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Groundhog day in Kiev

December 17, 2017 was a Groundhog day in Kiev

War Game in Ukraine – Level III

More on the Levels I and II of the War Game in Ukraine in my new book: “War Game In Ukraine.”

Same as we have seen in the War Game in Ukraine in 2014. A group of crisis actors staging a storm of a building for camera crews from major Western Media companies. Again, there are as many cameras as people at the scene. “A crowd” is played by a dozen people  pushing each other to create an appearance of a crowd. Extras in uniform just stand there as props.

groundhog day in ukraine sm

This time, however, instead of an administration building, as they used during the Maidan, and in Slavyansk and Donetsk, the War Game Players staged storm of the October Palace, a performing arts center in Kiev. To make it more dramatic and memorable, they were doing it while a concert was going on inside the building with many children in audience.

The same action video, but shot from a different angle.

You can hear a production director’s voice on the background directing the crew, ordering them to step back or to push forward.  Everyone if doing what he says.

The players are divided into two teams, the Red and Blue Teams, naturally. It’s a war game, after all.

This time around, the ‘forces of darkness” are the Red Team, which is pro-Poroshenko and pro-status quo.

The Blue Team players are the “forces of light.” They want to destroy the “forces of darkness” played by the Red Team, and to place their team leader, Saakashvili, in the presidential chair. They are “pro-progress,” that’s why it’s significant that they are storming the “October Palace.” Nothing signified “progress” in the mind of the War Game screenwriters like an ethnic minority October putsch in 1917 in Russia.

After the Blue Team kicked the door down and penetrated the first line of defense of the Red Team, they end up inside the concert hall building, with a children holiday concert going on. The “forces of darkness” retreated, temporarily, regrouped and went on the offense pushing the “forces of light” out of the building and away from the audience full of children.

An Atmosphere of Tension, Fear and Drama. We can’t help, but feeling sympathy for the “dark forces” of the Dark Lord Poroshenko, since they are protecting the children.

This scenario is actually better then scenarios of previous takeovers of a variety of buildings. The Game Masters got better writers to work on the WGiU Level III story-line.

Looks like, after a fierce battle in hallway, the filming was done for the day. The players, journos, production crew, and all those extras went home for dinner.

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