All complex social, political cataclysms like armed conflicts are designed, funded and executed by the third parties. They don’t just happen.  Anti-Maidan was a part of Maidan.

A transcript of Kolomoisky’s interview is here

Kolomoisky admitted that the war in Ukraine is a war between different oligarchic groups, it’s not a war against Russia, or “pro-Russian separatists.”

The easiest way to understand this is to look at the Syrian war. There are three armed groups, the ISIS backed by Israel and the Saudis, the moderates backed by the US and coalition, and the Kurds back by the US and Coalition. They all attack the government of Syria, in order to destroy the country, to drive people out of the country, to kill those who stayed. They were paid salaries. ISIS groups were receiving salaries from Israel and some of the ISIS commanders were either Israelis, or converted to Talmudism persons from other countries. At the end the commanders were promised positions of power in their new government and were evacuated when they lost the war. I describe this in details in my Hell and Israel book.

The same scenario was used during an anti-government revolt of 1917, where the “Red” and “White” teams backed by the European governments, Japan and the US fought against the population with the help of invasion and occupation of Russia by Antanta. Antanta withdrew only when the ISIS, I mean the Trotskists Talmudists, were firmly placed in power.  After they came to power, they murdered 18 million people in the first 5 years of their regime.

The same scenario was played in Ukraine in 2014.

Not all scenarios were used. A scenario called for establishing of the Orthodox Christian Jihad was placed on ice. This scenario can be reenacted any day.

Pokémon is a book of illustrations. This way I have images published, so when I have the history of the war in Ukraine ready, i can make references to this illustrated glossary of Ukro-Pokemons (Givi, Motorola, Girkin, and others). I might publish another glossary, I still have over 1000 pages and images.

The people involved in the Donbass crisis were a collective Pope Gapon. They are all crisis-actors.  I don’t think it’s productive to discuss the characters they were hired to play, even so some of these characters were used in Serbia and Chechnya, and some in Libya and Syria. 

What didn’t get in my glossary of Ukro-Pokémons was my research of Givi’s activities. I used videos posted online to put together his calendar. For six months I acted as his virtual secretary. Using those videos and articles with his interviews, I can prove beyond reasonable doubt that acting for videos and giving interviews was his full-time job, which he did from the yard of a big Pink Roof house that he and his production crew occupied. I also have a video made by  his British spy side-kick where he says that the house in question was about 1.5 hours of drive from the Donetsk airport, that they all so heroically defended in front of multiple international film crews for 2 years.

They ALL claimed that they worked for the ‘government of Russia.’ Girkin  even claimed that he was an officer of the FSB.

Girkin, who was making money by staging historical battles reenactment shows and worked for years for Malofeev, was hired to stage a show in Donetsk. Which he did in cooperation with the multiple film crews from Kiev and abroad.

Not only they all are complicit in murder of over 10,000 people and forced displacement of millions, they also did everything for the Western countries to justify the illegal trade restrictions, political and informational war against Russia at the coast of up to 10% of Russia’s economy. We all paid for this.

The justification for the illegal international actions was  provided by using these actors staged videos and interviews.

The initial idea was to have an anti-government putsch in Russia, which was foiled in the spring of 2015 with hundreds of high ranking officials in the government, army, police and FSB arrested and fired.

Kolomoisky who is the head of the European Jewish congress, financed Maidan and organized the Nazi armed groups that deployed large number of NATO servicemen, who should be all named and charged for war crimes. He offered money for every murdered Russian. He paraded in t-shirts with “Kosher Bandera” slogan, and he demonstrated how the Nazi groups historically were organized and financed.

When Kolomoisky opens his round, button-like, eyes and blurts out truth that Putin has nothing to do with Donbass and that the war against Donbass is the war staged by the oligarchic groups, media is silent, while when he blamed Russia and Putin in 2014, he was broadcasted every single day.

Again, the international oligarchic groups organized the war against population of Ukraine (including men forced drafted into the army and their families) and was used for NATO occupation and to imposed sanctions and marked our nation as “terrorists” and “aggressors.”

His interview was published by and rambler news. It should be broadcasted by all TV channel and analyzed by all “experts.”

His interview has to be a base for legal actions against all those individuals and countries that backed him and other oligarchs like Pinchuk,  Akhmetov and Malofeev. . .

All we hear is silence.

We Russians don’t have our own media. Even the RT is not Russian media. Which is extremely sad.


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