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World Synchronicity and Geometry of Space

I will be posting some of Cat Motya’s revelations and some of my thoughts.


I will be posting in bits and pieces, so check back later.

By this week, before the G20 meeting of Putin and Trump, we witness the organized attacks of lower world  dwellers on all fronts. As inside and outside of Russia, and also everywhere else, including Maidan script being played out in France, and the Talmudists gathering a campaign to rewrite the Holy Bible and Koran, to remove texts about their murder of Jesus Christ, the Living God.


The matters of granting autocephaly to the non-canonical religious groups in Ukraine was placed on a backburner, as soon as Kiev regime started taking over the orthodox Church properties and transferring ownership to unknown entities and persons.

Ukraine Hands Over Churches to Constantinople, Redistributing Property


it’s obvious for now that the entire theater with the “autocephaly” was a cover-up for the start of the so called “restitution” campaign that Petka Porosh and Co. were placed to execute. To pacify the Western Ukrainian and Galician nazis, and to ensure that the regime in Kiev won’t be hanged by them,  the “restitution” a.k.a. assets grab is being conducted under a pretence of the fight against “evil Russians.” and the churches and medieval monasteries are being saved from the ‘Russian priests’ and given to the “right owners.

Three years ago, demonocrats put together a plan of alienation properties all around the Western Ukraine, especially Lvov, and collected ‘evidences” of how the Western Ukrainians and Galicians were killing Jews. In other words, they were traveling across Ukraine taking interviews of the local old people and they, for a small fee, were happy to tell how the Western Ukrainians were killing kind Talmudists and making lunch with them. They published a book and other documents, and now they are waiting, because next will be the end of the “Ukro dream” because everything they think they own is, on paper. owned by global demonocrats since  back in 2014, after Kiev had signed a European Union association agreement. Back then, Polish citizens prepared for bringing claims for the restitution of lands and properties in Lviv and Ternopil, and with the Polish Talmudists, there are those from jerusalem, new York, and so on. there is no end of those who place claims on the properties in ukraine for free.

So, the church epopee was a cover-up for transfer immense wealth concentrated in hundreds of ancient monasteries, and thousands of church buildings and land from the Ukraine state ownership into the hands of some unspecified public entities. Well, you understand. Under pretence of fighting with separatism, they documented instances of unti-Talmudism on Donbass, so as the result everybody in Ukraine owns them everything and more. Under same pretence, the Talmudists have received large very expensive parcels of lands in Kiev and around the capital for fREE. We have to remember that everything, properties, assets, buildings, land they are getting for free, by the simple transfer of ownership.

While brainless Ukro-patriots run around with flags, Talmudists are making Luft Gesheft and taking huge profits. And those from the Western Ukraine who scream the loudest about ‘evil Russians’ and separatists, they will be ripped off the most, since a long line of claimants stands at their gates with all the “papers” to take their place. And the same, by the way, will be with Poland. Poles will be left without pants, very soon. They will be like the Baltic Russophobes, who don’t own anything in their own countries.

That’s why the events around  autocephaly for the non-canonical non-orthodox Christian groups in Ukraine didn’t make any sense if they really wanted to achieve this, but it makes perfect sense if this is a plan to transfer the orthodox Church properties and assets into the hands of the Rabbinical Talmudists.

Poroshenko signs decree on martial law

Now, you understand that the martial law situation is needed to kill any resistance to the transfer of assets, and the Kerch provocation was stages specifically to achieve this.

In the next 60 to 90 days we will watch this transfer of assets.

In defense of Poland, they thought that hosting an American army will protect them from loosing those proverbial pants, but anyone with a slight penchant for observation can predict that it won’t.

“Sources in Warsaw say they suspect officials in the US and Israeli governments of threatening to revive a campaign claiming $65 billion in compensation from Poland and other European governments for losses of life and property caused to their Jewish nationals during the war. The project, launched in 2011, is called the Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (HEART). It is based in Israel, headed by Rafi Eitan, the Mossad agent directing espionage against the US in the 1980s. In Milwaukee HEART has been managed by a Democratic Party consultant called Bruce Arbit and his A.B. Data company who have run several earlier Jewish restitution campaigns. HEART was suddenly suspended last July, without explanation.

In Warsaw, according to Polish sources, officials believe it would be a small price to pay to allow more US troops into the country and spend more on the war against Russia than to risk having to pay the bill for Operation HEART. The Siklebaums are among them, the sources say.”


But, wait, there is more… The dwellers of the lower world is attacking on all frons simultaneously, hence we observe the synchronicity of their attacks.

In Russia they are attacking children and youth.

Will be back with more…

The synchronicity of the current enemies attacks against Russia is no different from all other similar attacks, with the exception of the bets being raised on all levels of the lower world.

Inside Russia, the fake-patriots slipped a mickey in a shape of Husky-the-rapper,

“Russian rapper Husky was released from jail on November 26 after a court cancelled an earlier ruling imposing a 12-day sentence.”

Those who think it’s a small potato are mistaken, and this  issue about this is a message ‘to the top,” while those “at the bottom” doesn’t understand it and don’t pay attention. Navalny has been playing with political pedophilia for some time now. I wrote about one of his “creations.”


About involvement of students into the anti-government political “events.”

Before the presidential elections in Russia, I wrote about my research into activities of the Grid Dynamics, a company founded by the American and Israel citizens and purchased by Chinese investors, which under a pretence of teaching students, was providing support to a liberal opposition candidate.

Grid Dynamics connects wars in Ukraine and Syria with Soros’ Open Russia, Sobchak and snipers in Saratov

Scott’s answer to an email from a Grid Dynamics employee

My concern mostly was about students who were subjected to brainwashing against the government and society during the company’s “events.” I posted screenshots of those “events” adorned with images of unicorns and images of adult men organizing those “events” training to shoot sniper rifles during their corporate retreat.

Rapper Husky is heavily promoted and supported by Zahar Prilepin and Margarita Simonyan is the editor-in-chief of the English-language television news network RT. Simonyan has repeatedly referred to Prilepin as her favorite Russian writer.

Zahar Prilepin, a RED Team player fake-patriot and one of the leaders of “Russia without Putin” Western funded psi-op. Which is immediately begs the question about the RT and its editor-in-chief.

Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.


I brief video where Prilepin watches his own video during the “Russia without Putin” demonstration and says that Vladimir Vladimirovish is “probably” watches this video and say “What? How is it Russia without me?” Further, Prilepim says that we need to change something. “remember, he said “What is the world without Russia?” and they all laugh. “Now, ehn the federal channels broadcast huge interviews with Limonov, that for all normal people obvious that he is a patriot of Russia, who shouted at the meetings and wrote a book titled “Limonov against Putin.” It means that there is a true democracy in our country. It’s all normal. Only fools say to us, that “you are for the revolution and a violent change of power in Russia.” The same people who hate Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsen, and consider his being in power as evil. But would a revolution lead by yeltsin be evil? No, of course not. We could even prevent by the revolution the demolition of the Soviet Union.   The revolutions are critically necessary, and those who didn’t do the revolutionary perestroyka, they are guilty in the partition of the country.   That’s why we shouldn’t be shy. These are all great, benevolent, imperial deeds, that we are committing today. I remember how the journalists from the Nijny Novgorod region were all liberals in the 90s. They all were absolutely, totally, liberals. they all were copies of Senya Sobchak.  ” and so on

Those of you who read my POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction MANUAL, you know the basic principle of the demonocratic wars against us, having two teams, the Blue Team and the Red Team. Get your FREE copy here


So, Zakhar Prilepin is from the Red team, that’s why you see him on the video under some red rags. he plays a character who is a Russian speaking writer who writes “criticism of Russia”  and a revolutionary, but also, somehow, a “patriot.”

Yevgeny Lavlinsky is a typical Talmudist-revolutionary, who works non-stop to destroy my country for his “ambitions.”  

“Yevgeny Nikolayevich Prilepin, writing as Zakhar Prilepin, and sometimes using another pseudonym, Yevgeny Lavlinsky, this one mostly for journalistic publications, is a Russian writer, and a member of Russia’s unregistered National Bolshevik Party since 1996.”


Why the court canceling its decision to jail the rapper Husky for hooliganism for 12-days is very bad news?

Because, as Margarita Simonyan  claims or rather hints, that someone from the President’s administration pressured the court that should be independent to canceler its decision without any due process.

simonyan husky

  1. Now, more details about Husky. inside, as they say. Husky was released and will be left in peace, exclusively because two-three people in the AP (presidential administration) who never heard about Husky, one evening were told about Husky, and what had happened to him.
  2. Of cause, it would be cooler if Husky was released  because we have the most human court in the world, common sense and everything is great. It would be even better, if he wasn’t initially oppressed and instead was preforming at the children’s holiday around the Christmas tree in the Kremlin.

Anyone and their cat now understand that the court system in Russia is rigged, and that the people in power can do whatever they want with the courts. This is exactly why this provocation with Husky was staged and announced on all Western garbage cans and junkyards.

I see no chance that Symonyan doesn’t understand what she is doing. I hope we will know who were those unnamed persons from the presidential administration.

This psi-op is staged in preparation for some serious anti-government provocations, when all the levels of the lower world will be screaming that the courts in Russia are corrupt, just see what happened to the rapper Husky, arrested for 12 days and released because of the government interference.

In October, libtards and demonocrats in Russia were screaming and yelling to jail for as long as possible two football players Kokorin and Mamaev.

Now, they screaming ‘don’t’ jail the rapper.’ All these is a manipulation and political pressure on the court and justice by the representatives of the “creative class” and other “important people.”

I have no doubts that in due time, they will turn around and start demanding to cancel all of the court decisions because the court showed that it’s easily manipulated.

Symonyan writes that the AP pressured the court for their “creative boy” who jumped on someone’s new car and smashed it for his video. Imagine that you just bought a new car and some dirty animal jumped on its roof, and then everyone said that this was done for “art” and that the animal sings with his mouth opened, so it can do no wrong. The police arrested him, but the court released because of the “progressive” pressure.

And you? You are just a citizen of the country who worked hard to buy a new car, you don’t sing anywhere, and the law and the Constitution don’t protect you if the “progressive” and “creative” class  doesn’t want it.

If what Syrmonya calls an “insider information” is true and someone pressured the court, it’s a huge cloud over the AP and people they employ. She doesn’t say who “insider” is. May it be same “insider” that gifted us with the “Trump dossier”?

Why Symonyan got into this, I don’t know. I wish that she didn’t, but who am I to tell her what to do.


In some instances the tone is very important, and Russia’s delegation in the UNSC took the wrong tone. With this tone of voice only to read prayers or beg for change, not to read statements of the great power at the UN security Council meeting.

The UNSC meeting on Kiev regime’s attack should be done by either Safronkov or Nebenzia.

Kiev-Reich has officially started a process of annihilation of demonic groups by each other. Don’t travel there, don’t get involved, just have a cup of coffee and watch them.

Getting from under Moon’s shadows into a sunshine


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I’m honestly absolutely heartbroken.

I hoped that if I keep publishing my researches free for everyone, people will support my work by buying my books. I was wrong.

Now on, I will be publishing all my current and future research as books.

Pirates of the Azov Sea

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Europe in a Toilet

The Greatest Army in the Universe

HOME DELIVERY, or a Russian submarine in search for a target

The Meaning of History

Deja Vu, or Putin’s greatest purge that no one noticed

and many others…

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No, one ever explained why Russia’s MOD thanked the IDF in July 2018, and Israel went so ballistic over this. Why Israel revealed a name of their servicewoman a day prior, and how all that connected to a bolder from the Western wall.

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