by Scott Humor

Davis Manafort Inc. business development and public affairs consulting services based in Alexandria, Virginia. The Davis Manafort company advised both War Game Teams in Ukraine: Red Team of Yanukovich and Blue Team of Yatsenyuk – Poroshenko.

The Western Media presents the fact that Manafort advised Yanukovich, while his partner advised Yanukovich’s proclaimed “enemies” as if  Manafort was doing something in secret from his partner Davis and his boss John McCain.

Reality was that they all worked to advance the US occupation of Ukraine.  By dividing on two War Game teams: the Blue virtual pro West team, and Red virtual pro Russia team, they managed to capture the majority of people in Ukraine.


“Davis’s Firm Worked For Anti-U.S. Ukrainian Politician. The New York Times reported, “For instance, a lobbying firm owned by Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, has worked in recent years for a Ukraine politician, Viktor Yanukovich.  Both Mr. McCain and the Bush administration supported the opponent of Mr. Yanukovich, who had close ties to Vladimir V. Putin, then the president of Russia and now prime minister.  During this time, however, Mr. Davis’s firm, Davis Manafort, never registered as a lobbyist for Mr. Yanukovich even though Paul Manafort, Mr. Davis’s business partner, had met with the United States ambassador in Kiev on Mr. Yanukovich’s behalf.

In a related development, Mr. McCain may have first become aware of Davis Manafort’s activities in Ukraine as far back as 2005.  At that time, a staff member at the National Security Council called Mr. McCain’s Senate office to complain that Mr. Davis’s lobbying firm was undercutting American foreign policy in Ukraine, said a person with direct knowledge of the phone call who spoke on condition of anonymity.” [New York Times, 6/12/08]”


“Davis Partner, Manafort, Carried Out “A Yanukovich Makeover.” According to the International Herald Tribune, “With a critical election Sunday, the Ukrainian prime minister, Viktor Yanukovich, is displaying a deft new touch that has helped transform him from arch-villain of the Orange Revolution (at least in the eyes of the West) to arguably the country’s most popular politician. Yanukovich has not, though, done it all on his own. From an anonymous office off Kiev’s main square, a seasoned American political strategist has for many months been carrying out a Yanukovich makeover. The strategist, Paul Manafort Jr., who was once a senior aide to prominent Republicans, has sought to remain behind the scenes. … Yanukovich was introduced to Manafort by Rinat Akhmetov, a Yanukovich supporter and billionaire industrialist who is the richest man in Ukraine. Manafort was advising Akhmetov at the time on improving the image of his companies. Manafort’s firm – Davis, Manafort – is among the most influential political consulting firms in the United States. He worked for Bob Dole, once the Republican nominee for president. His partner, Rick Davis, manages the Republican presidential campaign of Senator John McCain of Arizona.” [International Herald Tribune, 9/29/07, emphasis added]”

“Davis Used Relationship with McCain to try and Land Contract with Russian Tycoon. The Washington Post reported, “A top political adviser in Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign helped arrange an introduction in 2006 between McCain and a Russian billionaire whose suspected links to anti-democratic and organized-crime figures are so controversial that the U.S. government revoked his visa.  Rick Davis, who is now McCain’s campaign manager, helped set up the encounter between McCain and Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland during an international economic conference.  At the time, Davis was working for a lobbying firm and seeking to do business with the billionaire.” [Washington Post, 1/25/08, emphasis added]


“Paul Manafort, has spent much of his recent career working for pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, and doing complex deals for an oligarch with close ties to Putin. And while a Democratic senator has already charged Trump is not responsible enough to receive secret information, Manafort’s deep relationships with top pro-Russian figures raise special concerns. Manafort may be best known for managing the 2010 campaign of Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian politician whose ouster as president prompted a Russian invasion of the country. He has, according to court documents, managed tens of millions of dollars for Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch denied entry to the U.S. reportedly for ties to organized crime, but so close to Vladimir Putin that top Russian officials fought (unsuccessfully) to get him a visa.” [BuzzFeed, 5/6/16<>%5D


Oleg Deripaska has a permanent Media meme “close to Putin”  and “Putin ally.”

In reality Deripaska is a front man for the Rothschilds and has been a manager of the stolen Russian assets since their 90s economic rape of Russia.

“OLEG DERIPASKA, BANNED FROM ENTERING THE UNITED STATES, HIRED RICHARD BURT TO LOBBY FOR A VISA AND SECURE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN WORLD BANK LOANS Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska Hired Richard Burt’s Intelligence Firm, Dilligence. “Deripaska also reached out to a Washington-based intelligence firm, Diligence, chaired by GOP foreign policy hand Richard Burt, McCain’s top foreign policy adviser in 2000 and an adviser in ’08 (Burt left Diligence in 2007 to join Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm). Deripaska’s business partner in London, Nathaniel Rothschild, an heir to the English Rothschild fortune, bought a stake in Diligence, according to the New York Times and confirmed by a Rothschild spokesman. ” [The Nation, 10/1/08<>%5D&#8221;

Featured image from Power and raw materials in Eastern Europe in the sights of Nathan Rothschild