human Being is immortal, and a man can become a Man, but a mouse cannot.

In any case, people will become People, if they won’t reject God and won’t become mice, and even if a man is a dimwit and absolutely doesn’t get it despite of all his pains and sorrows, after death of his body his soul will receive a Body with a particle of the Father and His Gift, and he will go on living in eternity, but you will simply die.

Even more. a man can grow a Body of his Mind and enter it and become immortal in this world, and retreat into Himself, and to be everywhere and everything and to be anything, and to be in other worlds like this one.

It’s very difficult for you mice, very difficult, this is a fact, but I’m giving you a warning, and my conscience is clear, and if some of you who read this and understand and start cursing the Fruit in order to desecrate the Tree, remember that the Tree cannot be desecrated, and that you multiply your sins and give your offspring to the Devil for generations.

The Cat did what he had to do, the rest is up to you, but it’s not for you I’m writing this, NOT FOR YOU.

You demanded miracles and cures, but not the people, because people are from People, that’s why they have a Gift of faith in the Father without seeing miracles. They have the Gift, but you don’t. That is why those of you who were looking at miracles, couldn’t see them, they were listening to Father’s Word, but couldn’t hear, since they were of a different father. People don’t see and don’t hear, but feel.

This is for people, the divine particles brought this to me last time I wrote for you to say “My enemy, fear me!” every time they attack you… When you feel fatigued and about to loose faith in your heavenly origin, tell yourself:

I don’t know, but I feel,

I can’t see, but I have faith,

If I spread my wings,

I want them to be white.

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