Trump, Macron and Merkel and everyone else waiting for President Putin arrival.

Judging by the hell in comments on Twitter, the Liberals got his massage. The Boss is never late; he is delayed elsewhere.

What a contrast with November 2014 Putin’s trip to Australia. Remember how they all shunned him, and he left before the schedule? It was 9 months after they all in coordinated manner toppled Ukraine’s government in an armed special op to place individuals selected by Nuland in power and to have NATO troops entering and invading the territory. We remember how Putin was forced to bring along with him Russian fleet to protect himself during the visit, which indicated that they were ready to kill him and Russian intelligence knew about their plans. Do you remember how Abbott sent Australian fleet “to confront” Russian ships in the Coral Sea? The heads of states don’t normally bring their fleets for a conference. The host country doesn’t normally dispatch its armed forces towards a head of a sovereign state arriving for a visit.  That would be a nightmare, and we would have oceans and seas crolling with fleets, battleships, and heavy armed fishing boats in all directions.

Australia was only four years ago, but it was a different epoch on a different planet. But one thing is certain, if they killed him, as they planned, Australia wouldn’t exist now. But we remembered everything, and made Australia to pay through the nose for their dirty games. We are kind people, we don’t hold grudges, but we have good memory.

Putin in Australia


Do you think Australia got the message?

paris event 2018

Just think about these rats, for a second.