He is a member of the Bond Club of New York as well as Mensa and the Knights of Malta. Arthur D. Cashin, Jr. is also a managing director of UBS Financial Services Inc. and the Director of Floor Operations for UBS Financial Services at the New York.

A day after Vatican’s fake Christmas day, Art Cashin vomited a seemingly odd piece of garbage. Could it be something he partook during the papist mass?

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a regurgitated chunk of stale hate-Russia piece of papists’ shit.

On This Day: Art Cashin On One Of History’s Most Famous Assassinations

The only sentence worth noting is the one where this mason is threatening President Putin with some “Rasputin’s curse.”

Cashin made this curse up. As a mason, he is trying to make a reality in which his wishes would come true. As a Satanist, he wishes same tragic fate to the last great Christian nation on earth. As a Papist,  Cashin tries to implant into his readers’ minds vague images of everything “evil” associated with Russia, Russian Empire, Nikolai II and his family, the ancient church, the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Church, Jesus Christ, and President Putin.

Do Cashin’s spells work? No, he has simply pooped his pants publicly.

Rasputin had never cursed Russia, he did what he could to prevent anything bad happening to his sovereign and his country.

Facts to dispel the Rasputin myths

Rasputin wasn’t a priest or a monk.

Once, the Chairman of the State Duma Mikhail Rodzyanko indignantly pointed out to the Emperor that Rasputin, not being ordained, wears the clergy cross also known as The Pectoral Cross.

Followers of Gregory called him a staretc or an “old wise man” meaning a spiritual mentor, which could be a layman. ста́рец • (stárec) m anim (genitive ста́рца, nominative plural ста́рцы, genitive plural ста́рцев). (literary) old man, whitebeard; (church) monastic elder or a spiritual mentor.

He came from a village populated by people with the last name Rasputin.

Last name Rasputin comes from the word rasputitca (распутица) – impassable road in mid-season of late autumn or earlier spring when rains and melting snow turns northern roads into rivers of mud.

rasputin (2)

At the beginning of the XX century in the highest circles of the Russian Empire became fashionable to seek interaction with “simple folks” or as they were called, carriers of “national faith” — various healers, wonderworkers, wanderers. This trend, however, didn’t mean to include communication with actually orthodox clergy.

In case of Nikolai’s family, their interactions with Gregory Rasputin was dictated by necessity to elevate hemophilia of Tsarevich Alexei. Rasputin could stop a young prince bleeding, and generally was able to make him feel better. He did this with a combination of herbal remedies, prayers and suggestions, what we would call an alternative medicine, now.

Try to walk into any health food store and tell them that as a papist and a mason you consider their  herbal supplements to be sinister and demonic, and see what happens.  

Rasputin denied being a member of any cult, and on many occasions stated that he was a regular member of the Orthodox Christian Church.

He never went to school and had taught himself to read and write, but couldn’t master arithmetic.

For his attempts to facilitate peace with Germany, he was called a “German spy” mostly by those who spied for the British crown and facilitated a war against Germany.

Rasputin never placed a curse on Russia, as Arthur Cashin claims. He wrote in his diaries that if he would be killed by the masons and other enemies of Russia, it would mean 70years of terror and the Satanists rule over Russia, if he would be left to live, Russia will be prosperous and peaceful like no other country in history. This wasn’t a curse but a logical evaluation of the advancing forces of Darkness.  What he meant to say that his murder would be by anti-government putschists. The history had proven him right.

“Mad monk” or evil papists

The trend to depict Rasputin as a “mad monk” (he was neither) was initiated and is still being perpetuated by the papists. The first feature film Rasputin and the Empress (1932) was made by Richard Boleslawski, or Polish Ryszard Bolesławski, his real name being Bolesław Ryszard Śrzednicki. Same year, in obvious accord with the Poles, Germans came up with the similar hate-Russia propaganda piece titled Rasputin, Demon with Women, a 1932 German film directed by Adolf Trotz. Then, in 1938, Marcel Charles Adrien L’Herbier produced Rasputin (French: La Tragédie impériale) a film claimed to “historical.”

During the WWII, the papists took a break from attacking their long dead enemy, but in 1966 they resurrected their hatred with the UK made Rasputin, the Mad Monk film directed by Don Sharp.  “Now the Astounding Truth About … “Rasputin: The Mad Monk.” Needless to say that the film depicted Rasputin not as a German spy, but … a demon.

Never mind, also, that Rasputin was neither mad, nor a monk. With two blunt lies in one four-word title, what kind of “Astounding Truth” should we expect?

It’s just like papists still claim that the Crusaders went to free Jerusalem from Muslims, but got lost on the way there, never got to Jerusalem; instead, they attacked Christian cities, notably Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, which they destroyed.

We are talking about the Orthodox Christian Empire that never attacked the West after it fell to the papist heresy.

But, you keep on believing for 1000 years that papism is a Christian cult.

Now, a few refreshingly truthful and unaffected by the Papist anti-Christian hate-Russia ideology comments of the Zerohedge readers:

“What a stinking pile of fake news/history. Rasputin was killed by a British spy, because was negotiating peace between Germany and Russia (sound familair, general Flynn?). Recently the Britits even acknowledged it. “

“There is a well-documented view that the monster-movie caricature of Rasputin is a complete fabrication. You can find one version of the other view here:”

“The question I have is, why does this author go out of his way, out of nowhere, irrelevant to anything on people’s minds, to gush out this story? Meanwhile, some 10 million or so (no one seems to know the actual number) of people died during the Bolshevik revolution. The Tsar and his family, including children, were taken out and shot. But only this Rasputin fellow is worth remembering?”

“Art, you forgot to mention the FACT that British agents were present to do Rasputin in. So no, it was not JUST a Russian affair.”

“Dear Scale, … Although matters here have not proceeded entirely to plan, our objective has clearly been achieved. Reaction to the demise of “Dark Forces” has been well received, although a few awkward questions have already been asked about wider involvement. Rayner is attending to loose ends and will no doubt brief you on your return.”

– Letter from British Secret Service agent to Captain John Scale

“Rasputin’s legend is as true as Anne Frank’s Diary.  Total Malarkey.  The royals were murdered by Jooish assasins.  Rasputin is simply a McGuffin to make you think about other elements of the royals and take away from the real story.  Just like every banker in the world was bailed out by the US government using US taxpayer money in 2008, 2009, etc but the real bad guy , Bernie Madoff, went to jail.”

“There are Torah Jews who have a positive religion based upon Moses REAL writings and then there is the Red Shield House of Rothschild, Chabbadist Jews, Kaballah satan worshipers who joined with the Vatican centuries ago and worship Lucifer and the crimes in the Talmud, the FAKE book written by the Sanhedrin priests.”

Better rasputin’s **** than art cashins.

“That’s not the history as I know it.  As the fifth column of Bolsheviks prepared to overcome Russia Rasputin was used as a propaganda cudgel to prove the Royal family’s unworthiness, much like they lie and defame people today.

We don’t know how many of the stories of his depravity are even true.  He was some type of alleged mystic and the royal family kept him around to help with their sick son.  The mother was a little weird and never took advice from her brilliant royal female elder, who was literally always right.  The hemophiliac was the only son and they were rather desperate.

The son had hemophilia due to lack of genetic diversity through royal inbreeding, common among royal families and some religious sects, like the tribe.

The fifth column closed in and conflicts began.  I dont think the Tzar understood what he was dealing with.  Eventually they were all murdered, including all of the young girls, and the outside evil of Marxism, which was funded in part out of wall street, ravaged the nation.

Rasputin was used to defame them.  Some think he was part of the infiltration itself.  Another example of how they were defamed was when one of the virgin royal daughters volunteered in a hospital wearing the common nursing outfit of the time.

At the time prostitutes were commonly wearing the garb and pics of her wearing it caused trouble since the fifth column had control of some media.  She died a virgin along with her sisters but somehow the Russian royals were disgraced for this too.  They were basically guilty of nothing there but being a bit out of touch when a great evil power was descending on them.

Russia did deserve better.  These were probably the weakest and most incompetent of their royals.”

“You forgot hated. His British family wouldn’t even take him in.”

“Nobody cares who the long occupied British hate, like nobody.”

“Speak for yourself. Nicholas and his family sure cared.”

“Perhaps but the British were infiltrated and what happened in Russia should turn everybody’s blood cold.

You see this in Turkey right now.  Turks don’t prefer Erdogan but they will be god damned if they will trade him in for some foreign horror.”

“The Brits have worked hand-in-hand with the Red Shield House of Rothschild for centuries as has the Vatican.  Russia refused to join the first attempt at one world government, NWO, so they had to be exterminated.”

Rasputin was able to control the bleeding of the hemophilliac tsarevich Alexei through hypnotic suggestion.

“Who Killed Rasputin ? The British plot. BBC 2004 FULL Documentary”


One newspaper credited Rasputin with having preserved the peace in 1913. So did Alexandra who reminded her husband, “He always said the Balkans were not worth fighting over.”

Rasputin was recovering in his bed in Siberia and fully alert to the danger, one of the few people who accurately foresaw the coming disaster. He sent a letter to Nicholas coached in his mystical, prophetic style,

“A terrible storm menaces Russia … Woe, disaster, suffering without end … Do not let fools triumph. Do not let them do this thing.”

“Let the Turks and foreigners eat each other. They are blind, and this is their misfortune … Fear, fear War.”

Rasputin was the lunatic?”

Back to me…

Arthur Cashin and his threats to President Putin by invocation of Rasputin’s spirit remind me his brother from another mother, (their father is Satan and they are all his children), Oleg Kashin, a journalist of general Rabbinical Talmudic background, who gained notoriety by twitting  “All these because you shouldn’t touch the Isaac’s on the day of the terror attack in Saint Petersburg subway on April 3rd, 2017.

If anyone in Russia had any doubts about the nature of terror attacks against them, Kashin helped to dispose any misunderstandings.

What he meant to say was that the bombing of the subway in which 10 people died and 47 were injured, was a revenge for the Russian Orthodox Church taking back, from being used as a museum run by a sinister group of Talmudists, the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral or Isaakievskiy Sobor, a masterpiece of the Russian Christian architecture, and a church that was built with money donated by Russian people.  

Government of Petersburg, Russia returned St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Moscow Patriarchate. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest Orthodox Church in the world, and that’s why the children of Satan murdered and injured all those innocent people on the subway.  

The Kurds asked Syrian government to rescue them from Turks, and by this burying plans for division of Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The last hopes for the “Greater Israel” went down the toilet. That’s why this week the CofS went apoplectic with rage. That’s why they are threatening and blackmailing us on every media platform.

When we shine light at them, evil disappears. Let light shine out of darkness.

Let them watch and have convulsions and seizures, and bang their heads against their aquarium walls, and scream in fits of rage. Their time has passed. Their power is no more. They’re nothing, but a pack of played cards.

We fought back for a very long time, 40 by 40 to be precise,  and we have won against a great evil power that descended on us. We fought for ourselves and for all mankind, because for them, for the haters of people and murderers of men, for the children of Satan, defeating the only great Christian nation of Russia would mean an easy defeat of all humanity. Instead, they got a big “S” –  suck on it!

January 7, 2022 = 2020 x 2 = 4040


BTW, just now someone pointed out how the Talmudic/papist reps were blackmailing Russia on the federal TV channel during Soloviov’s show of choral synagogue choir loosely titled “How to kill Russia and survive?”

Hear them screaming, you hear the sounds of hell.

The funniest fact about Vatican invented Polish Talmudic cult, is that they use a Greek word for their sect indoctrination meetings.

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