by Scott Humor

In the last week of 2017,  the brand new Russia’s tanker icebreaker Christophe de Margerie delivered its first shipment of LNG from Sabetta port on the Yamal peninsula to the United Kingdom, the British immediately said that the island won’t be using Russian gas and that most likely  will be sold to Asia and India.

 A week later a mystery has been solved in the most unexpected way:  LNG from Sabetta was reshipped not to India, but to New India, a.k.a. U.S.

Gaselys,  an LNG carrier of Gaz de France, arrived to the United Kingdom with draught of 8.8 meters and left with 11.2m draught for the US, where, after unloading it’s cargo, went back to the UK empty with 8.8m draught.

As of January 7, Gaselys has left the UK and is on its way back to Boston gaining some additional weight added to a hull to make it sink additional meters from 8.8m to 11.2m draught.

You can check this LNG tanker’s trip on the Vesselfinder

Quiet demise of the American “shale gas boom” coincided with the death of ISIS  and the end of very cheap gas and oil flowing from Syria, Libya and Iraq.  Americans had promised the EU oil and natural  gas & propane shipments that never materialized because the U.S. has none. To keep the illusion going, Americans are now buying Russian LNG for themselves due to the record cold weather.

Being under Washington’s thumb, the EU  put so many roadblocks in the construction of Russian pipelines, it pays the price for it now.

The U.S. never had enough gas and facilities to ship the LNG to Europe to provide for the European consumers and industry’s needs. THE U.S. NEVER HAD ENOUGH GAS.

American con artists planned to cut Russia off from the world market with economic sanctions, political and media witch-hunt, and surrounding the country with US – NATO military basis and armies, they expected Russia to sell gas and oil to them, so they would reroute the gas shipments to Europe, while acting as middlemen and collecting profits. In perpetuity.

It didn’t work out for those bitches, did it?