Porosh, as a master mason, “created” a new cult.

On the first day of cult’s existence its followers conducted their first animal sacrifice. A hog got its throat slit from ear to ear. The Police said that the hog suicided itself.

In Lvov, the former head of the openly Nazi armed formation “Right sector” and an active participant of the US facilitated Maidan in Kiev Igor Kotsyuruba Игорь Коцюруба was found with a slit throat in Chervonograd. He later died in an intensive care.

I appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to take the case under personal control. The truth about the death of Igor should be established and those who we name as guilty to be brutally punished, (translation is mine SH) – wrote in Facebook Chairman of the Rada Committee on Health Olga Bogomolets.



Der Standard threatens to leave the Orthodox Christians without the Holy Fire for Easter unless we immediately recognize the cult of Poroshenko as a part of the Orthodox Church.

For Kirill, the attitude of the patriarch of Jerusalem, Feofil, could be problematic from the domestic point of view, which has recently demonstrated its connection with Bartholomew. If the dispute escalates, Russia, in the worst case, threatens to remain for Easter without the Holy Fire of the Church of the Sepulchre. Since 1993, the fire was brought to Moscow in an elaborate ceremony from Jerusalem with a special aircraft to demonstrate it to the faithful Russians. (André Ballin from Moscow, 17.12.2018) – derstandard.at/2000094192574/Ukrainian-Church-without-a-Putin-makes-for-crash-with-Moscow


Another most famous Ballin’s article titled “Turks are tired of drunken Russians” asserted that Turkey doesn’t want millions of Russian tourists visited annually.  They would rather have their hotels and resorts to stay empty. That all of those Russians, including women and children, are “drunken” goes without saying. At least for the derstandard.

Now the Der Standard claims that  the patriarch of Jerusalem will not allow the Russian Orthodox priests and faithful into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday, unless they “recognize” the heretics.

But, the Holy Fire doesn’t come down for heretics like the Armenians and the Roman Papists, why would it come down for the Poroshenkovists?


During many centuries of the miracle’s history, the Holy Fire did not descend on occasions when heterodox non-canonical clergymen attempted to obtain it. According to the tradition, in 1099, for example, the failure of Crusaders to obtain the fire led to street riots in Jerusalem. It is also claimed that in 1579, the Armenian patriarch prayed day and night in order to obtain the Holy Fire, but the Fire miraculously struck a column near the entrance and lit a candle held by the Orthodox patriarch standing nearby. the Armenian was afterwards killed by the Turks.

After Russians absolutely refused to see a Greek priest sitting in İstanbul as the “Eastern Rome” and to recognize a few random cults as the new ‘orthodox Church” which even the Vatican refuses to recognize, it’d interesting if the patriarch of Jerusalem will follow down this drain.

At least the Pope has wants nothing to do with the Poroshenko’s creation.

Vatican commented on an information that VaticanNews website posted an announcements about formation of a “new church ” in Ukraine and Epiphany as its new head.

“The only official portal of the Vatican is http://www.vatican.va, and the official news of the Holy See are published only in the Bulletin of the press service”, – said the representative of the Vatican press service.

In the “new church” in Ukraine, the publication on Vatican News was previously regarded as recognition of the Ukrainian schismatic structure by the Vatican. In particular, the head of the information Department of the non-canonical Kyiv Patriarchate, Yevstratii Zorya, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

In other Western world order shattering event, Putin recovered Alexander II’s relics in Nice

Oh, horror, Russia is getting back what was stolen from her.

All these people pray to Nicolay who allowed the entire universe to be destroyed, while they hate and attack the man who has saved Russia in front of our eyes.

They praise the man who had it all and let all to be destroyed, smashed, stomped into mud, drown in blood of the innocents, and they hate Putin who saved and rescued 150 million in Russia, and many many more outside of it from a certain horrible fate, and who is now stand to feed an entire planet.

Look at them and remember that they are not what they say they are, they Are Not What They Seem.

Comment Poutine a récupéré les reliques d’Alexandre II à Nice

Investigation-the Russian Federation has repossessed memorabilia of the “tsar the Liberator ” entrusted by his widow, who emigrated to Nice, to a local religious association. A new battle in the fierce war on the Riviera between the descendants of the White Russians and the “current regime.”

“I have never seen, in thirty years of my career, an emergency justified by a sole will of a foreign head of state.” In the spacious offices that he occupies avenue Georges-Clemenceau in Nice, Me Jean-Marc Szepetowski still says he is “stunned” by the “legally hallucinating” way in which, according to him, the Russian Federation recovered a set of relics that belonged to tsar Alexander II. These included his blue wool uniform jacket and gold watermark passes, and the still-bloodied white linen shirt worn by the emperor in the 1881 bombing in St. Petersburg.

On 8 November, under an order signed on 2 November by the High Court of Nice, a bailiff, accompanied by police officers, came knocking at the door of the Russian Orthodox religious Association (Acor) to take possession of the precious relics.

The relics were returned from the private association to the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Alexandra in Nice, where they will be on display.

alexandrchurch nice

Russia to set up military base in the Caribbean

The Russian emergency services and the UN have carried out 430 joint rescue and humanitarian operations in the last 25 years, as a result of which they have saved 9 million people, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s press service informed TASS on Thursday. This statement came on the outcomes of the meeting of Russian Emergencies Minister Yevgeny Zinichev and UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock.


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