by Scott Humor

Do not believe them! Do not go out when they call you! Don’t listen to them!

So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them!


Last month someone left a comment about everyday life in Ukraine from a point of view of an average person.  Average utilities costs are higher than an average salary. People apply to the local authorities for welfare assistance in paying utilities. In exchange, the local authorities assign special committees that dispatch groups of people to assess the petitioner’s financial situation. For this purpose every single month they visit apartments and houses of utilities welfare recipients. They check everything: what people have in their refrigerators, their consumer electronic devices including computers, TV sets, and cell phones. The committee people have the “right” to check browsing history on those computers and call history on the phones. They inspect what clothes people have and even the age of those clothes. They look in the bathroom cabinets and check what medication people take. This inspection is a monthly event. Those who refuse the inspection, lose their utilities “allowances.”

What is described above is a population control technique. One of many practiced by the Kiev authorities. We all know that the Kiev authorities is an occupational regime, and that the Ukraine is occupied by Israel, the United State, Canada, Poland, France and other NATO countries that have their troops on its territory.

We know that the US has multiple military bases in the Ukraine, that Canada and Poland both have their military advisers there.

Just this week in Kiev an Israeli military adviser was found shot to death in his apartment. The Police  denied an initial information that the Israeli was in Ukraine in capacity of a military adviser and an administrator of the internet resource for the Georgian Legion.  If you never heard of it, the Georgian Legion is a group of international mercenaries who claim to be “Georgians fighting against Russia for the Ukrainian freedom,” but upon a close and careful consideration are revealed as the Israeli special operation troops.

I wrote in detail about the miracle of turning NATO and Israel special operation forces into “Ukrainian freedom fighters” in my illustrated research Pokémon in Ukraine that you can buy from the Saker’s Community store.

It’s important to understand the level of state terror and threat of military force use against civilians, to understand what’s really going on with the Orthodox Church there. If you are not familiar with the subject I recommend to read a few articles outlining the crisis here and here.

The Russian Church opinion on the current situation in English is here.

What’s really maddening is that multiple experts and analysts keep making some inflammatory “predictions” of alleged impending “bloody war” that would shed the “rivers of blood” of the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine.  Those are actual quotes from the journos.

In anticipation for this “bloody war” in  which, as many hope, the  Russians will be killing Russians, the Kiev authorities prepare to terminate the Treaty of Friendship with Russia and to cut the bus and railroad routes to Russia, so people won’t be able to escape the “religious war” that the regime is obviously contemplating.

Those are bad news.

The good news is that the schism that Constantinople is setting by implementing the project of the Ukrainian autocephaly will be not between the Orthodox Christians, but between the none-Orthodox (Uniats a.k.a. The Eastern Catholic Churches and Catholics) and the Orthodox, meaning between the Orthodox and those none-Christians.  The Orthodox Christians in Ukraine have not asked for autocephaly, and those who asked for it are not the Orthodox Christians. By granting an autocephaly to none-Orthodox and none-Christians the Patriarch of Constantinople will place himself outside of the Orthodox Church framework. This move will liquidate the Patriarchate of Constantinople and will put the end to Byzantine, or whatever is left of it.

The benefits of this event for the Church can be enormous. A few of them are listed here.

At some point, we will do a thorough research of who is behind this scheme. This is the third attempt to start a war on the territory of Ukraine. They failed to start the civil war in Ukraine, they failed to provoke Russia to militarily interfere there. Now, they have the last chance. They all hope that there will be “rivers of Russian blood,” and they know they are attacking something deep, meaningful and spiritual. Meanwhile, if you read news in Russian and Ukrainian languages you would get this uneasy feeling of a deliberate psychological operation going on, a psych up to a dogfight.  

That’s why the Orthodox people in Ukraine should stay home and not to get involved in this artificially created crisis. Buildings are not God. We don’t worship the walls. We discussed a hypothetical situation with holy dust of Jerusalem, and came to a collective conclusion that stones and buildings are not God, and that the New Testament doesn’t say “die, but protect those buildings and stones with your life.”

Those who will be taking over the churches in Ukraine are armed thugs, professional mercenaries, special operation forces and such. They have the Ukrainian armed forces and NATO troops to support them. This armada will be attacking the churchgoers: unarmed civilian men, women and children.  The Canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine and the Moscow Patriarchy should advise people to stay home. Let the Schismatics to take over the buildings.  After all, the Moscow Patriarchy might be able to file an injunction requesting the court to grant relief. The court might be able to freeze assets owned by the Ukrainian state and citizens on the territory of Russia until the Church properties are returned. They can start with the “Titanium investments,” the chemical manufacturer, owned by the Ukrainian-Jewish oligarch Firtash, which is poisoning the north of Crimea, right now.

Stay home. Keep your families safe. Anything can be restored, returned, rebuild and replaced, but lives. Don’t let the children of Satan to triumph by murdering priests and monks. Don’t give them the satisfaction of killing.

After Bartholomew is excommunicated and takes his followers with him, we will get rid of this Byzantine dump. FOREVER. The question of Constantinople will be closed forever. Erdogan will be very relieved and happy. In exchange for the city of Constantinople issue being taken off the table, Erdogan should give the Hagia Sophia over to the Russian Christians.

The center of Christianity will be moved to Moscow, which is the Third and the last Rome, and to the New Jerusalem. Russia’s spiritual mission has been, is and will be the guardian of the Church.

This whole thing might end up to be a storm in a teacup, if we avoid stepping into traps that the Demonocrats set up for us.

“Think outside of set mental structures.” V.V. Putin

“We’ll Respond Totally Asymmetrically” – Russia answers to NATO