The Left has effectively destroyed the Boeing in their unholy quest to take a revenge on the UN and to take down Trump.

First came the UN resolution submitted by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. This facilitated attacks of the “third force,” a.k.a terror groups aligned with the US and located on the territory of Pakistan shelling and firing small arms at the territory of India in a failed attempt to initiate an armed conflict between India and Pakistan. Pakistan now has as a head of state someone they never had before, a truly remarkable man. Hence, a new UN resolution and a hunt for elements of the US controlled Trojan Horse forces in Pakistan. Pakistan’s resolution brings back the UN Security Council Resolution 497 from 1981, which rejected Israel’s annexation of the Golan and deemed Israel’s laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan null and void and without international legal effect.

In their own words, the Israeli spiritual leaders often call tragedies like plane crashes and death of innocent people as a “sign” of support from their bloodthirsty deity. Case in point, here is a direct quotation of one of their extremist preachers talking about the May 19, 2016 EgyptAir Flight 804 crash.

Dov Bar-Leib said…

I explained in the post that both France and El Sisi were colluding with each other to force a settlement on us this Summer to divide Yerushalayim as soon as possible. Bibi was supposed to form a govt. with Herzog to help bring this about. El Sisi had no desire in talking to Bibi about this unless Herzog was there as Bibi’s partner. It blew up on the 25th Day of the Counting of the Omer. The very next day or perhaps that very evening, Boom, that plane ended up at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with 66 dead.

Frankly, if a sudden violent death of many people is a Talmudic proof of some “higher authority” having a hand in their extremist politics, what are chances that they wouldn’t use their developed network of “security experts” to take a plane down every time they need to make a point?

That’s why an Israeli government defense contractor killed on the Ethiopian Airlines plane should warrant a closer look at the crash along with investigation of a faulty Boeing design.

The United States is being destroyed and devoured by the Left. The country which in itself is a civilization, albeit a lopsided one, but a civilization nevertheless, is being taken apart institution by institution, town by town, a cultural icon by cultural icon. This week it’s the Boeing’s turn.

Americans who has been falling on a sword for Israel for decades are not able to see the irony of their own predicament, they don’t know and understand the historical parallels found in Russian history. We, Russians, are watching all this with a great interest, because its interesting to watch the Left ripping apart a country that isn’t your own.

Here how the extremist Talmudic preacher explains the American current situation:

Dov Bar-Leib said…

And amongst the Orthodox, they love their lives living under a lesser exposure to direct Divine Providence outside of Eretz Yisrael. Also, many do not want to go to War against the Erev Rav in Israel. They are content to let the Erev Rav culturally destroy where they live on the Eastern Seaboard, bringing every single place where Leftists rule below Mem Tet Shaarei Tumah as long as they do not have to go to war directly against them.

2/04/2019 10:42 AM

“Erev Rav” here is 2/3 of the Talmudic cult members who are not religious and use the cult network for personal profit and social advancement. The religious cult members see them as “walking dead,” shells of bodies invaded by souls from hell, whose specific task is to turn the life on earth into hell, to bring the Christians and Muslims to a spiritual and physical level below Mem Tet Shaarei Tumah, or -50 level of degradation. A condition necessary for a Mashiach ben Yoseph and Mashiach ben David to come to Israel and to kill 70% of all people on earth, while granting the 1/3 of cult members all the world wealth and slaves.

When the Left, or Erev Rav, or the Demonocracts come to power, a nation collapses very fast, like Russia in 1917 and again in the 1990s. And this is a scenario of what is taking place in the US now.

The collapse of economy and industry is a part of the process. It started in the 80s, with millions of Erev Rav arriving to the US and Israel from the USSR, where they were trapped, in a historical movement mirroring their beginning of the 20th century movement to the Russian empire from the USA and every corner of Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Similar time period, a quarter of century of settling down, setting up networks and consolidating forces, and we are about to be awed by the fury of hell.

This week while the Boeing is being booted out from Eurasia, Mike Pompeo, a typical innocent of any self-reflection Italian-American from New Jersey with a doughy complexion and ill-suited suits, attacks the ICC threatening the judges publicly, Italian mafia style, to scare them from investigating the war crimes committed by Pentagon in Afghanistan and the war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians.

During his Friday comments Pompeo said further the restrictions “may also be used to deter ICC efforts to pursue allied personnel, including Israelis, without the allies’ consent,” according to the AP.

Trump could probably save the day, but with the demonocratic Erev Rav horde surrounding him and aiming for his throat, he is more concerned by protecting his throat than defending American interests overseas. When Trump says “I don’t want Albert Einstein to be my pilot,” he means he doesn’t want the Erev Rav in the driver seat because the only way forward with them in charge is the way down.

Just at this crucial time when everyone else in the world is realigning their interests and trying to grab as much as possible after the Unipolar system collapse under the weight of the Erev rav activities, the US stopped paying attention, concentrating on its internal battles. The Left intends to destroy an entire country just to get rid of Trump, and the conservatives, terrified by enormous kinetic energy generated by the Left, are turning into something immovable. The Left is well organized, well funded, and driven by extremist religious ideology of creating chaos to create their order. The conservatives have no idea how to fight back, no leaders, and no plan of actions. The setup remands me of Russia in 1917 and in 1990, but what do I know?

The Boeing got caught up in a perfect storm.

First was the landmark ruling by the WTO Appellate Body as a final decision in a case initiated in 2006. This decision ends the dispute and clears the way for the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to seek remedies in the form of tariffs against European imports to the United States. Tariffs could be scheduled as early as 2019. This is expected to be the largest-ever WTO authorization of retaliatory tariffs. It

The EU is fuming over the threat of tariffs to its aviation industry by the US, and eager to ground all Boeing MAX aircraft on March 3rd. European countries no longer following Washington’s lead on the safety of US aircraft.

I am still convinced that the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash was due to sabotage by Israel to execute the UN workers to intimidate the UN and its workforce by killing 19 UN workers. Washington tries to cover it up and to clean up the mess created by Israel. That’s why Washington aims carefully and shoots itself in the foot by targeting the American industry crown-jewel.

The Federal Aviation Administration ordered the temporary grounding of Boeing’s next-generation 737 MAX jets, due to “new evidence” collected at the site of Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash as well as data transmitted via satellite.

In its emergency order, the FAA said the evidence pointed to what appeared to be some similarities between the circumstances of the 737 MAX 8 crash in Ethiopia and the loss of a Lion Air 737 MAX 8 in Indonesia last Octob

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said 737 MAX planes is barred from arrivals, departures and overflights in Canada. Like the FAA, Garneau said satellite data suggested there were similarities between the crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. In both cases, the pilots reported control difficulties just after takeoff, and the planes nose-dived shortly afterward.

Garneau said the readings transmitted via satellite were not conclusive, and he shied away from saying definitively that the crashes were related.

Virginia-based Aireon, 51% of the company is owned by the Canadian government, confirmed that it provided investigators with data that was transmitted from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 via an ADS-B satellite link. The Aireon system makes use of the Iridium NEXT constellation that was completed in January.

“We cannot comment on the cause of the tragedy or the outcome of the investigation, only that we have provided the data,” Aireon said in a tweeted statement. “This unfortunate tragedy further highlights the need for a global, real-time air traffic surveillance system.”

However, an independent expert disagrees.

[The Ethiopian Air crash] does show some interesting features that don’t match up with Lion Air.

Aviation expert Peter Lemme has used data from live flight-tracking service Flightradar24 to study how the Ethiopian Air jet flew in the six minutes before it disappeared from radar. His expertise stems in part from working at Boeing for 16 years in a number of roles, including avionics engineer and thrust management engineer. Since leaving the company he has worked as a technical consultant in the aviation field.

People from 33 countries died in this crash, including three Russian citizens: Ekaterina and Alexander Polyakov, a young couple both working for the Sberbank, and Sergei Vyalikov, a sport parachute jump instructor from Tver. All three came to visit Africa as tourists.

Three days before the crash the doomed plane landed in Israel and, as reported by the Russian aviation forum, “undertook a detailed inspection.” It’s not clear what the Israelis were looking for inside the brand new plane. If I were to investigate the crash, this is the question I would ask myself.

“The Addis Ababa-Nairobi route is often used by Israelis, as there are no direct flights between Israel and Kenya. Channel 13 reported that the plane that crashed had been in Israel as recently as last Wednesday.”

The Ambassador of Israel to Sudan gave an interview, claiming that this exact plane malfunction days before the crash. So far, neither the Ethiopian Airlines no the Boeing has confirmed that there was an emergency situation as the Ambassador describes. It looks that he is creating a “legend” to explain why the Israelis did technical inspection of this plane.

“Hanan Gunder, the Israeli ambassador to Sudan, who flew on the same plane as the disaster just a few days ago, said, “the passengers realized there was a malfunction, there was a sense of malfunction. The captain, probably to reassure us, said on the loudspeaker that there’s a problem with one of the engines, so we’ll start one engine to see if it catches, and if it catches we’ll start the rest of the engines and if it works we can take off. This flight landed at the airport, and this morning it left for Nairobi,” as reported by the Channel 10.

The same Channel 10 reported that Israel Moses and Sherga Israel, two Israeli business owners in Africa, were supposed to get on a plane that crashed in Ethiopia, but canceled their flight before the disaster.

I couldn’t find any information about these two alleged “businessmen.”

The names of the two Israeli passengers who died in the crash were released to the media on Tuesday. Shimon Re’em Bitton, a civic defense contractor en route to Kenya. Avraham Matzliah, a hi-tech businessman who visited Africa at least one week every month.

The ZAKA volunteers were sent to Ethiopia at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to retrieve the remains of the two Israeli passengers who died in the Sunday crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302.

The Israeli team arrived and entered the crash site on Tuesday for the bodies of the two victims,,as they say. The acted under the supervision of of Chabad emissary to Africa Rabbi Eliyahu Chaviv.

They did this without getting an approval or authorization of Ethiopian authorities, and they were banned from being on the crash site.

“Azriel Schnitzer, commander of the ZAKA delegation in Ethiopia, said, “We never encountered such a difficult situation. I was at the scene together with ZAKA volunteers.”

The Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council and the Israeli Consul in Ethiopia, Ofer Zach, have been attempting to obtain approval to receive complete access to the crash site and the onsite morgue for the volunteers, so that they may do their job swiftly and effectively.”

The images provided by JPost show the “volunteers” wondering all around the crash site without any supervision. They had every opportunity to remove from the crash site evidence of tampering and sabotage like cellphones and other devices. Even after the bodies of two Israelis were found and identified, the ZAKA team still insisted on being there and thus contaminating the crash site, while bashing the local authorities and the locals for looting the crash site, and the local farmer for plowing his field.

According to YNet, one of the Israeli volunteers, Elazar Samet, said: “We are not allowed to continue our search in the crater, and there is a mess here with the federal police and the airline. They did not give us permission to continue, and we are trying to persuade the government to allow us to work”

According to ZAKA, both the crash scene and the hangar were initially completely off limits to them, and though they have since been granted some access, their movements remain severely limited. The remains taken to the hangar include the bodies of the Israeli passengers, both of whom have been identified.

Yaakov Lazarus, the head of logistics for the ZAKA in the South Africa call these people “superhuman.” Question to the authorities of sovereign countries, why would they allow these “super-humans” in their jurisdiction? Should the other 32 countries dispatch their law enforcement, clergy and faith based organizations to the crash site?

Israel named two nationals killed in Ethiopian Airlines jet crash. I couldn’t find anything about the “hi-tech businessman.”

The second was Shimon Ram, a private sector security expert and a former Shin Bet agent, who served in the agency’s Personal Security Unit and as an instructor for new agents. At the time of his death he worked in the private sector as a security expert, and was on his way to Kenya on a business trip for the Shafran Consulting and Management Company.

Shafran is a listed Israeli government defense contractor: Shafran Consulting & Management Ltd. With more than 20 years of professional activity in both local and global markets, Shafran is actively engaged in consultancy and management of security systems. Shafran specializes in the design and utilization of wide-ranging security systems within organizations, touching on the areas of information security, physical security, setting technical security systems, preventing industrial espionage, investigations competitive intelligence and more. Shafran delivers services to many clients across the public/private/government sectors.…shafran-consulting…ltd

Here the Shafran listed by the Zahal:…SHAFRAN.aspx

Shafran consulting & management ltd. 3 Nirim St., Tel-Aviv 6706038, Israel Tel : +972-3-6361644 Fax … Shafran Ltd. is a Security and Intelligence Consulting Company directed by former senior officers of the Israel Security & Intelligence services.

The Shafran management resumes paint a rosy picture of a bunch of retired state of Israel operatives. Peleg Raday, the company president, a former senior officer of the Israeli Security Agency. Served as Director of El Al Israel Airlines security in France and headed the division responsible for security of all of Israel’s embassies worldwide. Retired as the Director of the Intelligence Division of the ISA.
Rafi Malka, the Director, served for 20 years in the Israeli Security Agency. Retired as Director of Administration, Logistics and Human Resources Division. Formerly served as Director of the Operations Division and Director of the European Security Center, in charge of security of all Israeli assets in Europe (including airlines, merchant marine, embassies, consulates and public organizations).

And the list goes on and on. However, as it is always the case with everything the cultists do, dig deeper and you will find a bunch of con-artists. And here is the gist of my suspicion of the Boeing company being targeted deliberately.

Whoever planed this operation of mass execution of the UN workers and tourists, decided to sacrifice a pawn in order to take down the Queen, meaning Trump. The Talmudists think in their delusional minds that Americans will blame Trump for the Boeing’s demise, and that Trump’s base will dethrone him in 2020 in their fury.

Just one look at the Shafran company mission statement shows that the company is well suited for this job:

Web site :

Areas of activity

Shafran Ltd. is a Security and Intelligence Consulting Company directed by former senior officers of the Israel Security & Intelligence services.
The company is engaged in the spheres of:
– Security Surveys
Design of security concepts and systems
Security Engineering
– Security consultation for Expatriates and travelling businessmen
– Ongoing risk assessments on the situation in Israel
– Security courses and training of security personnel
– Information Security and protection of the firm’s Know-how and facilities.
Aviation security
– Management of Corporate Investigations
– Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence
– Security Vetting

Let’s take a closer look just at one company’s employee and his activities.

Shmuel Hershkovitz, Security manager at the Shafran and a Security Coordinator at Cisco

In 1998, he and his partner, an engineer, Pinhas Shpater filed a patent in the US and Canada. Shortly after, the duo filed lawsuits against multiple defendants claiming the patent infringement. See, the United States District Court, E.D. Texas, Marshall Division. (7 Dec, 2009) PARADOX SECURITY SYSTEMS, LTD. v. ADT SECURITY SERV. (E.D.Tex. 12-7-2009)

And also, see the Supreme Court of Canada – SCC Case Information – Counsel – 33799

Shmuel Hershkovitz, et al. v. TYCO Safety Products Canada Ltd. … Party: Systèmes de sécurité Paradox Ltée – Paradox Security Systems Ltd.

Both courts in US and Canada found their patent to be too broad and invalid after ten years of litigation. See, August 18, 2010 – Shmuel Hershkovitz, Paradox Security Systems Ltd. and Pinhas Shpater v. Tyco Safety Products

Canada Ltd.

This is an illustration how the Shafran employees are not above scams, money extortion, and abuse of the judicial system, as the sea is not above the clouds.

 The court materials sure to make some light reading on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

What is particularly interesting here is Mr. Shmuel Hershkovitz’s Paradox Security Systems LTD produced electronic devices capable to interfere with complex electronic systems. Maybe, as complex as a aircraft navigation systems? I am not an engineer, but let’s assume that if a device can be programed to do a wireless control of the security systems, why can’t the same device be programed to take a control over some processes of the plane’s system? Especially, I am speculating here, if the plane in question has been examined in details by the Israeli technicians in Ben Gurion Airport three days before the crash?

A simple scenario would be the Shafran company employee is tasked to transport a few of these devices to Kenya. He is being completely unaware of any danger to him personally, being just a mule, gets on a plane, and someone activates the Paradox Company’s app on his phone that activates the device that connects to the plane’s operating system and disables it. Again, a pure speculation, but the Paradox company has many customers in Africa, if you read the comments left on the company’s Apple store account.

These are the company products description: Paradox NVX80 SeeTrue™

The Paradox NVX80 with SeeTrue™ technology (patent pending) delivers superior motion detection with advanced capabilities, beyond others in its class.

Even more interesting is the PGM82 Lightning Fast response.

Key Features:

Expansion of 8 programmable output

PGM control via Insite GOLD application

PGM control with manual on-box switches

Can follow system events

Display for each PGM, Data and Power

Box cover lock mechanism

Supports SP, MG, EVO and Swan

Connects to control panel via 4-wire on keypad bus

Firmware upgradeable

Next is the Paradox My Home and Insite GOLD App found on Google app store

Paradox My Home and Insite GOLD App. Bridge to connect Paradox systems to Cellular or IP devices. Bridge for Video streaming and push notifications

The second victim from Israel named Avraham Matzliah, was a high-tech businessman, and often made the journey from Tel Aviv to Africa.

I found no information on him to form any opinion.


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