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Rada Deputy on drastic reduction in population of Ukraine

Former minister of labor and social policy and a Rada Deputy Mykhailo Papiyev said that the population of Ukraine decreased to 32 million people from 45 million in 2014.

He said this on air of the Ukrainian TV channel ZIK.

Ukraine has a population of slightly more than 30 million, not 42 million per the state statistics service.


Ukraine looks like a successful country, according to official statistics. With 42.3 million today, Ukraine is a powerful European country. However, the calculations which we carried out together with experts and the institute of Demography of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine revealed that an optimistic figure is 32 million citizens of Ukraine.”

According to the speaker, five million people left Ukraine before 2014. Since the US and its Western allies occupied Ukraine in 2014 and install their puppet government, at least five million people left in search for employment, and over five million people left with the territories of Donets and Crimea. According to Papiyev, it is a big problem, because those who are leaving are mostly healthy people of reproductive age.

“To hide and distort real numbers is in interest of the current authorities,” said the Rada deputy.

He didn’t mention death rate in the country, but said that Ukraine now is a dying nation.

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