by Scott Humor

We need to establish a new legal  definition for “occupation”

Look at the so-called “Ukraine” now, which is nothing but a spot on a map claiming to be an independent state, when everyone knows that it is not.

ukraine occupation

To render the war games useless, we need to come up with a new definition for the term “occupation.” Under “we,” I mean some supreme international decision-makers, like the UN.

This is very important. It’s important because unless something is said and written on a piece of paper, it doesn’t exists. Our world will be in turmoil unless we shut down all those legal loopholes and secret bureaucratic passages for more wars and interventions. It’s that simple. If you’re occupying a country and no one calls you an occupier and holds you accountable, why not to occupy another country, and another, and then ten or a hundred more, with all the terrible consequences for people in those countries?

On the other hand, if you liberated a part of your own territory with your own population from the occupation, you are called an “occupier,” which paralyzes your ability to liberate your entire territory with all of your people living there under someone else’s occupation. People who suffer so much, that their numbers shrink by 50% in 25 years of occupation, with 10,00,000 of your people escaping the occupied country just in the last four years!

A new definition of “occupation” will greatly diminish the ability of the aggressor to gulp down new countries. Russia and China have already started by signing an agreement of none-acceptance of any “color revolutions.” This event took place in complete silence, and went virtually unnoticed, but…. but…. but we don’t see putsches any more. There was one, in Brazil, but this was done with the use of legal mechanisms.  Now, we need some other players, for example Russia, India, China, Iran and whoever is interested and not too lazy to stop by, to get together and come up with a similar document.

The UN members have to come together and develop a document outlining a new definition of “occupation” that would include never before outlined types of occupation. We need this for the survival of humanity. It’s easy and cheaper to buy, bribe, blackmail and intimidate the ruling class and the members of the media and fake elites into submission to one foreign force, especially if this foreign force is a collective of very powerful states and supranational actors. By manipulating the ruling class, it’s cheap and easy to turn the national armies against their own population, and to make them to follow your orders to annihilate THEIR OWN POPULATION. You don’t have to spend a dime; you can loan them money and make them use their country’s resources to destroy THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

You gain the full power over the population that you occupy via their ruling class and armed forces.

You write laws for them, you command their army, you have the power to take from this population anything you want: food, medicine, life. For details see: “US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations: overthrowing governments, sabotage, subversion, intelligence and abduction, FM 3-05.201, Apr 2003.”

You can conduct social experiments on this population, ban them from speaking their native language and make them to speak an artificially created language, change their alphabet to a foreign alphabet, make people “non-citizens.” You can give keys from their churches to people whom they rightfully see as the Satan worshipers. You can sit at this country’s parliamentary sessions and tell them, on camera, what you want them to do. You can boast that you personally fired this country’s attorney general, or a minister, or a sitting president. You can hang your own flag on this country’s security service headquarters. You can have your generals to command this country’s army.

As the result, no one, not one official representative of the UN, not one media representative, not even another government can call you an occupier, because all legal definitions of the term “occupation” belong to past ages and they protect you.

We don’t need much to do to put the end to this. We need several countries to adopt a resolution. Then more countries on the United Nation level.

We will gain a lot as a result.

First, the Western powers will be reluctant for their influence to be seen in the future, and this alone will reduce their ability to occupy other nations.

Second, those nations who are occupied and that have been occupied recently will receive their respective status.

Third, the voices of these occupied nations, that were never heard and considered, will be considered everywhere starting with the UN.

Fourth, concerning predatory loans given to the occupational regimes will be considered illegal, after this country is liberated from the occupation.  Those structures that issue loans to the occupation authorities, should lose any mechanism of repayment. If countries like Russia, China, India, Persia and others recognize any country as being under occupation, then they declare that all the money that this nation borrowed under the occupation regime as non-existing.  In some cases, they might recognize the debt as being responsibility of the OCCUPYING POWER.

The world has changed, but the legal definitions have not been changed for hundred years.

We also need to establish a definition for illegal “forced alienation.”

I mean what had happened to us, the citizens of the Soviet Union, who voted to preserve the Union in its borders and for the preservation of the state, and whose state was broken into multiple small chunks, who were separated from each other with most brutal force, against which we had no power, because it was done by the occupational authorities against the interest of our nation. People who went to the referendum and voted for the preservation of their county, next morning woke up in separate “countries.”  All this was done forcefully, brutally, and against people’s expressed will.

What happened next was different in every case. In some cases the dictators who were placed to rule over the parts of our country, staged fake referendums to confirm the fact of the forced alienation of the parts of Russia. They lied to populations and they fooled the people, and every dictator got the result they wanted. In the new definition of occupation, this forced alienation has be presented as an act of an occupation.

What do we have today? Factually and legally, – we have the forced alienation of territories and population from Russia that was accomplished by foreign entities with the use of force and against the WILL of the people. This forced alienation was accepted as LEGAL by the world community.

Now, when a handful of our people with a small piece of Russian land had re-united with Russia, it is being called “illegal” and you call us, Russians, the “occupier.”

Let’s call Palestinians “the occupiers,” shall we?

This document on occupation needs to recognize the representatives of the occupation regimes, Ukraine for example, and to take away their ability to use their hate speech against others. The UN has to recognize the reality, and nothing more.

The UN voted not for the resolution of Ukraine, but its members voted in the interest of the occupational regime of Ukraine, and in the interest of its occupiers.

In other words, from the beginning to the end, this process conducted over us is INHUMANE, because from the beginning when the UN members accepted and deemed legal the forced alienation of territories of our country and  forced separation of our people into artificial ethnic ghettos against the will of all those people, the UN members acted against the law, they had no right to do so, and by doing so they committed a CRIME.

You, nations of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Latin America, you all ignored our desire to live in our own country, you all ignored our collective will expressed through the most democratic mechanism ever invented, a national referendum. About 90% of the population, 400 million people, went to this referendum and voted “yes” to the preservation of the country.

But you all decided for us, you decided to break apart our nation that existed for 1000 years. You, the United Nation member states, collectively, raped and mutilated our great nation. You collectively committed the most heinous crime in the history of mankind against us. You treated us like 400,000,000 slaves, against our will, breaking apart our families and putting borders between us. AGAINST OUR WILL! And you called this legal!

You shouldn’t have done this. Each one of you know that you shouldn’t, because what you have done was illegal and criminal. Your unjust illegal decision has to be overturned.

We need to return to the source of the current problem, the CRIMINAL DECISION of the UN members to recognize the results of the forced alienation of territories and peoples against the will of those people. We need to cancel this CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL decision, and then everything will return back to its normal state, and we will see less problems in the future. Then we won’t have this abuse, when the real occupiers, the United State and Israel, call us the occupiers, a nation that twenty-five years ago was ripped apart, 1/3 of its territory was stolen, and all of its people were treated like slaves.

If the UN members won’t adopt this document containing new definitions of an occupation, this problem will only multiply. It’s very convenient to pillage and loot this way, and also to experiment with a hidden genocide. All you have to do is to write new laws canceling national healthcare for people to start dying like flies. Take out and push on survivors enormous loans, make them work and pay those loans back, while having no healthcare. Call this austerity for their own good. Loot and pillage everything this country has, including their children. Disrupt and shut down their industries, science and education, reduce the population by tens of millions. Hide thousands miles away, across the ocean, and accuse someone else in being “aggressive.”

This horror will flourish and thrive, because the United Nation lacks necessary documents with a new definition of an occupation.

Scott Humor

Ideas expressed are mostly of the popular Russian blogger Cat Motya

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