“Never heard of him.”

 “White master race fuhrer with 88 million followers on Jewtube.”

“Ah ok, thank you.”

From the comments under the RT article ‘Absolutely sickened’: PewDiePie responds to shout-out on NZ mosque killer’s livestream



The day after New Zealand terror attack looking more and more as a special op organized by the usual Talmudic suspects to deepen a rift between Christians and Muslims in every part of the world, the RT posted AS NEWS opinion of PewDiePie. See above description, if you never heard of it. And, if you have been looking at the RT as a news agency with a balanced and rational view of the world, look no longer. Avert your gaze. Walk away.

In March, the RT hired one of the leading Khodorkovsky/Soros/Open Russia operatives, Maria Baronova, a coordinator of “Open Russia,” run by Khodorkovsky, who went to work as chief editor for the Russia Today.

The news about this event has sent a shock across Russia by the utter chutzpa of Soros and the CIA behind him of taking over one of Russia’s most internationally renowned brands.

Maria Baronova, a former assistant of the radical Talmudic revolutionary and liberal MP Ilya Ponomaryov, a former coordinator of the anti-Russia Soros’ project called the “Open Russia” run by Khodorkovsky, another Talmudic operative, has been placed in charge for the “charity project” on RT called “The Next Move is Ours.” The “charity project” that turns a respectable news outlet into a liberal activism hellhole using Russia’s state resources to push their agenda for “Russia after Putin.”

I leave aside here the obvious fact that Russia is the only country in the history of humanity that is being run by intelligence services, which means that Putin is forever. The liberals and other satanists are too stupid to comprehend this simple fact.

One look at the liberals in the RT tells the whole story. Simonyan, who is not a Russian, but an Armenian, has as her BFF a Talmudic female Kandilaki, who is from Georgia and is known for screaming during one of her interviews that we, Russians, don’t exist. She wishes, as they all, that we would just disappear and stop being 80% of population of our country. This female of about fifty years of age is also known for being too cozy with much younger men.

Comes a weasel looking Swedish national in geographical term, a professional crisis actor, who, in the best traditions of Talmudism, poops on the heads of unsuspected innocent people. Because, we all have to swim in shit and blood according to their general satanic plot, did you know? These people are getting paid to make sure that we never feel relaxed and good about ourselves. PewDiePie sits in front of a camera every day and poops in public, and gets what looks to me is a bot traffic for which he receives millions of dollars in endorsement.

On December 15th of last year he pooped out a huge turd titled “You SLAV (in all capital letters) You Lose #3.” There were two previous turds that this crisis actor produced. Using unidentified doctored and staged footage, of course. So, it’s the same old Antichrist propaganda that Marx/Lenin/Trotsky and their army of millions Talmudists used to genocide 18 million Russians in their five year of Red Talmudic terror in 1917-1922 while destroying the greatest Christian empire.

Let’s not forget that this is the same dehumanization propaganda of Russian Orthodox Christians that the European nations used to attack the Soviet Russia in 1941. This is the same dehumanization that Pentagon and NATO use today while amassing troops on Russia’s border in preparation for the next war against Russia, in which Sweden has no chance to survive. This is not any innocent joke.

On December 1st of 2018 a meeting between Russian and the US presidents was scheduled during the G20 Summit in Argentina. It was canceled by Washington. The general Russophobic noise was deafening. So it perfectly understandable that the Swedish professional crises actor PewDiePie pushed through the usual agenda of the global Talmudic cult with several videos pooping on the great nation of Russia. The only remaining great Christian nation of earth.

Don’t worry, PewDiePie, It’s just a joke when I say that you are a marching Russophobe taking orders from the globalist Anglo-Zionists, and that’s the ONLY reason they let you stay on youtube and direct traffic to your humorless, talentless Russia hating videos is because you are a Satanist cocksucker, like the rest of them. You understand that it’s all just an innocent joke, don’t you?

The best way to deal with all of them is to ignore them, which is exactly what Russia’s leading federal funded news agency refusing to do.

The Russia Today is suppose to bring a factual, analytical and balanced view from the point of view of Russian nation. Instead, the RT is pushing down our throats yet another Russophobic shill.

PS: During the playing of the anti-Russia video produced by PewDiePie, the Youtube served a commercial of the Metro computer game. How Metro computer game was used to stage the Donbass fake events of 2014 read my 600 pages richly illustrated research Pokemon in Ukraine.

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This is the same scenario of the same game that they tried to stage in Ukraine, they are re-using it now in anticipation of President Putin end of term in 2024.

Keep in mind the crisis actors I named here. They will be playing more roles as they push the game ahead.

Let’s watch them closely.


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