by Scott Humor

Past week events were failures of different degrees and proportions for their organizers.

But they contributed to obscure for the greater global audience the biggest event, the most symbolic event that will define our future for the next hundred years, if not forever. This event just took place in a provincial town of Perm’ in Russia.  

My friends and foes know that I won’t write a shopping list without a concise outline of historical and geo-political matters at hand.  I refer you to the Orthodox Christian philosopher, scholar and historian Jay Dyer for an explanation of why the Orthodox Christians are the real Jews. After you listen to him, you will understand why a meme about “Jews being the most persecuted group of people in history” is basically true. Just look at the plight of the Orthodox people since a large part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and the Apostolic Church was captured by the children of Satan and have since been used by them as a blunt instrument to hummer down into mud and dust the children of God. The same old simple formula is used over and over again. The children of Satan, in strictly Biblical terms, point at their victims and demand from the Romans to murder them. Romans, who all share one pea size brain, trample forward to murder the real Jews, just like they murdered the Living God, triggering both, an immense eschatological catastrophe comparable only with the one following Adam’s refusal to rest in God, and the salvation, athanasia, and life of joy, happiness and love for those who seek all those things and know how to ask for them. No pressure, though.  

Always to be right, always to trample forward, and never to doubt, are not these the great qualities with which the Golem takes the lead in the world?

William Makepeace Thackeray


The church fathers say that the “devil is a monkey of God.” He can’t create anything, but he can fake a creation. Like the time when he dreamed of creating his own human and created a Golem. So, if God chooses the Orthodox Christians, people that are Not Of This World, and stands as the Head of the Church, the devil, the Prince of This World, forges his own ‘chosenites’ by setting up a cult of the Rabbinical Talmudism in the eleventh century Poland with the help of Vatican, of course. Poland has been Vatican’s European colony for centuries. The cult grew safely inside the Polish nation using it as a cocoon. Now,  Israel is a colony, with its political and military force acting as a cocoon for the cult.  I explain in details of who, how and why in my absolutely delightful book Hell and Israel: Après Lavrov le deluge.

The cult swelled up from a dozen witchcraft practitioners, con-artists, market square puppeteers and activists, to nearly one million strong cult members in just three centuries, mostly by recruiting Eastern European and Middle Eastern slaves. Did I mention that the cult made its fortune in slave trade, theft, and armed robberies of neighboring nations with the use of proxy mercenary armies called sometimes the Khazars and sometimes the Daish. The cult laundered its loot through the system of usury banking, forbidden for the Christians and Muslims.

After the European Golem went and stomped and destroyed millennium old peaceful and immensely rich Orthodox Christian empire of Byzantine, her looted wealth funneled to the West along with its philosophers, writers, merchants, artists and craftsmen fleeing the death and destruction that the Golem brought upon them.  With them came the knowledge and knowhow of such profound substance that the European tribes started experiencing a sudden bloom of civilization that they erroneously dubbed their Renaissance. The Byzantines came to Europe and reformed miserable European existence of people who lived with rats and died from flea bites, ate dead as medicine, never washed themselves, built their houses with dried up cow manure, and whose crème de la crème the Crusaders who destroyed the Christian empire had sex with goats whenever possible, contracting syphilis and spreading it to their families and friends as their karma,  all the while their ‘nobility’ used toilets hanging over the streets and finding pleasure in defecated on the heads of their unwashed feudal subjects.

The sweet memory of the pillaging and looting of Byzantium has been bothering the unholy trinity of Vatican, its Golem and its Talmudic cult for centuries. Naturally, when the Orthodox Christians have build another empire on the North, the children of Satan promptly marched to destroy it. First, they use their cocoon material, Poles, and failed every time. Then they used the Masons to gather a mercenary army, demanding from Russia’s czar du jour, also a mason albeit a slightly different mason, to admit the defeat and to open the coffers for them. There was no reason why he wouldn’t pay up, if it wasn’t for a resistance of the Orthodox people against the army of Euro-Golem. Next we had non-stop small wars to bleed and exhaust the Orthodox people. All that was in preparation for a catastrophe. Remember the Talmudic maggots in its Polish cocoon? Somehow the masons in Russia managed to implant this  cocoon right into the body of the Orthodox Christian empire, just like a rogue surgeon would implant a tumor into a healthy body.

Then, the Golem went into an all out war.

At some point, the tumor ruptured spreading millions death-bearing cells over the Russian nation and turning her life into the hell on earth. The emptied cocoon was promptly returned to its original owner. The hell maggots loose from the cocoon spread across Russian land and life devouring eighteen million Orthodox Christian lives in the first five years of the Talmudic terror. Then, millions more. To an outside observer, the Orthodox Christian nation seemed gutted and dead, with millions being starved to death, her Church destroyed, her God abandoned her, and her soul departed.

After waiting for a decade, an unholy trinity had decided that the last great Christian nation on earth is dead, and that all they had to do was to roll-up their sleeves,  get on tanks and roll into the Holy Rus’ to start carving her body. Rus’ is enormous, so everyone should get a piece of her, they figured. Next, they anticipated that an entire world would become their playground to visit hell upon, while defenseless humanity swims in shit and drowns in blood begging to their carved and painted wooden idols, asking an old man in Vatican for salvation that would never come.

Needless to say the Golem rushed to destroy the Orthodox Christians. It always does. That’s why it was created. That’s the only reason for its existence. To encourage Germans to rush headfirst, a carrot in shape of “Russian slaves” and Russian arable lands was held for the Golem. Always the same carrot, because the Golem is incapable of learning. Chasing the carrot, the Golem rushed into stomping millions of innocent children of God and destroying everything they have built for previous ten centuries. Perish the thought that Germans and Russians, who are essentially the same people, would create an economic, cultural and technological alliance improving and enriching both nations beyond their wildest dreams.

Vatican is always behind its two automatons, the Golem and the cult. Every time Vatican needs money to pay to the Golem to go to another war against the Orthodox Christians, it shakes the cultists down with their coins falling right into the Vatican’s opened money bags. After each war, Vatican uses the loot to pay the cult back.  This works every time.

The cult members are lured in by greed and trapped inside by fear of losing everything.  As a closed secret society, the cult distributes ill gotten wealth to its members, provides them with unmatched social, legal and political support. In return, the cult expects its followers to give themselves willingly as a sacrificial offering at short notice. Those members trying to escape their doom and to leave the cult are often punished by death, physical or professional. The word that the cultists use for their willful sacrifice is “holocaust,” one of many Talmudic interpretations for the term “holocaust” is burnt offering to their deity, the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, also known as the Antichrist. This should explain why every time a Talmudic cult member being convicted of crimes, an entire cult screams “holocaust” and dances hava-mogila.

Christian Byzantine Empire Wrecked by West

Byzantium was the longest lasting, most stable economic empire in human history because it was informed by its Orthodox ethos.

To better understand the Byzantine Empire since the Orthodox history is hard to come by in the west, non bias Russian Chronicles especially let alone Byzantine, watch this phenomenal documentary.

I got too tired and hungry writing for you about these hell clowns. What was this event and what makes it historical I will explain on Will post a link here.

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