Russian orphans whose parents were murdered by the Soviet terror of Rabbinical Talmudists

Russia was plunged into Darkness after the 1917 religious minorities insurgence backed and financed by the UK, Germany, Japan, and the United States, among others. About 5 million members of the Polish-Galician-Baltic Rabbinical Talmudic cult were placed into the ruling position over Russian nation by the force of brutal military invasion of all world empires and their satellites military union Antanta, which was NATO at the time.

The Trotskists were a movement similar to the ISIS movement. They share their principle of organization, major supporters, ideological and political goals. Members of the Rabbinical Talmudic cult were main financial and political beneficiaries of the anti-government putsch and the western invasion of Russia. The Antanta withdrew it’s occupation from most of Russia’s territory after they established the terror regime over entire Russia.

After the Rabbinical Talmudic cult took power in Russia, it’s members organized genocide  of Russian people murdering 18 million people in the first 5 years of their regime.

“Trotskists” they called themselves after their leader  Lev Davidovich Bronstein Trotsky, a relative of an American billionaire.

The correspondents from all major American and European media companies were dispatched to Russia to document how well the Talmudists, dispatched from the US, UK and Europe to Russia, were doing their job of genocide of Russian Orthodox Christian people.

Remember these images every time when a member of the extremist Rabbinical Talmudic cult says anything about Russia and Russian people.

Russian homeless orphans in 1921- 1923. Children’s parents were executed by the new Talmudic regime.



Victims of the Trotskists organized famine in Volga region in 1921-1923

Victims of the famine in Volga region next to railroad tracks

1921 The face of starvation. Hospital in Chelyabinsk, a dying Russian child

Hospital #920 People, swollen from starvation

Orphans in Samara Volga region in an orphanage. Just one orphanage in Samara housed 15000 starving children

Starving children in hospital beds in Marxstadt


Children starved to death in Marxstadt


Starved to deathin Saratov

Starved to death. Buzuluk